My Intro To Forbidden World

Hi everyone I am a big fan of ISS and I love its incest, maid servant, office teacher and gay male stories. Honestly I love each and everything in sex. Since my childhood I was very keen about female body as well as male body. I have started masturbation in my 6th standard and fucked a prostitute when I was in my 9th standard. But it is a story about my gay experience so I will discuss about my first gay experience.

Let me tell you about myself, my name is Rahul I am a well built boy of 24 years and little bit bulky. I am 5.6 in height and 80 kgs in weight with an average 6 inches tool. After my schooling I came to Lucknow for higher studies and started living in hostel. Those days for me internet is a very interesting thing so every evening I went to nearby cyber cafe for surfing net.

One day when I started surfing net unknowingly I clicked on recent history option in browser and found many links for gay dating sites and gay websites. I have started checking it and it became my routine to check gay images on net. I also made an account on a site. One day I got a message on my email from a person who was interested in my profile. We chatted and he asked me about my preference.

I told him that I don’t have any experience but I am very curious about gay sex. He told me that his name is Satish (name changed) and his age is 54 and he is a versatile and can guide me. I asked him many questions and decided to meet him next day at his place. Next day I reached his place he welcomed me I felt very good due to his behavior but in my heart I was very nervous that what will happened next.

He gave me water and we chatted for 15 minutes on different topics. Then he told me to come in his bedroom. My heart started beating very fast because I didnt knew that what will happen. In his bedroom he grabbed me and started kissing on my lips I got shocked with that but after few seconds I also started cooperating, he sucked my lower lips and my tongue, I was on seventh cloud. Slowly he started moving his hand on my body while kissing.

I felt like electric shock on my body. After 10 minutes we broke our kiss and he told me to remove my clothes. I obeyed him and removed my clothes. He also removed his clothes and showed me his 7 inches cock which is giving salute to me. Then he instructed me to lick his cock so I sat on floor and started licking his cock it was huge for me but I liked its smell and warmth. Because I was a new one in this and never did that so I licked it like an ice-cream cone.

After few minutes he told me to stop otherwise he will discharge, I stopped and started thinking that what next. I was thinking when I heard Satish saying to lick his asshole. I denied by saying that it is dirty thing to do. He tried to convince me but I denied. After few seconds he told me to sit in doggy position I obeyed him and all of a sudden he started licking my asshole, I was shocked but it was very pleasurable and

I enjoyed a lot after some time he grabbed my cock and started licking my cock it was a dream come true. After lots of sucking I told him that I am going to shoot and he told me that he want to taste that. So I unloaded my all treasure in his mouth. We slept there for few minutes, now it is my turn I started licking his asshole in return favor and it was little bit warm.

I also fingered his ass and he started moaning and bending his back in pleasure, after licking and sucking for 15 minutes I started sucking his cock. After 20 minutes he told me that he is going to cum but I thought of tasting it so I started sucking with more passion and power a minute after he cummed in my mouth and filled it completely drank it and found it very tasty. I sucked his cock till his last drop of cum.

Now both of us are really tired we slept there for few hours after that hard fun. When I woke I found that Satish is licking my asshole, he told me to sit down I sat and he started sucking my nipples it felt so good that I told him to suck my other nipple also then he started sucking my right boob and in meanwhile he started pressing my left boob.

I was out of the world and moaning due to excitement and pleasure after half an hour he left my boobs with teeth marks and sweet pain. In my life I sucked many girls’ boobs but that day I felt that pleasure. It is a very pleasurable experience for me. After half an hour he asked me for tea and I agreed. We took tea and chatted for few minutes. After taking tea I left his place.

After our first meeting we enjoyed many times. But after few months he got promoted and shifted to another city and I left alone but it was not the end but was beginning of my new life. So friends tell me that u liked my story or not it is my first story so forgive me for any mistakes. It takes very hard work to pen down your experience in a story because writing emotion is tougher than writing fiction.

Anyone from Lucknow can contact me for fun and sharing of wicked thoughts. Any unsatisfied aunty, bhabhi can also contact me for licking, sucking and fucking. My mail id is / /

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