Brother Gets Anal Pleasure – Part II

This is the continuation of my story please read the part I first see the link below:

When I returned to the hallroom, brother was already sleeping. I was relieved. I didnt have to face the uncomfortable questions in my head. This never happened. Even if it did, it was a one off incident. Maybe it happens to everyone. Its possibly just curiousity and lot of excuses was made in my mind and everything was justified to me.

Then I closed my eyes and went to sleep in the middle of the night, I felt a hand on my thigh. I was in half sleep, so I woke up with a start. I got very astonished to see my brother pretending to sleep right next to me, in my bed at least, his eyes were closed. I didnt know what to do. My head was dizzy and my dick was getting erect. It was as if all the blood from my brain had flown to my dick instead.

So, mind stopped, dick started and I lied down again and waited. He didnt move, at all. I moved closer to him. He was sleeping on his back. I was sleeping on my back too. I lifted my right leg and kept it on his left. He didint move. So, I turned towards him. His eyes were still shut. I lifted my head on my right hand and placed my left hand on his tummy and no movement still.

I fingered his belly button and stroked his belly. He didnt move for a while. I could feel his goosebumps following my finger. It was as if they were chasing after it. I felt his tummy twitch and get tense and relax alternately. In less than a minute, he couldnt take it any longer and turned and wrapped his arms around me. He wrapped his right leg around my knees and hid his head in my chest.

I clutched him closer and joined in lust, we started grinding. He also started kissing my hairy chest and sucking my nipples. His hands were roaming freely on my back and my shoulders. My hands were busy kneading his buns. They were really soft but firm and very smooth. He is a little dark, so his skin is chocolate colored. It shines in the dark. His buns looked shiny pieces in a cake shop.

I pushed him away and pushed him chest down on the bed and started sucking and squeezing his buns. I started biting it and taking as much of his bun as possible in my mouth. He was getting very aroused and he was trying hard to move and make me stop, but I wasnt letting him after I got satisfied of eating his juicy soft buns, He turned around to face me. He wrapped his legs around my waist and pulled me closer.

I saw his boobs and nipples and couldnt stop myself. I quickly started squeezing his boobs. I held his nipples and rolled them between my thumb and finger. Then I put my mouth on his boobs and alternately sucked both his nipples, tried to suck the whole boob in one go. He was going mad. He twisted to one side and grabbed my dick and started pulling it.

I looked at him and understood. I turned around so my dick was towards his face and started licking his belly button and squeezing his love handles. Thats when my attention went to his dick. It was a small one, smaller than my thumb and not as hard as my ‘rock on was. It had very liitle hair at the base and hardly any hair on the balls. Suddenly I felt something really cold and really wet on my dick.

I raised myself up on my arms and looked under. He was licking my dick. When he saw that I was looking, he started getting up. I got up too. He held my hand and stood up and started pulling me towards the sofa cum bed. He made me sit on the bed and then sat on the floor and then held my dick with his hand. Then he started stroking it with one hand and with the others, he was gently fondling my balls.

Then he kissed my dick all over. Towards the base, he opened his mouth and licked my dick from base to the tip. This he did from all sides. Then he licked the tip and forced his tongue inside the skin and rolled it around. Then he pulled the skin down and licked the naked head. He started swallowing the whole of my dick till it was completely inside his mouth.

I could feel the tip going inside his throat. He gagged and quickly withdrew. He then took my balls in his mouth and sucked them one by one. He kept doing this till I couldnt take it any longer and pushed his head away as I was about to come. When he saw the cum starting to come out, he quickly pushed his mouth on my dick and started sucking it off. He cleaned off every single drop.

He kept licking and cleaning my dick with his tongue till I was hard again. He then got up and looked me in the eyes. His eyes said he wanted something. I had no idea what he wanted and we kept staring into each others eyes for a good minute. Then, I understood automatically. I stood up and pulled him up. Continued in Brother gets Anal Pleasure III and tight ass is right holes.