Turned The Driver Gay Part V

After my agreeing to Sonu’s 3some fantasy, he called his friend who he met that evening and asked him to come to the hotel, the time now was around 1:15 in the morning and we did not have to go to the office and had a site visit late in the afternoon so we could afford a late night again today.

Sonu calls his friend and gives him direction to the hotel, I in the mean time I call the reception and tell them I have an office colleague visiting and he will be staying in the room and to charge me for the same, they say it is complimentary and if I would need an extra bed for the guest staying over, I told the reception that we would be working till early morning and he will then leave for his home so an extra bed would not be required.

My heart was beating fast in anxiety of whom, what and how will be the person who is coming will be like, will it be safe, I ask Sonu and he assures me that he is completely safe, and to trust in him like I have so far. Sonu gets a call on his cell and he announces to me that he has come, I told him to go out and escort him to the room, I am anxious as a mouse, when he leaves I ask him once again that will this be safe and the right decision, before going he kisses my forehead, gives me a hug and tells me that everything will be all right and to go with the flow of the night.

I sit down and watch some TV for the moment; I hear a soft tap on the door, I get up to open it and I see Sonu and handsome sardar not more than about 24-25 years old in tow with him, he introduces him as Lucky (Name changed), he shakes my hand and I tell them to be comfy, Sonu takes the bed and Lucky takes the sofa right opposite the bed, the moment is awkward and no1 is talking, Sonu begins a conversation and asks Lucky about his experience, Lucky is feeling very shy and he tells that he has been with a few girls but never with a guy, but the guys in his village talk about banging guys and having sex with other guys, but he has never had it before with any guy.

He told me, Sonu and he were talking up and he asked Sonu for a girl when they met up, Sonu told him he would arrange for something different tonight and never said what, once Sonu called him and told him what he was proposing he agreed as he wanted to experience it also. Sonu in the mean time walks up to me and gives me a hard kiss on my lips, we r lip locked for 2 minutes, it is a kind of awkward but I go ahead with it, from the corner of my eye I can see Lucky smiling and rubbing his dick from the outside.

I ask Sonu to show me all that he has learnt in the last 3 nights and go and perform all that on Lucky, lucky is a nice tall handsome sardar, fairer than Sonu and even taller, he has a small yellow turban on and has his beard opened, like Sonu. Sonu smiles at my demand and tells Lucky this was his lucky day as he is going to be taught how to be with a man and how he can pleasure a man also. Sonu goes to Lucky and gives him a hug, caressing and feeling him up from outside of his clothes, Takes off Lucky’s shirt and kisses his nipples, Lucky moans and Sonu attacks his nipples aggressively, Sonu comes up from his nipples and tries to kiss Lucky, he hesitates, but Sonu goes for the kill and gets Lucky’s lips and kisses them furiously, lucky gives in and enjoys the kiss.

What is happening in front of me is unbelievable, 2 hot sardars are making out in front of me and 1 is hotter than the other, when they r kissing Sonu’s hand wanders to Lucky’s dick which I can see is erect as a rock and is dying to come out of his pants, Sonu’s become an expert in the last 3 nights and is teasing Lucky by rubbing his pants from the outside, In the mean time I get into the blanket and get my dick out and start to stroke it. It is an awesome feeling to see 2 grown men making out and a chance of all the 3 of us making out at some point in the night.

I can see Lucky’s desperation to get his dick out and he opens his pants himself and lets himself out, wow what an awesome dick, it is longer than Sonu’s but same size in the diameter, it was uncut and I could see all the veins popping out of it, it was throbbing for some attention, Sonu was on his face and not to waste time I get out of the blanket and immediately grab Lucky’s dick and start to suck it, he twitches in my hand and sends out a moan with Sonu still on his face.

I am sucking on Lucky’s dick and in the mean time Sonu’s also aching for attention, so he takes his dick out and hands it to me; I am now sucking 2 cocks turn by turn, both of the sardars are on each other’s face kissing and slurping each other as if it was candy they were sucking on, after about 5-7 minutes of sucking and kissing, suddenly I am the centre of attention, they throw me on the bed and get to each side and Sonu starts to lick my dick 1st and Lucky is watching him, he pulls the foreskin back and exposes my dickhead which is nice and pink and he starts to suck me.

After some time on sucking my dick, Lucky’s getting impatient I can see it and now Sonu offers him my dick to suck, he hesitatingly grabs my dick from the base and licks it, likes what he has done and goes for the whole head, takes in his mouth and acting as if it was a lollypop, he is hurting me again as Sonu did but Sonu the expert speaks up and tells him the right way. Goes on to show him how it is done and then he follows and is doing it correctly.

Sonu is feeling left out, he now asks Lucky to go to the side and they both are not licking and slurping my Dick Candy from both sides, turn by turn they are swallowing it inside of them and Sonu shows Lucky how to deep throat, they both try it and are successful, I can feel my dick hitting Sonu’s tonsils and coming back out. It is an awesome feeling being serviced by 2 hunky surds, I take off Sonu’s small turban and grab hold of his lock of hair and push him on my dick, deeper and deeper, he comes back up for air all gagging.

Now Lucky’s turn he is a little hesitant so I grab hold of his turban and force him on my dick deep, he goes deep and gags and comes up for air coughing, smiles at me and goes back like he is not going to give up, he finally goes deeper and keeps me there, comes back and kisses my lips in a sign of triumph, Sonu in the mean time has shifted his attention from my dick to my asshole and has inserted 1 of his fingers in it and making it nice and wet for an invasion. I ask Lucky to saddle me and give his dick in my mouth, he does as he is asked, I am moaning as both my holes are filled.

Now Sonu’s become an expert and does the drill of 2 fingers and then the 3rd and then finally goes for the kill with his tongue, I can feel him slurping and wetting my hole, he pulls my legs and brings me to the edge of the bed with Lucky still riding my chest and his dick still in my mouth, I can hear tear up a condom and put it on his dick and spit on it to make it nice and slippery and puts his dick at the entrance of my ass and gives it a slight nudge. The head plops in and I feel some pain but I have Lucky’s dick in my mouth to say anything.

Slowly he increases his speed and is banging me really hard, now Lucky has gotten off my chest and is seeing Sonu bang me hard, he is moaning and shaking his dick, Sonu asks him in Punjabi, I could understand that if he wants to bang my ass, Lucky shakes his head in confirm and Sonu tells him to put on a condom, he tells him he does not know how, I call Lucky over and put the condom on his dick and suck it and make it completely wet and slippery.

Sonu pulls out of me and gives Lucky a go at it, he positions himself near my asshole and pushes it in and it plops out, he is surely inexperienced and is feeling shy, I can see it on his face, Sonu now has taken off his condom and now has saddled me and puts his dick in my mouth and asks me to suck it. Lucky gives it a try again and now is successful, he probably has felt the warmth of my ass for the 1st time in his life, and moans at the top of his voice.

He then increases his speed and is grunting in Punjabi and it actually is pleasurable hearing him utter those words in Punjabi. He is hot in his looks and I take my hands up to his nipples and twist them and he moans even more loudly, Sonu tells him to lower it down as it is past midnight and people are asleep and in the dead of night the sound carries. He is inexperienced at it and it shows, he cums after a few strokes in my ass, he tells Sonu he has cum. Sonu laughs at him and unsaddles me and goes to his dick, takes off the condom and sucks Lucky dry, licking the cum that is already stuck to his dick.

Sonu then moves on to my ass, putting a condom and goes for my ass, he is inserting it with force, Lucky in the mean time has moved to my cock and is sucking it, he is licking is vigorously and with force, he shakes while he sucks me, his hand is feeling so nice on my dick it feels awesome, being serviced by 2 sardars is a fantasy come true, Sonu continues his banging for another good 10 mins or so and announces that he is going to cum now, I tell him to cum on my tummy, he brings his cock out and takes the condom off and lets it rip, his cum flies all over my tummy and on Lucky’s face and beard.

After spurting about 10-12 spurts of cum he stops finally and shakes his head in disbelief of what has happened, he looks towards Lucky and smiles in a sign of pleasure and satisfaction. They now both come to my erect cock and start to lick & suck it from both sides and in a few minutes I erupt and breathe a sigh of relief and satisfaction, Sonu licks all my cum and kisses Lucky with my cum in his mouth they exchange it a couple of times and then Sonu finally swallows it. Smiles and kisses me and thanks me for fulfilling his curiosity.

We 3 collapse on the bed and before calling it a night I look at the watch, it has been 2 hours since all this has been happening, we call it a night, but I knew the night was not going to end this soon.

To be continued…..

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