My Pet Boy

By: Ravi

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This is a piece of pure fiction oozing from the lucid imagination of its author and bears no resemblance to actual persons, places or events in the past present or future. I stood close to him as he bent down to reach for the cup in the cabinet. His round buns lightly brushed against my hard cock. He hesitated ever so slightly as he felt me and then straightened up and inched backward and made firm contact.

As he sighed then I reached into his blue short pockets with both my hands. I spread my fingers around his thighs and encircled his stiffening dick with my thumb. I could see his smile in the mirror. Now he was pressing back into my cock and I kissed his neck. Mat karo naa” he said and leaned into my chest. His hands now reached back and grabbed my thighs. Kya nahin Karun? I asked.

Aise” he said and pulled my cock into his bums I was now massaging his stiff 6 inches cock gently with my fingers. Achha lag raha hai? I asked. He turned his head and kissed me. Nahin he said and sucked desperately at my tongue. I started licking his ear lobes and whispered “chalen bedroom mein? Or kya” he said I took my hands out of his pockets and lifted him by his thighs with him facing forward.

As I sat him down on the bed he turned around and put his arms around my neck and started kissing my eyes, nose and ears murmuring Darling ab rukna nahin please Itne der baad mujhe chua tumne. Kab se lipatne ko schoch raha tha, Shaitan balak, I said after all he was only 18 years old and had the smoothest hairless body I had ever seen. After all he was from Nagaland

He lay down on the bed after removing his shirt, exposing a firm chest a flat stomach and dark nipples. His thighs were spread and his school shorts tended from the hard cock inside. I straddled him and leaned to lick his nipples with my tongue I circled his hard tits while his fingers pulled at my hair. Hai kitna maja aa raha hai meri jaan me whispered into my ears.

I removed all my clothes as he watched keenly focusing on my cock. I bit his cock over his shorts. He could wait no longer and tore off his shorts and flung them aside. His cock freed and pointing straight up I took the head into my mouth and he let out a long moan. Mujhe bhi lund chusna hai, he said and rotated himself his mouth taking in my cock. His tongue licked around my shaft and head, slurping loudly.

His hands cupped my balls and massaged them. He then used his tongue tip to lick around the balls and shaft base. He bit my pubic hair with his teeth. His hands were caressing my inner thighs and calves. He grabbed at my buns and spread them apart. As he kissed below my balls I spread my thighs wide and his sweet lips reached to rim my asshole. I was in heaven and moaned in delight.

His cock was right over my face and I flicked my tongue tip across his glands. I pushed his fore skin back with my taut lips and circled his head and slit with the tip of my tongue aur jor se karo darling” he whispered and did the same with my cock. His saliva wet my tip and mingled with the precum. He tugged my pubic hair with his fingers and took one of my balls into his mouth and sucked on it gently.

Achha lag raha hai kya? He asked. His palms gripped my ass and with his fingers he brushed lightly across my hole. Then he turned over and raised his knees offering himself. I leaned forward and my cock found his welcoming asshole lube and waiting to be penetraed. As I pushed myself in he raised his waist to receive me. I was raised on my arms and he wrapped his smooth thighs around my waist, urging me to start.

His eyes were wide and bright with lust as I started to slide my cock in and out. He matched my rythm with his own rocking, his palms sliding along my straight arms and along my sides to the waist and then to my shoulders, caressing it slowly with lust. We were very quiet as we concentrated on the intense sensation we both felt. He wrapped his arms around my neck raising him and sucked on my upper lip. His tongue darted into my welcoming hot mouth and I sucked it softly.I continued doing it slowly but surely and

He moaned with every time I pushed hard while banging. His stiff cock rubbed against my stomach and my cock rubbed his ass. As he approached his climax his waist slapped against mime. Soon he was bucking wildly almost lifting me off my knees. He looked into my eyes and came. I continued to fuck till, I to cum into his tight hole and released all my milky white juice. He clenched hard on my cock and fell back on the bed after the worth fucking hardcore action, that we both enjoyed. Thank you Sir ‘ he whispered into my ear and bit my earlobe.