Male Randi Part II

Dear ISS readers, I am Rajesh from Surat. In my last story, I wrote about how Jitu fucked me before we go to sleep. He also ordered me not to take a shower. I was sleeping in his arms. About 4 o’clock in the morning, Jitu started kissing my face again. The feel of his warm mouth on my face, made me woke up from sleep. I asked him what you are doing right now. I also told him lets go back to sleep. But he replied, darling it’s time for another sex. I then told him lets clean up before sex.

He replied, “I don’t want to clean up, I like the smell of basi chudi hui gand”. He said he likes the smell of his basi sperm in my hole. Then we both started sucking each other. He also had my ass one more time. All this lasted for about one and half hour. I enjoyed giving my body to him when he demanded for it. After having sex, we both went to sleep again hugging each other. I had a plan to go back to surat in the morning. My business work in Rajkot was finished.

In the morning, we woke up at 8:30 or 9:00. We both took shower and freshened up. Then we ordered some breakfast. While eating breakfast, Jitu asked me about how I enjoyed last night. I told him, “I never had a good top like you before”. I have never enjoyed having sex to this extent before. Hearing this, Jitu laughed. He proposed me to become his sex slave. He said whenever I call him; I will have to give him time. For example, from 3 pm till next day morning or whatever according to my free time.

Between that times, he wants to make me his slave. Then I asked him, what exactly I would have to do while I am your slave. He said, “Whatever comes in my mind”. I might use you myself or present you to my friend. In that time, I might sell your body to somebody. And you will have to willingly make him happy. I have a big group of gay friends. Sometimes we might use your body in a group. I will use you for any kind of wild sexual activity, but there will be no physical harm to your body. He said, “

You can take your time and think about it”. This way you can enjoy having sex with lots of different dicks. You can also feel safe in my group. We are all healthy and form a good reputed family. You also do not have to worry about STDs from us.  To me, his proposal was very wild and unrealistic. But, I have enjoyed every second while having sex with him. The sexual satisfaction that I got from him was unmatchable. So I agreed to his proposal, and decided to stay one more day in Rajkot.

I told him from now till 8 o’clock tomorrow morning, I can be yours. Hearing this, he was much exited. He started calling his friends. He called about 4 of them, but only 2 were free for that day. Rest of 2 had to take care of their work. The 2 guys that were free were Jay and Hitesh. He called Jay and Hitesh again. He told them to come over to hotel at 11 o’clock. After he finished with calling his friends, I called reception. I asked them to extend my stay one more night. After I finished the phone call,

Jitu told me that he will be paying for my entire stay at this hotel. I asked him not to do that. He insisted to me saying, “Please let me pay”. I want to use your body not your wallet. You are giving me the satisfaction that my wife cannot give me. So I asked Jitu, why is that? He said she never suck my dick.

Then I asked jitu, “Don’t you think of giving any pleasure in return”. He said good idea, but right now you are my slave. So now get up from your chair and come near to me. I did what he told me. He started taking my clothes off one by one. While he was taking my under wear, I reached to his shirt to unbutton. He told me not to. I was little confused of what he wanted to do. I was naked in front of him. He then got up from his chair, and pulled me toward the bed. He made me lie on the bed and started sucking my dick.

He was also a good sucker. He was wildly sucking my dick and balls. I was feeling so good. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. He told me to go to bathroom while he opens it. He was dressed while I was necked. So I went to the bathroom and locked the door form inside. Jitu went to open the door. There were Jay and Hitesh at the door. He welcomed them in the room and locked the main door. Jitu asked them why they were one hour early. Jay told him they were free doing nothing and were eager to see your new mal. So Jitu knocked the bathroom door and asked me to come out. I did not take my cloths inside in hurry. So I had to come out necked.

They were happy to see me. They said sorry to Jitu for disturbing. Jitu replied don’t worry, I had enjoyed the whole night with him. Jitu introduced them to me. Hitesh was very dark and tall guy. He might be around 28 – 30 years old. And Jay on the other hand had a fair skin but might be around 45 years old. His face had some wrinkles and a bald hair. They came near me one by one and gave me a hug and a kiss on my chick. While hugging and Kissing,

I was noticing their body odor. They both had different smells, but their smell was very manly. Jitu in a strong voice told me, they will be your masters from now till they return you to me. So be good and fulfill all their wishes. He also told Jay and Hitesh that this is your mal and you can use him as a slave. They both had a cunning smile on their faces and started removing their cloths. Hitesh came forward and took me in his arms.

He also started kissing me all over my face. He was in his underwear. He was pressing me tight; I felt his hard on on my body. His dark lips were moving all over my face. The smell of his saliva on my face was making me mad. Suddenly Jay came from behind and pressed his body against mine. He was rubbing his cock on my bums. I could make out he was all naked. He stated Liking my ears and neck. After some time they both took me to the bed, and sandwiched me again.

This time Jay was in my front and Hitesh from the back. Hitesh moved slowly toward my ass. He smelled the ass and told Jay. “ Jitu had done a good job on this mall.” Basi gand se bahut achhi kusboo aa rahi hai. He then started sucking my hole. Jay also changed his position and showed his dick in my mouth. He had a skinny, but good 7in tool.  After about 7 mins they changed their position again. Jay made me position myself in a doggy style and started lubricating my hole.

And Hitesh came and sat near my face. I knew what is going to happen from now on, but stayed still in that position. Suddenly Hitesh slapped my face and said “ chal rand mera lund choos tuje dikane ke liye nahi baitha hun mein” So I started servicing his dick. First I grabbed it in my hand and started rubbing it to my face. His 8in and very black tool was very smelly. At first I felt the smell dirty. But I knew that no matter what happens, I will have to suck it, otherwise they will punish me.

That thought was running in my mind and suddenly Jay entered my hole with his dick in one strong push. I was in pain and pleasure at the same time. Hitesh’s dirty smell and their saliva smell on my face created a new smell which I found to be very sexy. After a while the dirty smell from his dick was no longer dirty for me. I started liking it. So I kept rubbing it on my face. Hitesh slapped me again very hard and told me, what’s taking you so long. Put it in your mouth.

After fucking you, I am going to punish you for not taking it in mouth right away. So I wrapped my lips around his dick. Hitesh took it out suddenly and started pulling his foreskin backward. Then he inserted it again in my mouth. When he was removing his skin, my nose picked up his smell, which was very strong after pulling the skin. I took his dick again in my mouth like a hungry dog taking a bone in his mouth.

Jay was fucking my hole wildly, while Hitesh fucking my mouth. In between hitesh asked me to take his balls in my mouth, and I did it obediently. I felt pressure in my dick and I came on the bed. They knew about this by my body movement. But they did not care and continued their fuck. After all my pleasure do not matter. And their pleasure was my first priority. After 20 mins of fucking me like that they both came. Hitesh in my mouth, and Jay in my ass. I licked hitesh clean.

But, this hungry dogs were not satisfied yet. Hitesh commanded me to lay on my back in strong voice. He then lifted my legs and started fucking my bare hole. And Jay with his Dirty dick sat on my face. I was licking his balls while he applied some hand sanitizer on his dick and wiped it with a napkin. After wiping he entered my mouth with his manly tool. Hitesh was the first one to cum in my hole. And after a while Jay also spurted in my mouth. We all were tired so we all lay on the bed without cleaning.

After some rest Hitesh asked me to get up and go to bathroom. I was wondering what he is going to do there. But I had to obey and went to the bathroom. They both came behind me also. Hitesh said its time for punishment now, so go inside the Bath tub and we going to pee on you. You will drink all our pee. If you waste a single drop then you will have to lick my bare and smelly ass. Saying that Jay came near me and started squirting in my mouth.

His squirt was not too fast, so I drank all his urine. After he was done Hitesh started empting his bladder in my mouth. His pee was had much more force. I struggled not to drop any, but he purposely moved his dick and started peeing all over my body. I knew he will make me lick his ass, somehow. He ordered me to lay on the floor and he will sit on my face. I did what exactly he told me. Now his ass was right in front of my face. It smelt like sexy acidic smell. He ordered me to start.

Although I felt very dirty and not liking it, I had to do it. Otherwise they will make me do something more gross then this. So I lick it. He told jay, that he loved the feel of my warm tongue rimming his hole. Few times I did enter his hole with my tongue. For that he responded with a moan. I knew he is enjoying. So I entered more frequently. After a while Jay shouted from the room. He asked hitesh to end it cause somebody else is also coming to enjoy our new slave. Hitesh slowly tried to get off my face, but I hold his butt and pulled down.

Hitesh could not refuse this hospitality and sat there for 10 more mins. When he heard the door nock he sat up and started showering. I signeld Jay to come in and also enjoy ass licking, but he signaled toward the door and said next time. He also like the way I offered dirty service for his pleasure. After all I wanted to leave an impression like a dirty whore to them. He then opened the door. I peeped form the bathroom door gap. Jitu left in the morning and came back with four more guys. Jay came to bathroom and handed me a bathrobe.

I quickly wrapped it and came out to find out whets going on. The four men were staring at me form top to bottom. I sat on the sofa and was listening and observing them. Hitesh also got ready and came out of bathroom. Jay I guess did not take a shower and had his cloths on before opening the door. Any ways it seems like they all knew each other. Jay and Hitesh were asked all kind of questions by the strangers. Like how was I. Was I tight? Was I obeying them, did I do this and did I do that, etc.

I felt very sexy and humiliating at the same time, while listen their talk and Laughs. All of a sudden Jitu came towards me. He hold my had pulled me and took right into the middle of the crowd. First he smelled my body. He told his friends, How he liked the smell of an over sexed slave. After all I have not showered since yesterday evening before jitu came. And first Jitu then Jay and Hitesh had done every possible thing on me. Their mixed smell of saliva, Sperm, Ass, Urine, etc. was all coming out of my body.

When the crowd surrounded me, I also experienced that smell coming out of my body. They all started taking me in their arms and holding me tight and smelling me. Few of them had a hard on while smelling me. I could tell by the feel of their cocks on me while holding me tight against them. I was amassed when Jay and Hitesh also took turns in smelling me. After all it was their own dirty fluids on my body. But then I figured, it was really a divine smell on my body with all their dirty fluids mixed together.

I also started having a hard on while moving from one arm to another. Approximately for 2 hours all they did was smelling me one my one. And making me suck their dicks one by one. I was also starving for this kind of activity for a long time. So Like a good slave I kept moving from one master to another. Giving them my body smell and a blow Job. Out of those new guys. Two of them were really ugly looking. But I was too high on my sex drive to refuse them. If they would have met me alone 2 days ago then I might not even spit on them.

But look at me right now, I am infect giving them pleasure at my own will and liked very much doing it. Can you imagine how much I must have been aroused at that time?

After the smell session, Hitesh and Jay left giving me a goodbye kiss. Also Jitu introduced me to all four of them. Also ordered me the same thing like he did in the morning and left. All four of them also enjoyed my body like the previous masters did.

And finally at night Jitu and 3 more strangers used me for the whole night. I am now a part of that group. I visit them regularly to get used by them. Friends this was like a dream come true for me. When I was a teenager, I used to fantasize about becoming a slave for older women’s as well as young and use to masturbate. Now I am 35 and my dream of becoming a slave became reality.

Only difference is that I am used by men’s, Instead of women’s. To me it does not matter as long as somebody is using me for their own pleasure. To all the friends who replied my first story, I would like to say sorry. Because I wrote this one after a long time. Again friends if you have any suggestions or comments on my story Please feel free to e-mail me on / /