Sex That Night With Older Cousin Part II

In my previous story I told about how my cousin Salman seduced me and made me a gay. This is what happened later at night after our early morning sex. I just could not wait for it to be bedtime and neither could Salman around 11 PM and we both decided that we could safely go to sleep as soon as bedroom door was closed Salman locked it.

He then gave me a deep kiss and whispered that he was going to make me his girl again. We then lay down on bed and kissed passionately. He kissed my forehead, chin, cheeks, neck while running his hands down my legs after some 10 minutes of this he got up and removed his clothes. His cock was fully erect and looked even bigger than earlier that day. Salman then went to bathroom and returned with lube and a towel.

He took a pillow from the bed and put it on the floor. The towel he laid out on top of the pillow. I had urge so I got up from the bed and took off my boxes and under vest and kneeled down in front of him. I took his cock into my mouth. But my, it was so big and was having hard time getting it in. Salman said to me: “Relax. Dont try to take it all in rub the tip into your tongue and use your hands to massage the rest. I did as he said and soon I was enjoying very much and Salmans eyes were closed and he was also in heaven. For next five minutes this went on.

Then Salman pulled away from me and told me: “Lie down on your stomach with your cock on the pillow. I did as he wanted. Salman now leaned down and put lube on his hands. He started to massage my hole. This time feeling was different. I was already relaxed and my hole was easily fingered and lubed after getting me ready Salman leaned his cock into my ass. Oh God, there was a dull ache at first but then his cock slipped right in. He then pushed until his cock was all in. Once it was all in he let his weight fall on me and lied down.

I could feel his breath on the back of my neck and his hairy chest and legs rubbing my smooth girlish legs and back. It was electric. Salman then whispered into my ear: “I was very soft with you in the morning, but now you will feel my full strength. Im going to drill you until you beg me to stop. I felt completely helpless and submissive with Salman on top of me with his cock in his ass.

I begged him please be gentle, dont hurt me, I am not experienced as a bottom. Salman then lifted his chest up a bit like he was doing a push up. Then he started to drill my hole. First he went slow pulling almost all the way out before pushing back into me. Then he started grinding his cock into my holes tingling my prostate and making me hard. Then, he starting thrusting quickly.

Then he was in a rhythm like slow, fast, grind, again and again. He was truly a master and I could feel that my cock was getting fully hard. But my cock was squeezed and rubbed against the pillow by Salmans weight. I dont know how long passed but slowly I felt orgasm building. Salman kept fucking me like a machine. I was making sounds of pleasure, moaning and groaning like a cock-hungry little bitch.

I then started to cum while he was fucking me. Oh, it was simply the ultimate pleasure. I told Salman “Jaan, you are making me cum but he was silent and kept fucking once I had cum Salman pulled his cock out and turn me onto my back. Salman then wiped my cum off my tummy with his hand and rubbed it all over my chest and face. It was cold and sticky but felt so erotic and he rubbed it onto my nipples and lips.

I was now smelling and tasting my own cum like never before. My cock was now limp. Salman pulled away from me and raised my legs over his shoulders. He then put more lube on his cock and went straight for my hole. While fucking me this way he kissed me deeply sharing the taste of my cum. He then whispered to me: You little bitch. Look at your small limp cock. You are lucky I found you.

You were born to be a bottom. Oh you have such a sweet boy pussy. It is just right for my cock. Do you like cumming with a cock up your ass?

I replied: Yeah. I love it. Please fuck me. I just want to satisfy you.

Salman kept pounding my hole in that position and I was totally surrendered to his masculine power. His thrusting became more intense and I was rubbing my hands all over his back and butts. I felt his butts become tense. Oh God, they were like iron but they had hair and it felt so soft. Salmans eyes were closed and he was concentrating on his thursting. I knew that he must be close to cumming.

So I moaned and told him what a lion he is and how much I love his cock. We were both lost in our passion and then I felt him shudder and warm wetness filled my hole. I was amazed at how much cum he was shooting into me. Soon it was dripping out of my hole and his cock slipped out as it lost hardness for the next five minutes Salman just lay on top of me in silence. He then pushed himself up and said “Wow. That was the best fucking I have ever given. I never enjoyed so much. Come on we need to clean up. Tomorrow morning I am going to give you a riding lesson.