Turned The Driver Gay Part VI

I am in the centre and Sonu and Lucky are on my either sides, Lucky’s first full blown sexual experience, and Sonu’s first threesome experience, I can see 2 hunky Sardars sleeping soundly besides me and I did not know when it became morning as we were pretty tired from the other nights escapades, this was supposedly my last day here and we would have to leave tomorrow back to Delhi.

My heart sank at the thought of losing the company of my 2 splendid hunks who have found their new found fame and likening in the world of gay sex. It becomes morning and we all wake up and I have guessed that they both have realized that this is our last day here, but work calls and we all slip into the shower and I end up giving blow jobs to Sonu and Lucky, we get ready.

I have asked Lucky to accompany us for the entire day and keep Sonu Company till the time I finish my work. We head to the restaurant and have breakfast I can see Lucky and Sonu still shy about eating at the same table as me, but they manage somehow and we head to the office, after completing the day’s work I learn that we might need to be here another 3 days and a smile breaks my face, I head to the car and do not tell the guys that we have another 3 days here, in turn.

I ask them that what will they do once we go back tomorrow and make them even sadder, I tell them that I will take them to the best of restaurant and we will have fun today night & celebrate our last day lavishly, they both refuse and tell me that they want to go to the hotel and spend time with me. I see their sad faces and break the news that we have to be here for another 3-4 days and those both jump with joy and their happiness is beyond description.

I am looking forwards to Sex exciting nights with these 2 sardars for the next few days. We head to the hotel and I have asked Lucky to stay the rest of the 3 days with us only and I will pay him his compensation that he is getting driving for the other people back in town, he readily agrees and we get to the hotel, the 2 of them are in giggles and cannot still get to terms that we r going to be together for another 3 nights at least, I tell them to get ready and we head into town to a good restaurant.

It was my treat for dinner to them, we again strip and they both push me back and Lucky takes the lead and sucks my dick while Sonu gets to my lips and says thanks. Lucky busy with my cock and it gets erect and is throbbing, I ask the guys to strip each other and do it slowly and then kiss and get each other erect. They both start by taking off their turbans and putting it aside with respect, then they both go in for a kiss, 2 hunks making out in front of me is making me hot and horny as hell.

They then take off each other’s shirt and Lucky with his new found knowledge of pleasuring a man goes on to suck Sonu’s nipples, he is biting them and playing with them and kissing and sucking them, Sonu is making pleasurable sounds and is enjoying, he turns towards me and smiles and blows a flying kiss to me.I have taken my cock out and am playing with it, I am all wet and it is leaking pre cum, then Lucky moves to take off Sonu’s pants and undies and he removes them.

Sonu’s throbbing monster is at its peak, I can see all the veins on it and is waiting for attention, Lucky then kisses Sonu and then proceeds to lick him from the top of his chest till his belly button and then puts his tongue in the belly button and plays with his belly button. Sonu is making all sorts of noises and it is turning me on, but I decide to watch this time and let these 2 hunks make out in front of me.

Lucky is playing with Sonu’s belly button and also holding his throbbing monster, he lets go of the belly button and moves on to devouring Sonu’s thick uncut cock, Lucky has learnt fast and is giving Sonu a perfect blowjob. I ask Lucky to also strip and go in to a 69 with Sonu, he does as he is told and then he goes into a 69 with Sonu, seeing this is just plain simple erotic, 2 sardars making out, they suck each other till them cum and they both swallow and do not waste anything.

They both fall on the bed besides me and tell me that as I have not cum, they both get on either side of my cock and at the same time start to kiss and suck it, I feel like I am in heaven, Sonu in the mean time inserts his finger in my asshole and starts to play with it. I bring out a deep ahhhhh and Lucky immediately kisses my lips, Sonu moves on to sucking my cock.

I tell him I am about to cum and he starts to suck a lot faster, I erupt globs and globs of thick cum starts to fall of my cock, Lucky leaves my lips and starts to eat my cum, from m stomach, Sonu in the mean time licks my cock dry of any leftover cum and we rest for some time and then get ready to go into town, we eat at a lavish restaurant and these 2 guys are still adamant about me paying for their expenses, but I let the wind take that thought away and have a good time drinking and eating.

We order almost all types of food we could eat and many drinks. The bill was settled and we roam around the town and I do a little bit of shopping for Sonu and Lucky, we buy new jeans and t-shirts and new cold weather jackets as it gets really cold in the north, also we buy new shoes. I can see that these 2 are having fun and also know that they have not met any1 that have taken so much care of them.

We have a good time and the last stop we make in the city at a nice ice cream parlor and eat to our hearts content, I am left alone for a few minutes and they both tell me to stay where I was as they were going to pick up something for me in return of my hospitality, love and affection I have shown them, I tell them not to get anything expensive as I will not accept it.

They return with a small gift wrapped packet and give it to me with smiling faces. I try to open it and they refuse me to do so and ask me to open it when I am alone and not when they are around, I obey their wish and agree to open it when I am alone. We decide to head back to the car as the town was closing and it was getting late and starting to get really cold.

We get to the car and Sonu takes it out and switches on the heater, the ride is pretty uneventful with me in the back and Sonu and Lucky in the front seat. We return to the hotel and then crash into bed, switch on some TV and watch a action flick running on it, I order some coffee and light snacks for us, the night had just began and I knew it was going to be a long 1. To be continued comments and Suggestions will be appreciated email still remains the same / /