Third Encounter Part II

This is the continuation of my second encounter. Please go through my second encounter before reading this. I was posted to a place near Ghaziabad from my training center. I was told to go one particular room where 12 persons accommodation is available. Since the strength of the unit is more, I did not get any accommodation immediately. So, I used to float here and there, i.e. I used to sleep in a bed which is vacant. Some or the other, out of 12, will be on leave always.

So it was not a problem. Near to our room, there was one small store room, where we used to keep our boxes. But since, the strength was more, the senior most has got the privilege to stay there alone. He has also accommodated a person with him, whose name is Kuttu. I don’t know his exact name, but other people used to call him so. He is senior to me by one year and he was very cute and handsome but little short. The senior most was having a TV in his room. So whenever, there was cricket match, we used to go and watch there.

Once, the senior most was on leave and there was none on leave from my room. I was searching a place to sleep. I thought I will sleep on floor. On that day, some day-night cricket was going on between India and Pakistan. Hence the store room was packed with people to watch the match. I also went to see the match.

After the match is over, everybody left the room. At that time Kuttu asked me, “are you new to this place? Where is your room?” I told my situation, then he told me to sleep in his room on the senior’s bed as he is on leave. So, I changed over to shorts from my room and went to sleep in the store room. Kuttu was lying on his bed and I went to the other bed with is placed perpendicular to that bed.

Since we both did not get sleep, we were talking about the match. He asked about my home town and other details and I too asked about his details. Then the topic shifted towards girls. He asked, “ Did you had sex before?” I said, “ No”. Then I asked, “what about you?” He told, “I had a wonderful experience at my village, with a girl, when studying in college, before joining service.”

I got excited and said, “Please tell in detail if you can”. He started and the story went like this. While studying in college, I stayed in village at my grandmother’s house. There I and my grandmother stayed alone. As my grandmother was very old, one servant maid of middle age come to our house to help my grandma in cleaning house, washing clothes, etc. The maid will come along with her daughter who may be around 23 years. It was a routine.

One day, my grandmother went to nearby town for some relative’s marriage. I came back from college very early. That day, the maid servant did not come and sent her daughter for the house work. She came and knocked the door. I went and opened. She entered and started her work. After sometime, I called her and asked her to make tea for me. She prepared and brought. Kept in my table and went. Seeing her beautiful boobs, my dick got aroused. I was clearly visible from outside as I was wearing only lungi without undie.

I again called her and asked for some water. She came and at that time, I just rested back on the chair, making her to see my protruding of lungi. She did not reacted and went away. I made a trick and I lied down on bed and studying the book. When she came for sweeping the room, he acted as if he had slept and his lungi just moved showing partly his balls. She then went out and closed the door of the house. Then came near him, and everything went so on”.

When he was telling this story, I got fully excited and I was massaging my cock over the shorts. AS the light of the room was OFF and it was almost dark. As I was not wearing undie and I was stroking my cock over the shorts and listening to his story thinking that he cannot see me. His narration was so exciting, then I just pulled the zip of my shorts and took the cock and stroking just like that. At that time, I think he felt that I am doing something.

He asked me “ what are you doing?” I said, “nothing, don’t mind, you continue the story”. Then he started the story. I then unbuckled my shorts and pulled down as if to expose myself to him. I think he saw, but I pretended that he is not seeing me. I increased my pace and my cock cummed out. Then I buckled my shorts and said, “I am going to bath room and Ill be back. Then you continued the story”.

In 5 minutes I came back, and locked the room. I said, “now continue the story”. He said, “ come on. Sit in my bed. I ll continue the story.” I sat in his bed. He continued the story and stroking his cock over his cock. Then slowly he pulled my hand and kept in his cock.

I took my hand away and again he pulled it back to his cock, continuing the story. Then I stroked his cock, over his shorts. Like him, his cock was also cute and little smaller than mine. Unlike mine, his cock was like conical shape, broad at bottom and sharp at tip. Then I pulled down his shorts and stroked his cock. At that time, his story reached the climax. Then he kept his hand over my shorts and pulled the zip down and touched my cock.

By then, it was semi erect. He then slowly stroked it. Then, we fully undressed each other, went in 69 position to suck each other till we reached climax almost simultaneously. After that incident, whenever our senior goes on leave. We used to enjoy in his room. After around three to four encounters like that, one day he asked me, “ Can I fuck you?” I got scared and refused. Then he told me nothing will happen.

Then he fucked me as his cock tip is thin, it entered my asshole partially with oil and little struggle. But I could never fuck him, as the tip of my cock is very broad. But I enjoyed him, sucking my cock and do mouth fucking. After that for about 10 – 12 times, we enjoyed, he fucking my ass and I fucking his mouth. Please give your comments. Then I will write my fourth encounter with a very cute Chikna at Ludhiana.