A Family Of Sluts Part I Gay Brothers

My name is Sameer, this is the story of me, my sister Lakshmi and our cousin brother Gopal. Lakshmi is 3 years elder than me and Gopal is 1 year elder than me. Gopal is a very good boy and everyone likes him for his cuteness. We both were very good friends from childhood. When I am 8 years old we started loving each other. It is the most beautiful day in my life, when I am watching TV lying on sofa, suddenly Gopal came and slept on my back and started to rub his dick on my butt, he did like that for some time and started kissing me, when I asked what he is doing, he slowly told in my ear that he is loving (fucking) me. He asked me to get up and lay on sofa on my back and he climbed on me, started kissing on my lips while holding my head with his hands, said to open my lips and started sucking my lips, keeping his tongue in my mouth, spiting in my mouth and ask me to swallow it. Then while kissing he slowly opened my shorts, when I asked what he is doing he replied we will love each other, and asked me do you love me or not, I replied I love you very much, then he said do what I say if you really love me, it will feel very good and you will like doing it regularly and this is nothing but expressing our love to each other which will make our love stronger. So I agreed to do whatever he wants me to do.

He then took his cock in hand and said to catch my cock in my hand, he stared to kiss my cock with his cock, push the skin backwards and kiss with the tips of cocks. Then place both cocks together and started moving hips while kissing each other after doing like this for sometime he use to make fast movements and finally presses for some time and gets up, but I don’t use to understand what is happening. I only use to do what he wants me to do. He used to do this regularly and I was also addicted to do it. Some days later Gopal went to some other place. And I missed Gopal very much. When Gopal comes for holidays we used to spend our time in loving. We both used to sleep on the same bed, do it in the night and early morning. We have a very good relation with each other. When we see some movie he calls me with heroin name and I call him with hero name and we say romantic dialogues and start loving.

Gopal came back and used to live with us. Me and my sister Lakshmi we both live in same room. She is a very good sister, she is very close with me and shares everything and like me very much, I too like her very much. Now Gopal is also in our room. We have two single beds and Gopal used to sleep on my bed and we used to love every night. In our room we have a TV and CD player in the night we used to watch TV or some movie and go to bed. When some romantic scene or song comes my sister wants me to change the channel or forward it but Gopal want to see them and I use to keep them.

One day when nobody is there in house Gopal brought a CD. He asked me to wear my sister’s cloths he selected and helped me in wearing them, rolled some papers and kept in bra so I can have boobs, applied makeup so I can look like girl. He is calling me Lakshmi and he started the movie and wants me to strip like in movie, I tried my best he is enjoying sitting on sofa, now I am in my sisters bra and panty with paper boobs, shaking my ass round near his cock. Then the girl in the movie took his cock out and started sucking it, he wants me to do the same, On my knees and he is sitting on sofa I removed his pants, took his cock out holding it with two hands kept it in my mouth. It smelled bad and taste was also not good, so I rejected to do that. Then he said come on Lakshmi you can do it and prove how much you love me, then I started sucking, after that I started loving it, I pushed his fore skin completely back so I can suck his true cock. After some time he stopped me to suck and again make me suck and finally took his cock of my mouth and showered his cum on my face like in the movie. And let me suck, so I can taste the last drop.

Like this he made me to suck his cock. And I used to suck his cock from then every day. And I was addicted to his cock and its cum. I used to swallow all his loads and make him proud. From then when I started swallowing his loads he stopped kissing me and he used me only for sucking his cock. As I was also addicted to his spit I used to ask him to kiss me but he never kissed me and when I asked him I want his spit he used to spit into my mouth but never kissed. Sometimes he spits mucous on to the ground and asks me to lick it slowly became addicted to it. One day when I was sucking his cock he kept my face at his asshole and gave me a surprising fart. He made me smell it and lick his asshole. From then he used to give me fart gifts and I became fan of them. One day when I am licking his asshole he suddenly farted and some matter also came with it into my mouth, I showed it to him and he wanted me to enjoy its taste for some time and swallow it and I did it.

We do not have an attached bathroom in our room, and we were afraid to go out for toilet so we used to keep a jug in our room for pissing in it, one day Gopal wants to piss in the middle of the night but the jug was already filled so he wake me up and kept his cock in my mouth and asked me to swallow and he slowly pissed in my mouth and I swallowed it, gave a blowjob and slept. From that day I was like Gopals personal toilet whatever he wants he used to do in me. If wants to spit he calls me spits in my hands and I swallow, he fart in my mouth, piss in my mouth, and does everything in my mouth.
One day Gopal said to me that he is in love with my sister, and wanted me to unite them so they can love eachother. I promised to do this because I know the taste of his love and I want to give this taste to my sister also. Gopal said that he is in love with her from so many days.

He said that he used to see her from a hole when she is bathing and he also saw her many times when she changing clothes. As we three live in same room if my sister wants to change clothes she asks us to close eyes and changes her clothes but Gopal used to see her at that time. And in the night if anyone wants to piss we piss in a jug and mostly my sister used to do every day and at that time also Gopal used to see her. And now he wants me to make arrangement to join two beds so my sister will get nearer to him in night. I said I will do it but I was not able to do that on that day, then Gopal wake me up in the night just before the time my sister wakes for pissing and said to me watch her, I first time saw my sister pissing, and after she gone to bed Gopal brought that jug near me and show me her piss and drank all her piss and said he can do anything for her and showed me how much he love her. Then I decided to unite them.