Sameer Se Sameera Part II

By : Sameerlko

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Heya everyone. This is Sameera back to entertain yuh. Well, in my last story “ sameer se sameera” I told yuh how I became a whore of my two cousins. Now this story is about my journey from then till today.

For those who dont know me, I am sameer from lucknow. I’ve turned 18 last month. I m very sexy masculine boy. But I have girl like legs. I always keep my body free from unwanted hairs. So I m quite chikna. Height: 175 cms. Weight: 59kg. waist : 30.

so lets begin.

after getting fucked by my cousin on that beautiful night. The girl inside me became stronger than the boy in me. But just the next day. My cousin left the city and went to delhi for his studies.

Now I was lonely. No one to have fun with. All this time I used to masturbate thinking about my cousin. I used to take out my sister’s bra and panty and used to wear them and admire myself in the mirror.

Days passed. But nothing happened. Everyday I used to finger my ass while watching gay blue films. A site named is my favourite. I have always wished that someday my pics will also be published on that site.

a year back. I made an ID on orkut. And started adding all kind of gays around lucknow in it. One day I was sitting in a café in rajajipuram…it was 11th of june 2010.

I was watching porn and chatting with my gay friends. I became really horny, while I was returning to my house . it was almost night. There was a big plot in the way to my home. It was very dark there.

I went there, parked my bike and took out my dick and started masturbating . I saw a man coming from the other end of the field towards me. But I did’nt stop and kept on shaking my dick. When he came too near me. I saw him he was a labourer kind of person. Dark and strong. Height was not very good.

He was staring at my cock. I asked him what he wanted , he said nothing. I said to him “ loge??”…he just jumped near me and took hold of my cock and started waging it. It was a dream come true. After 1 year someone was holding my dick. That too in a public place.

He told me to suck his cock. But I refused ad he was luking quite dirty and I was feeling uneasy. He said okey. He took me to a corner of the field and made me lie on all fours. And thrusted his cock inside. But it slipped. So I took his cock in my hand and slowly inserted his thing in my ass.

His cock was very thin so it went in without much problem. But he was an asshole. He ejaculated in just 5 strokes. And went away..leaving me behind begging for more sex. I got up and after wearing my jeans. Went away home abusing him all the way.

well, I got this idea from a story on antarvasna. And it really worked. But its my bad luck that the guy I got was an asshole.

so…..time moved with its pace. And again I was back to normal. I started shaving my legs. Clicking my nude pics and uploading it on net. I had fone sex wid few guys.

One of them was sanju. He called me and arranged a meeting. We met by a roadside .He was a guy in his 30’s. a little healthy. A little dark. He was a top. But he did’nt had place. So nothing happened.

but two months back he called me in noon. I was having my lunch. He aksed me that whether I can cum to LDA ?? he has a place there. I was more than ready.

I told him that I will be there in 20 mins. I finished my food. Went to my room. Shaved my legs and pubics. Applied some girlie perfume. And went to the designated place. He was standing on the road. He guided me in a street and came upto a building.

It was a flat on the ground floor. I went inside and to my surprise there were three more men sitting in the flat. I was surprised but too happy. Because I knew that today I was going to get fucked hard. Sanju introduced me to them.

They all were in there 30’s.There names were Rajesh, Sachin, Shekhar. The house belonged to shekhar. He was a man with gud built , fair color.

He was wearing a halfpant. Rajesh was a dark guy. With a pot belly . was officially dressed. And the third one, sachin was having moustaches on his face. Very skinny. He was a versatile bottom.

We had a talk for sometime and then shekhar asked that lets start. I interrupted and told them to arrange condoms. Rajesh was sent to buy some condoms.

He returned after a while. And the show began. Shekhar lead me to his room and there he told me to remove my pant. I did as he told.

He then made me suck his cock. I did as he said and like a loyal bitch started sucking his cock. His cock was 6.5 inches long. But not very thick. But still pleasurable. I kept sucking it.

Then he told me to lie on the bed. I turned doggie style on the bed and he wore a condom and applied some oil on his finger and inserted it inside. I felt great. After a little bit of finger fucking he kept his dick on my ass and gave a push.

My ass started paining. And I shouted “aaahhhhhh…..sss slowly.” He took it out. And then again gave a push . this time it hurted even more. But I closed my eyes and tried to bear the pain. Tears rolled doen my cheek but I did’nt said a word.

And started moaning like a bitch. Shekher had inserted almost half of his dick in me. He suddenly took all of it out from my ass. And then suddenly in a single push his 6.5 inches dick was fully in my ass. I was not able to scream even.

He started stroking and I was like “ mmmm,,mmmmm cum on.” Suddenly rajesh came inside the room. And lied in front of me. Took of his pant and undies and took out his dick. I was shocked on seeing his dick. It was more than 8 inches long.

And very thick. It was a dream cock. He told me to suck it. I took it in my mouth. It felt sweet. I don’t know why but his dick was sweet. I started licking it like a slut. And from behing shekhar was continuously fucking me. But the pleasure was so great that I was not able to take rajesh’s dick in my mouth as I was moaning loudly.

I told rajesh that I will not be able to suck his cock anymore. He said ok and took it out from my mouth but made me hold his dick.

The room was full of my voices of mmmmm , yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaah, cuuummmmm onn…….and shekhar was screaming “ le le pura andar meri rand….le ….gandu” his words were making this all the more sexy. I was in heaven. But after 17 minutes of hardcore fucking, shekhar cummed . he took out his dick and removed the condom and threw it away. Now sanju came in action. He entered the room already nude and with his condom on.

I was still on my fours. He told me to lie on my shoulder. He lied beside me and held one of my leg up in the air and inserted his dick inside me. Because of such a position it my ass was quite tight again.

His dick slided inside my ass in just two strokes and the fucking begun again. I was again begging like a whore for more and more. But sanju had a smaller dick and I was already open so I was not feeling very good.

But still the feeling of being in the arms of a man was more than too much for me. I behaved like his sweet slut and he cummed in my ass in just 10 mins.

now it was Rajesh’s turn. My dream man. He made me lie on my back and kept both of my legs on his each shoulder and slowly inserted his dick inside me. He was an expert.

His thick and long dick was like a magician’s wand. My ass started paining but it was such a sweet pain that I wish I feel that pain for my lifetime in my ass. My ass was torn apart. And he was thrusting his cock in me with increased force each time.

And I was shouting in pleasure. I was feeling like a complete girl now.

sachin came and sat by my head. And started rubbing my chest and suddenly took hold of my dick and started stroking it. This was the most pleasurable position of my life that I have ever had. A 8.5 inches long dick was inside my ass. My legs were on his shoulders and my dick was in the hands of sachin and his dick was on my lips and I was licking it. Aaaahhhhh, hmmmmm….mmmmmm……aah aha haaaahhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. ….i was in heaven. After 10 mins he came up .

but these 10 mins were the best mins of my life. After that all of them left the room accept sachin. He took of his undies and made me go again on my fours. And inserted his cock in me.

It was 6 inches long but a beautiful cock. He was fucking me like a dog. His thrusts were so forceful that I started crying and tears rolled down my eyes. And pleaded him to leave me. But he kept on fucking me like a whore. And finally came up. He took out his dick from my ass and went away. I was lying alone in the room on that heavenly bed.

I got up and went to the bathroom. I washed my ass and left that house. And went back home.

I never met them again due to the change of my mobile number and due to the de-activation of my orkut account. But still I really miss rajesh and his wonderfull cock.

this was my last fucking after that I have not been fucked since two months. But the thing tha I did’nt liked about these four guys was this…that they just fucked me and finished off. No kissing no licking. No hugs. Nthng…

they did’nt even removed my shirt.

That’s no way. I wanna get fucked like a boyfrnd fucks his girlfnd. With love. I want to get fucked like a bitch. I want to star in an Indian gay blue film. I want my pics on gay sites. I want to be a male whore.

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Bye friends. Take care.