My Experiance With Youth

I have read some stories on this site with interest. Some are pretty good though most are sexy pieces and while reading u cannot feel the soul. One does not feel any touch with the relater, perhaps, as there is not substance in them. However, some are excellent and to instantly feel related. I think the greatest contribution of this site is I am thinking of penning down some memories.

I do not know where and how to start. It is very difficult to open down a part of once life which one wants to hide from the world.. But then history is replete with instances where carnal desires have over powered the sanity of man. If I decided to pen all about myself it may take ages to reach anywhere for the thread of life runs on like a necklace made of multi – colored shiny pieces held together by a string. The string is life and as long as one lives we add more pieces, some pieces are such that we want the world to see and admire while a few that one tries to hide even from once soul.

Now perhaps, my reader understands why I was hesitant in the opening sentences. To day I dare to reveal what my being, my position in society, my family, my friends and relatives and more than anyone else all those persons whom I loved and still pine for will want me to hide all this from the world. These are such acts and thoughts that if Shakespeare was alive would perhaps say “ Hide this from sun, from the moon and all such things that reflect light, for such black holes once unbridled may eat all that is good in the universe and corrupt all creation”.

But I too need space to live, to express and get so much off my soul (if the soul still exists). Fortunately, I can try to get this seep out of my demented mentality without revealing my true identity. I also propose to change the name of places, all names, relationship and all, as much as to help my near and dear once, but also to create a buffer zone between me and what happened long ago.

take you back when I was a student of 6th class (aged 11 years) and living in a well know city in Punjab. There was a class mate named Bhupi who was a couple of years older to me and who used to go to pee in English period. Our English teacher was very young and beautiful with curves and contours at the right places. I was aware of her beauty but was not so captivated as I had not become sexually active as yet.

One day when the English teacher was absent, Bhupi told us in the free period that while in the class he pressed his dick with his elbow repeatedly looking at the madam and when he felt he was about to come, he took leave to go to toilet and masturbated. When we asked what is masturbation, he locked the class. I vividly recall he torn out 2 pages from his note book, took out his hanging dick and started masturbating.

We watched thunderstruck as he masturbated. Like a magician we saw within a minute his thin, weak and hanging dick, get transformed from the thin hanging dead like piece of meat into red, hot and hard flesh. Soon, his dick sprayed 3-4 times white creamy sperms on the pages of his note book. We two boys looked at him with envy for none of us could perform something like that. He looked a hero to us.

At home I tried to copy him by shaking my dick as he had done but to no avail. Around three months later, it was summer, and as I stood under the tap bathing, I in a fun-full manner held my dick directly under the thick stream of water. I suddenly, felt a strange sensation in my testis and stomach, the dick rose mystically, like the dead in the Lost Crucifix and I unconsciously started shaking it, I came in the tap water.

I cannot relate the feeling, it was good but not something to pine for. I did not try to masturbate for at least 15 days. Then one day after passing urine, I shook my dick as Bhupi had done, and it grew long and hard and after about 8-12 jerks I came. By God, man it felt good. I then started masturbating every few day. I was then 11 years and 4 months old. In a couple of months I was masturbating every night before sleeping.

I had a number of friends and after my being able to masturbate I thought myself superior to others. I recall some friends, Harry, two brothers Mattu and Haran (names changed but sons of a Captain in army). Haran the elder brother was young, I was young too and his younger brother. I recall one particular evening, it was twilight and

I and Haran were standing on an empty plot and masturbating. I said that I wished to pussy fuck a girl and if it was not possible I would ass fuck her. I further added that I felt so horny I would even ass fuck a boy. As I was shaking my dick fast, I suddenly felt about to cum. Just then Haran said that if I felt so bad I could do it in his ass. Before I could react to what he said, I came. I recall vividly that I sprayed 4-5 times and one spray of white milky cum fell on my left black shoe. Just then Haran also came.

I recall I had to go over the plot to find a piece of paper to whip off the white cum from my shoe before going home. But before parting we decided to try ass fucking next day in a mango grove near our homes.  It was October so weather was pleasant. It was around 7 pm, twilight and everything looked good. I and Haran cycled to the grove but every few minutes someone crossed from the road near by. Moreover, there was fear of the gardener who was guarding as trees were laden with fruits.

We realized that being caught stealing fruits may result in some sticks on our hands, legs and warning not to do so in future. But I being caught ass fucking Haran under those trees could result in major embarrassment, to say the least. There was another reason that I dare not dare there to screw Haran. The gardener was around fifty years old from Bihar. In winter he would sit in the sun and oil his body for a couple of hours then bath on the hand-pump by which he watered the trees.

Since he was alone and sex starved and looked after his body well, if caught with our pants down he may oil our asses and we may have to undergo ass fucking of a mature and sexually experienced rustic man. I had come in the garden as I felt horny and Haran had offered his ass, I had no intention to bear pain for a stranger’s pleasure.

There was a village named Badugar about 2 kms. away from where we lived. We cycled to a somewhat deserted kachi pathway between the city and the village. We looked around to c if it was safe. There were people visible far away but no one near by. Haran was wasting time but I had a huge hard-on. I told her to remove his pant, he said u do first. I opened the belt and unbuttoned and let my pant down, then I down my underwear and the dick around 5 inches long but hard as wood jumped out.

Haran too downed his pant and without lowering his own placed his back towards me. I recall I was so excited to fuck his ass I roughly pulled his pant down and then pulled his two buttocks apart to target his ass hole. His ass hole still virgin was hardly visible. I took some spit and applied as his ass hole then some more at my dick and tried to push it in. I tried 3-4 times but in wane. We were both standing and trying to fuck.

We were immature and did not know, that at least first few times we need to have the taker pushed hard against a solid surface, bed, earth etc. as when I tried to push his body swayed away and it was not possible to enter the hole. We were so excited and this was anti-climax. Haran said that I was not doing it proper and said he will try. Though he had offered his ass, but this sexual game looked so exciting that I stood with my bare ass facing him and he tried to fuck.

It pained 2-3 times as he tried but my body swayed and we were reaching nowhere. Another discouraging element was that fearing not being caught we were every 2 minutes or so looking towards the village to c that no one was coming. Three times we started pedaling our bicycles while these were on their stands and chatted casually so that the villager passing on the path would cycle or walk away un-suspecting.

I told him that since it was not possible let us masturbate like usual and go home. It would appear that Haran being elder to me was wiser and also equally, if not more excited. He said that we need oil and covered place to do it. I asked him covered place is not there. Haran said that we go to his home and try, if possible. We biked away to his place. His father was captain in army and was away (like every evening).

But his younger brother was home taking lessons from tutor. We had to pass from drawing room as doors were closed and Mattu opened it. We went to the bedroom and closed the door. This was much better Haran lied down face down and I fingered his ass hole. Then I applied spit in there and took out my dick to screw his ass. But man proposes something and divinity desires otherwise. As I was about to enter Haran’s virgin ass,

Mattu knocked on the door. Haran said we do not want to disturb his study so locked the door. Mattu asked us what we were doing. Haran said nothing. Mattu said he know all about what we were doing and that we should open the door. My red hot dick eager to enter the tight, small sexy virgin hole of Haran, within seconds went lame and dead. We upped our pants and opened.

Mattu said that he knew we were doing in the back and he will join or tell his parents. So u c we were three now. Myself and these two brothers. We changed the room to another as it had better beds and dressing table too. It being beginning of winter, the coconut oil lying in a katori had hardened due to winter. I recall Haran lied face down on bed and I pushed the comb end in the Hardened coconut oil and extracted some pieces.

I rubbed this between my hands to make it melt then oiled Haran’s ass hole and my dick. Then I targeted his ass hole and pushed my oiled dick in the ass. Surprising, it entered about an inch. I had to stop as Haran cried in pain. I withdrew and re-oiled Haran’s ass hole and my dick. I entered Haran now gave a half muted cry. I re-pushed and whole of my dick entered his tight ass.

The feelings while a young boy fucks (even if it is the ass of a boy) cannot be explained. I pushed only 4-6 times and came in his ass. Only a person who has ass fucked knows its wonder. The release in the ass is like coming in oxygen less environment. It is quite different from pussy fucked and has a joy of its own. I think a reader who has done so can only realize it feeling or depth.

I felt on top of the world for a few minutes without realizing that an earthquake was just 2-3 minutes away. For now Haran’s younger brother wanted to ass fuck. Haran’s dick was around six inches long and quite thick. Mine was around 5 but thinner. Mattu’s was an insult to the grace and beauty of dick-dom. It was around 3 inches long and thin like a finger when aroused. Since I had my fun I was told to offer my ass hole to Mattu.

My ass was now oiled and fingered. On being fingered I realized how much pain Haran would have gone through while I had a full fuck with him. Mattu tried to enter me, I cried in pain. This happened 2-3 times and then Mattu was upset as he felt cheated. Fearing that he may inform his parents of our ass fucked, Haran offered his ass to Mattu. Mattu ass fucked his elder brother.

Now every evening except Sunday and sometimes Saturday(as their parents were home on these days) our fucking commenced. I would have been tried 3-5 times for ass fucking but as I cried out and there were other tenants on the first floor, it was decided that my ass was not safe due to fear of being caught. Thereafter, we evolved a system.

Everyday I ass fucked one brother and the brother who was ass fucked by me fucked the other brother. This continued for around a month after which the elder brother stopped participating (or even coming). So u c now I fucked Mattu 5 to 6 times a week. It was apparent that Mattu was enjoying for he never expressed desire to fuck me. I remember that once while fucking him, I put the back side of his toothbrush in his ass hole and shook it in and out a few dozen times.

Once he told me that it pained only for second as the penis enters, and then while I was pumping in and out there was no pain at all, in fact it felt warm and good. He said that he felt little pain when I withdrew after Cumming in his ass.

I ass fucked Mattu for well over an year. He provided much sexual satisfaction as it is best to pussy screw a girl but ass fucking a boy is much better than masturbating in the dark. There is one more incident I recall. There was whitewashing going on in his home. By now ass fucking was so routine as eating to both of us.

As bed room was in a mess, we moved to drawing room. We picked up the cushions from the sofa set and placed them on the windows as the curtains were 2 inches higher and we feared being seen ass fucked. As I was ass fucking Mattu, his 9 years old sister named Panni knocked On the door.

Mattu told him that she should go away as we were busy. Panni shouted that we should open the door and that she knew that we were gand-maring (ass fucking). But such is youth and the intoxication of sex that I continued to pump in Mattu ass and stopped only when I has fully ejaculated in his ass. Then we hid the oil katori and opened the door to appease her. But Panni being disappointed had walked away. We took a breath of ease.

Once I read that a British philosopher had said that Youth is priceless commodity and it is such a pity to waste it on the youth. Now years later I realize the full impact and depth of this saying. For during those formative years with more sexual knowledge I could have en-cashed so much pleasure with the opportunities at hand.

I was not aware of dick sucking. I was giving 6-10 pushing in Mattu asshole and coming and it was priceless satisfaction. Had I known of dick sucking at that age i.e. 18 years, I would have convinced Mattu to suck my dick and after dick sucking excitement I would have got a hard on and ass fucked Mattu for long as in adult movies. If 6-10 pushes was so good 40-70 pushes and Cumming would be so heavenly.

Another massive stupidity I did was that Mattu sister who was 9 years old and asked us to open door while we were ass fucking. She had said that she knew we were ass fucking. Her statement expressed her repressed sexual desires. I should have withdrawn from her brother’s ass and opened the door. Her brother who was more than a year my fucking mate would have no say. We both could have started ass fucking Panni and had more fun. Since I fucked Mattu for more than a year, I could have pussy fucked her also if stars favored .

My ass fucking sessions ended as Mattu’s father got posted out, I think to Bombay. I recall hearing that Haran joined in Merchant Navy. I have not met the two brothers since long and hope that one of them reads this story and sends me a message. There is so much to catch up since life has changed so much with time. I look forward to hearing comments on this from readers at / /