Taruns Suprise Part II

This is the continuation please read the part I first:
Sunaina looked at me. She looked so beautiful, in that instant she was so strong, with well defined muscles and amazing breasts and facial features her whole body was amazing and in addition to her body, her attitude the whole night had demonstrated a strength of character and of experience that I had never seen before in a person, as if she had been through many hardships already and was toughened by them but now, she showed a hint of vulnerability.
Not fear from mortal harm like the kind she might have experienced from Jithu. Rather, it seemed like, she felt that she had done something wrong, that she was about to lose something important to her because she had made a mistake or hurt someone she cared about. She wrapped her arms around herself to cover her nakedness, seeming ashamed? And turned around Tarun, I should have never asked you to come here.
It was a mistake. I dont want to hurt you; you need to leave, please. I was confused and worried. Here was a woman that had made me feel in one night a depth of emotion and sense of caring for another individual that I had never shared with anyone else before in my life. I was so scared, in that moment of losing her and I stood up and walked towards her. She cringed and seemed to shrink away smaller. Sunaina, what is it? Please tell me! Whats going on? Tarun, please, I cant and youve got to go I cant just go. Sunaina, I cant just leave, not without knowing whats going on, whats got you so scared. You wouldnt understand, Tarun try me. I looked into the beautiful eyes of a woman today that stole away my heart and made me feel like I had never felt before that there was someone out there in the world worth caring for and protecting and being with worth loving even though.
I hardly knew her and I thought that I saw that same connection in her eyes. I want you to look at me and tell me that Im wrong and I put my hand on her arm and gently turned her around. No, Tarun, please and she started sobbing. My hands rested on her shoulders. Sunaina, you might be scared right now of something, but Im even more scared of something else. You know what that is? Im scared that I might lose you before this even begins.
That Ive done something to frighten you, or that theres something not worked out between us that wont let this happen. Please, look at me Sunaina. Look at me and tell me that you didnt feel the same connection that I did when I saw you for the first time at the gym today I pleaded and she looked up into my eyes. I do feel the same about you Tarun. Youre right Ive never felt this way about anyone before. I dont know why.I dont want it to end but I should have told you something before all of this that would have changed your mind and now, Im afraid to tell you. You see, its the reason why Jithu and she sniffed and her words trailed off.
I took her hands and we walked to the sofa together, both half naked, both so vulnerable, both so deeply connected about Jithu and forget about anyone or anything else. I promise you, Sunaina, no matter what you tell me, I will still feel the same about you. I swear and I ran my fingers through her hair, in effect massaging her head, and she closed her eyes peacefully. I continued to do so, to try and encourage her. I tried to rest my hand on her thigh, but she pushed it away. So instead, I clasped her hand when she pushed away my touch and I interlocked our fingers to give her further physical reassurance that I was there with her.
She let me run my hands through her hair and held onto my hand with both of her, eventually resting them on her lap hile holding mine. Her breaths sounded nervous, heavy. I waited for her, looking at her beautiful, but sad face after a few moments, she spoke again. Im a transsexual, Tarun. I look like a woman, but, Im pre op; Im not completely a woman and I should have told you. She kept her eyes closed and had her head slightly bowed, not looking at my response.
Suddenly, so much became clear to me. The reason Jithu had called her names and the reason she said that she should have told me earlier. The reason she was working out that late in the night. The jokes about the mens locker room by Jithu. The feeling of her grinding against me through her sweat pants and her resistance to removing her clothes for a second, I didnt know what to do. This was completely new for me.My hand stopped moving through her hair. She looked as if she was about to break down into sobs again. I didnt let her. I placed my hands on both sides of her head and turned her to face me.
My forehead touched hers and my nose rubbed against hers and I brushed my lips against hers softly and then I whispered. Sunaina, you are a woman. A beautiful, courageous, strong and sensitive woman and you are the woman. Im falling in love with dont you even think that Im going to stop feeling the way I do and dont try to kick me out again, unless you really dont want to be with me. Im not sure what will happen next. This is new for me, you see. Im a little nervous. Im even a little scared but you know what? All that doesnt matter I know that we can face this together. I feel stronger with you, Sunaina, and not so alone anymore.
She looked up at me. The tears welled up in both of our eyes. We embraced, and just held each other. Held each other, made each other feel safe and loved, made each other realize that we werent about to give up on the connection we had found tonight, that our hearts and minds had spoken and our bodies would follow naturally. Tarun, please stay with me. I dont want you to leave. Ive had to be strong, by myself, for so long other men have never felt the way you do and Ive always felt so alone.
Youll never be alone again, Sunaina. I think the other men youve been with have all been idiots who dont know what a good person they are shutting out of their lives. I want to be a part of yours.We kissed deeply and passionately. We kissed violently and aggressively, as if we were fighting off the rest of the world and their prejudices, and we kissed and kissed and kissed. I kissed down her neck and between her breasts and all across her body, lying on top of her. I could feel it now.
Her hard on unmistakable but it didnt phase me for an instant. I pulled off my gym shorts and boxers, and Sunaina pulled off her sweatpants and underwear. My cock sprang forth, hard and pulsing so did hers. It was mind boggling, and she hesitated for a second to see the expression on my face. Sunaina if you tell me that itll be okay, Ill trust you. I just need to hear you say it and Im Tarun, baby, come here. Itll be okay. Were together now; Sunaina looked me straight in the eyes.
She was rewarded with a look of pure passion as I moved up to kiss her again while we held each other, my legs between hers, her legs wrapping around me and then, our cocks touched. It felt like pure electricity when I felt it and realized it. Her hand crept down as I continued to ravage her with kisses, across her face, her shoulders. She held our two throbbing members together and started to pump us with her hand. I gasped and my body thrust in response.
It was unbelievable, my reaction I didnt know I was capable of feeling that way, but the blood and heat rushed throughout my body. She smiled and took the opportunity to kiss my neck and latch onto me like a vampire, sucking so hard at me with her lips, kissing away my last doubts. I arched my back as she had done earlier when I had rolled her nipples around with my tongue. She pulled me over and onto my back, then snaked down my body, attacking me with her tongue all along the way, and finally reached my own cock. She expertly took it in her mouth, all of it and began to suck me off with fiery intent.
My hands rested on her head I didnt push as she knew how to turn me on perfectly, playing with my balls and a new sensation, gently fingering my ass, through the crack, entering my hole ever so gently and slightly, which surprisingly sent shivers of pleasure through my body. I rubbed my hands through her hair to encourage her and because she seemed to like me playing with her hair quite a bit. I was about to cum when she seemed to sense it and snaked back up the sofa to kiss me again.
I tasted my own pre cum on her lips I had never tasted it before, it was different, strong and good. The question entered my mind, ever so fleetingly, of what her cum tasted like. She smiled and with a knowing giggle, snaked up again across my body, pausing to let me suck at her nipples momentarily and play with them, and then sat down softly on my chest with her cock standing erect in front of my lips. I looked at it, and then looked at her eyes not sure if I was ready or even knew what to do.
Tarun, you dont have to if you dont want to but, are you curious? To see what I taste like? Hmmm to see if I taste better than you? Sunaina purred, her confidence restored by my passionate responses up to this point and really, it was as if she was reading my thoughts Sunaina I want to try. Though I dont think Im very good at it. No experience, you know. She smiled and laughed, and stood up, walking around her living room table with that girly sway in her hips mesmerizing me.
I looked between her legs more and more, something primal inside me began to awaken and to react. I never knew that I had it in me to even feel this way, but I think I actually began to crave her cock. I had never really liked going down on women, it just didnt seem like an attractive idea even though I did it anyway but Sunainas cock just seemed so majestic strong, powerful, virile yet feminine and soft in a way only a woman could be which also described the look.
I had found in her eyes from the moment I met her maybe a part of me knew all along, maybe thats why we had instantly felt that connection, back at the gym. Maybe the part of me that was making my heart beat faster at the sight of her cock now was always lying just beneath the surface of my consciousness, and meeting Sunaina had begun to trigger something deep inside me and something that was active now and gaining force over my body and my sexual drive and for some reason.
I couldnt understand, I was somehow proud that her cock was bigger than mine bigger by at least a couple of inches. Im not sure why that made me so happy but man, it did, as if my body knew that I was in for a treat and that my mind was just beginning to realize the same. She continued to walk around the table, like a lioness in her smooth and soft but deadly and confident movements. She was stalking her prey, knowing that I was completely in her power.
She had merely to strike and she would have me with every step, her cock maintained its rigidity, prominently sticking out from her body, her ample breasts softly bouncing and jutting out from her chest. Sunaina every inch of her, every movement she made was driving me crazy, and she seemed to know it and she had a look of pleasant surprise as she watched my expression turn from hesitation to curiosity to pure, unbridled lust. I wanted her cock, and I wanted it right now.
She stepped to the side of the sofa, sat down on the armrest, and spread out her legs and come here, baby she cooed I was so turned on and hot not having come myself earlier, and I crawled on my knees towards her end of the sofa. I licked the very end of her uncut cock with my tongue, my first taste of it. Mmmmm, Sunaina emitted a soft moan. I started to take more of her into my mouth, gently, wondering how much I could take without gagging.
I wanted to take it all, but my gag reflex kicked in and I couldnt manage it. It felt good to have my lips pursed around it. So good I licked around it, licked at her balls, then taking it as deep as I could into my mouth. I wanted more, as if I was hungry for it again, I was surprised by this feeling welling up from deep inside me, but I didnt fight it. Looking up at Sunainas eyes, I knew that it was okay to embrace it and to obey my desires.
My desire to suck her dry and take her wholly into my mouth. She placed her hands on my head and started to fuck my mouth slowly, rocking back and forth across the armrest of the chair. I couldnt get enough, and managed to get a bit more of her inside my mouth. Oh, yeah, Tarun, thats so goood Sunaina was breathing heavily dont stop, baby, dont you stop I had heard somewhere that it feels good if you hum while doing this, so I started to hum a low pitch as I sucked on Sunaina.
It had the desired effect. Within a couple of minutes, she began to buck faster and harder into my face almost harder than I could handle and I could feel her thick cock hitting the back of my throat. I couldnt believe how great it felt. She started moaning uh, yesss, uhhhh, oh yeah Tarun, yeah, uhhhhhhhh and I could feel her about to explode in my mouth. I tasted her cumming in my mouth as she screamed in pleasure and release. I greedily swallowed as much as I could, treasure every last bit of it, hoping that she had enjoyed her first time fucking my mouth. She did taste better than me.
She pushed me back with her knees and onto my back. We attacked each other again, kissing passionately, unable to stop the enjoyment of our hard, sweaty bodies and rigid cocks rubbing against each other, fingers caressing every inch of our exposed. Naked bodies and tongues exploring each other as if we wanted to leave no secrets revealed in our physicality. Our bodies were covered with sweat not a new sight to either of us but so amazingly different this time because it was from a different kind of workout. I couldnt get enough of grinding my cock up into hers; she seemed to enjoy it too as her body responded by grinding back. She pressed her breasts against my chest.
My hands grabbed at her ass, massaging them and using them to pull her closer to me. I wrapped my legs around hers, just as she had with me moments ago. Baby, I cant stand it anymore, please, let me fuck you now and get you off, please, she begged. She knew she was asking something enormous of me, so she looked at me with pleading eyes. I was nervous, knowing that I had never had this experience before. I sort of froze and looked into her eyes.
Her deep brown eyes once again, so reassuring I nodded my head, and said lets try, babe. Sunaina smiled softly and left the room. She came back with Vaseline or something, applying it to her cock which to me, looked like a huge monster now as I thought about it entering my body as much as I was afraid, an equally large part of me wanted her to fuck me and it was growing by the minute. I wanted to know how it felt to feel Sunainas strength plunging into my body.
I wanted to know how it felt to have her deep inside me. I wanted to know how it felt to have her fill me as I lay myself open and vulnerable, completely trusting, to her. So I let her spread my legs apart and rest the tip of her cock on my ass, between my cheeks. Ill do it slowly, baby just tell me if you want me to stop. I wont do anything you dont want me to okay. Im ready I told her. It was hard at first relax, Tarun. Just relax. Itll hurt at first but then itll feel better and then itll start to feel really good, baby. Really, really good do you trust me? Yes, Sunaina, I do then relax just focus on the pleasure.
Focus on me and she looked me straight in the eyes. I returned her gaze. It was reassuring, powerful and soft all at the same time, and I knew that if we held it, it would be okay I relaxed and felt her pushing in. Just a little at first, then a bit more, Sunaina always waiting for me to get used to her size and allowing my entrance to stretch to fit her. She pushed slowly, making me focus on her eyes, and pushed, inch by inch. The last push came suddenly and painfully, and I cried out. Shhhh, baby, shhhhh. You have all of me now and she leaned closer, youre going to like this Sunaina pulled out of me and despite the pain, I felt empty.
Then she pushed in again. This time, she started pumping, slowly. She thrust her cock in and out, slowly. Each time, I could feel her hit the back of my prostrate. It hurt at first, then, like she said, it opened up to waves of pleasure. I closed my eyes and focused on the sensation. How could it feel so good? I was amazed, breathing hard, and feeling pleasure that I had never imagined possible before. But then she stopped again I opened my eyes and looked up at her, with a look of desire in my eyes.
Tarun, do you want me to keep going? I responded by pushing myself towards her and impaling myself with her cock with a moan please dont you stop fuck me, Sunaina, you feel so good inside me and she moaned as she felt herself plunge inside my tight whole mmmmm, Tarun fuck you’re such a good boy it feels so good to be inside you too. She penetrated me deep and resumed bucking her hips back and forth back and forth. I rocked back and forth to match her motions, to try and let her inside me as far as possible felt so good with her inside I never could have imagined it was mind blowing.
We matched our rhythm perfectly. The two of us moaned together, her soft girly moans overlapping with my louder throaty moans uh, uhngggg. I felt my own orgasm approaching its plateau. I didnt know how as I hadnt touched myself, but I could feel myself ready to erupt. Sunaina started pumping furiously and I knew she was at the same point, and we both came within seconds of each other, moaning and screaming in passion. I felt her erupt into me, somewhere deep inside me, and I shot threads of cum across my own stomach and chest. She pulled out, slowly and gently and then collapsed on top of me, both of us completely exhausted and utterly satisfied.
Our cum and sweat and saliva mingled between our bodies as we embraced, without a care in the world. I kissed her, and she nuzzled up to me and rested on my shoulder as I wrapped my arms around her after fucking me hard and taking me with her dominant streak, she collapsed into me, still the absolutely feminine and passionate woman I had first met, as she cuddled with me on the sofa. We slept there, enjoying each others warmth and touch all night long and into the late hours of morning the next day.
Neither of us made any motion to get off the sofa. We both felt so safe in each others arms, like we had finally both found our way home. Two lovers had found each other and werent planning on letting go, now that we were together. Our story was just beginning and we knew we could face the new day together. What a Friday night to be continued for feedback, appreciation or rejection, please mail me at / /