Home Alone My Sweet Neighbor

Hi ISS readers: thanks to your support, Im back, with another interesting episode of my sex exciting experience. Your valuable comments (and criticism?) are most welcome, ok?  Soon after the summer vacation, I was again shifted to a new school near my Dads workplace(Hospital & Health care) to be greeted by new faces and back to square no.!.

But It was my luck, I felt that the frustration & vacuum created due to previous mates absence melted slowly, by our new neighbors (another VIP like my dad) two sons, Ajay and Sunny with their paternal cousins, Raj and Das. Ajay, 5′ 5″ tall with non-athletic figure was senior to three of us by one class while, Das two classes junior. We soon became very close and spent long hours together, are it studies, games or chatting, which our parents never objected to.

Incidentally, Ajay and Raj were good swimmers and we enjoyed swimming sessions together, with Ajay correcting few of my strokes in swimming. It was when we went for swimming one day as usual, I observed him surveying me as if he saw me topless for the first time. It looked quite odd when I realized that I was also looking at his hairy chest and the inviting cock line sticking to the wet brief. Though I felt a bit horny, I was afraid of the consequences and reached home in silence.

Next evening, as we sat on the steps in front of our house chatting after games, there was a complete change of scene. Ajay sat one step above me and had his hands on my shoulders as support. It was getting dark and all of us were so engrossed in chatting, when Ajays fingers were closing down on my chest, trying to feel my breast and nipple… Surprised at this unexpected move of his, I gazed at him and shrugged him away silently, without others knowledge.

He stopped for a while, but restarted his mission, this time harder. He was also trying to pull me closer in between his legs, casually asking me to feel comfortable. His hard dick, making a tent on his shorts was poking my back when I leaned backwards, indicating his intentions to me crystal clear now Although I did love his approach, I prevented him from further pranks in public.

But I was cornered by him and. looking into my eyes directly, he asked, “My Pretty, Why are you avoiding me? I know you also like it and why pretend to be innocent?. Frankly, youve mesmerized me and your features are so feminine(I lost count of how many times I heard this comment!) & irresistible. I want you and thats it” I was totally excited now and told him in a confused tone that we should not get caught red handed

His face lit up almost immediately in ecstasy, hugged and kissed me on the cheeks He suggested that we would wait for an opportunity for the show which fell on his lap that weekend. I came from music class late and all except Ajay had gone for a movie(though the invitation was for all of us from the theatre manager). He stayed back, assuring my parents that he would take me to the movie the following day..

He brought his notes for homework on the pretext of keeping company to me (hoodwinking others!) and took me to my room upstairs, locking the front door.. The hidden emotions in me found their way out and the dam burst immediately. He asked me to keep quiet and stripped me to expose my fair, hairless chest and endowments.

He said, “Youre smashing and so enticing, I swear!” and let his fingers run on the breasts, circling the big cherry red areolas and the hard, perky nipples, commenting at the same time, “This is what attracted me the best and your supple and sexy body too”. Let me help you, ok?” and he pushed me on the bed. I became so horny, when his velvety fingers and lips played on my nipples alternatively and my 6″ manhood stood in full attention.

There was no looking back, I thought and we embraced tightly and hormonal levels soared up & whole body shivered like a leaf in the breeze. As he was massaging the breast with one hand the other got the feel of my dick. We were caressing each other with overwhelming desire & lust, moaning at the same time, in pleasure.. I was no amateur and hence began my work on his 6.5″ long, thick dick with mushroom like head immediately, releasing it free from captivity. And gulping it down my mouth.

I loved the salty taste of the dick and mixed aroma of urine and semen. His rock hard cock was already leaking with pre cum.. He was now jumping due to excitement. Pushing the foreskin back, my tongue travelled liberally all over the head and collar, that made him gasp and make incoherent sounds. Without wasting time , I gave him a good sucking pleasure. At times, his dick hit the roof of my mouth, choking me & giving me that exotic and delightful sensation.

Now he was in orgasm and pushed his dick deep into me, announcing that he would erupt any moment. I slowed the pace, and released his manhood from my mouth. He immediately got up, pushed me on the bed and began nipple sucking me voraciously and with renewed vigor. I allowed him to his maximum satisfaction and instructed that we do cock servicing parallel (69).

My, my, what an excellent sucker he was, I wondered, giving me the maximum erotic moments. I convulsed each time, telling him to go faster and mumbling, ssssssss, ahh, ohhhhh, yes, yes faster, faster, don’t, stop, youre superb and so on.. Many a time he pulled out his mouth with slurping sound, sending electric waves of ultimate joy all over my body. I asked him to get up as I was about to cum., but he refused.

He continued to suck forcibly making me cum into his mouth, which he swallowed fully, while his cum filled my mouth and then looking up, he said, “So sweet it is, my love” and gave me a French kiss. We felt highly satisfied, and realized that we had spent nearly an hour by then. We rested on the bed, with our trembling naked bodies rubbing against each other for about half an hour. Tell me, my angel, how many times you have done this before? Definitely you are no amateur”.

When I told him the truth, he was very appreciative & excited and kissed me on the lips and said, “Thanks a lot for the treat, my dearest. Now, one more thing, I want from you, my dove. Will you fuck me? I love it” I was shocked and told him emphatically NO, feeling yukky, about stinking fecal odor. But he was insistent and was educating me how it can be done. I was skeptical and voiced my doubt.

He said,”You dont do anything, Ill take care of it myself, Lets do it fast before all return from movie house, ok?” Leaving me totally perplexed, he ran into the bathroom, brought a bottle of coconut oil and asked me to lie on my back. Still not believing him, I obeyed his orders. He applied oil liberally into his asshole and massaged my dick to hardness and slippery by applying oil liberally.

I was feeling a chill along the spine due to fear, but he did not care. Once he was satisfied, he raised my hips with a pillow underneath, spread his legs on both sides of my torso and lowered himself slowly on me. like a horse rider. “What are you trying to do, man?” I asked him in trembling voice. “Wait and see”, he told and made contact of his asshole with my cock tip. His hands were resting on my shoulders for support.

Holding my cock in his palm and rubbing the tip at the orifice, he applied slight pressure that enabled the cock tip slip into the hole. He winced in pain and I asked him to stop. He proceeded further and lowered his butt completely to hit my hips and with one strong force, got the shaft, this time, into him fully. He was an expert in this, it looked!  He asked me if it pained for me and I replied him negatively.

Encouraged by this, he announced that the link is established and hell move his ass up and down to get fucked by me!!! I was totally taken aback by his eagerness and desire for sex. He wanted me to coordinate with him so that the pleasure will be augmented. The way, he jumped on me wildly showed that he was getting the pleasure he wanted. After few pushes and pulls, I got absolutely electrified and told him that I had reached the crescendo and would cum any moment.

He pressed his butt on to me that my cock was deep in him. During this, his balls were caressing as well as kissing mine. I could feel the tremors in his body and goose pimples as well. Suddenly, I stiffened and arched my body to cough out load of cum in spurts into his vagina for second time in the same day. He bit his lips, held me tightly and his anal sphincters gripped my tool tightly. In the meanwhile, his dick got rock hard and I shagged it for him nicely, so that he spat his load of man juice on my chest, stomach and hands.

Both of us were totally spent by now and he slowly got up, releasing my limp and slippery cock free. It was time for others to return from the movie and so we hurried to get cleaned up of the stench if any, to be in presentable form. “How did you like the way you fucked me?” he asked me. “Fantastic and unimaginable, Ajay. I was thinking that fucking is always between opposite sex only. Thank you for educating me, ok?”

Both of us laughed and came downstairs, of course with the books, and posing as if we were studying! Within 10 minutes, others returned and my parents thanked Ajay for looking after me!). Wishing Ajay and co. Goodnight, I went inside with my parents, asking them how they enjoyed the movie and if I could go with Ajay to the movie the following day. While in the bed resting after dinner,

I was rerunning the episode in mind wondering how we had the encounter in the most satisfying manner mutually quite unexpectedly and. how my impression about Ajay a straight guy, turned out to be the other way, enticing me and helping me to get my bent up feelings free and sky high. It was undoubtedly a heavenly bliss from the most unexpected quarters, quenching my hidden thirst for love.. I thanked my stars and slept surprisingly undisturbed, without wild thoughts in mind, for the first time,