Chubby Boy Screwed Part II

Hi guys…thanks for the response I got for the first part as u all know my relationship was going gr8 with Sam and we were having a gr8 time as new weds do on their honey moon….sex was in abundance and i was loving each moment of it as days passed by in this sexual bliss….Sam started to act differently he was there but the satisfaction in him seemed to be lost…. asked him what the problem was…he refused to tell…but i wanted to know….one fine day before our night session,

I slowly slide my hand in his shorts and was playing with his cock, he was just relaxing and not showing interest in what I was doing….I lost my mind and asked him what the matter was….what he replied just shook the wind out off me he said that our owner uncle knows what we both were up to and is blackmailing Sam…..for being one among us…..yes the owner uncle, a 55yr old wanted to put his cock in my hole….I saw Sam in state of shock and slowly placed myself to the end of the bed and kept quiet.

Sam came from behind and whispered in my ear “so what do you say?”…I was angry this time and shouted “do u think imp an whore, ready to lay before any man for sex…I loved you so I gave myself to u”(yes it sounds like a woman’s dialogue but seriously that’s how I was feeling) listening to me Sam kept quiet and dint talk for some time then days passed and the sexual feelings between me and Sam reduced…it went so bad that we dint have sex for almost 15days….i had to do something.

I wanted sex and i wanted it badly…so i went up to Sam and told him that I’m ready to be fucked by uncle but, it has to be a threesome…listening to this Sam felt really happy and arranged the session for the same night that night it was 10pm….I was just wasting time in my room when Sam and uncle came in….the lustful looks on two men waiting to screw my ass made me mad….uncle closed the door and hugged me like I was his new wedded wife….Sam interrupted and told uncle to leave me…so that i could have my bath and come.

I went to have my bath and when i was about to come out…Sam told me to come out with just a wet towel…i obliged….i was shocked to see that both of them were dressed…I came out shyly went towards Sam…but uncle pulled me towards him and said “today I’m your man dear, he will just help us”..Listening to this i felt a little awkward and kept quiet uncle, was a beast…very hairy ,tall, fat, and had a bad breathe….he pulled me towards him and caressed my body completely…I was no way in any mood…slowly uncle started sucking my boobs and was loving it he turned to Sam and “you’re a lucky guy, you have been sucking on these soft boobs and made it so big….as u told he has a gr8 body”….

I was shocked when i heard that Sam has told uncle about my body….then as uncles attention shifted towards my navel and thighs which he was kissing and licking like a man sex starved for years….he then told me “what is this my darling…will u only suck Sam’s cock….i also have one my bitch…plz do me that favor”…i obliged and went on my knees with a fear in my mind about what i was going to see or do….when i pulled uncles lungi down… i had the shock of my life….his cock was probably 3” and in between a bush that was stinking and looked very bad….i dint suck his cock….he was insisting….

Sam was standing like a stone….and suddenly uncle pushed my head in the bush he had and i was forced to have his cock in my mouth….i hated it….but had to do it….i sucked his cock for 10mins for which he came all over my body…uncle must have at least thrown 100 ml of his cum on me….it was lot…after this uncle just fell on the floor and insisted me to suck Sam’s cock in front of him till he gets a hard on again…I happily agreed and was sucking Sam’s cock with hunger and enjoying it….by sometime uncle stood up and insisted that he wants to fuck me….

I reluctantly laid on the bed doggy style and allowed uncle to climb over me uncle climbed over me and put his cock in my hole and pushed it in….it was like putting a tooth pick in my hole and shaking it….my hole was punctured by the ramming of Sam’s cock…in which uncles cock was moving freely….but uncle was making it up with his heavy ramming which i was enjoying and simultaneously sucking Sam’s cock…this went for a long time before I heard uncle scream as he came all over my ass cheeks….within seconds Sam also came this time all over my face….

I was drenched in cum and smelt like a whore who has just had a gr8 fuck then as i was about to get up to clean my self uncle pulled me and started sucking my boobs and was loving it….

then he dressed and shook hands with sam and told him “gr8 my boy…thank u….u have a gr8 partner…this bitch is capable of satisfying two men at a time”

he told us to enjoy and left….i was still covered in cum shots and was sitting there…Sam came up to me and told me to join him to a hot water bath….we then had a gr8 bath and a session of anal in the bathroom and came out satisfied as hell then we slept on the bed expecting a good night’s sleep…when Sam said “I’m sorry to have shared u with someone else…but this one could not be we had to adjust” …..i was feeling ok with the fact of a threesome but wanted a guy with a big cock.

This relation with Sam continued and uncle came once a while to quench his thirst….but now the whole relation with Sam is lost and i have not had sex for a year now…so guys whoever is interested in me please give your details in my id / /…..i will see them and choose…coz i want this fuck to be really good…hope to see your reply.