Old Gay Men Fucked Me Part I

Hi my name is Abhijeet and this happened to me when I was 19 years old. My parents and I used to live in Mumbai and we had a another flat which we decided to rent it out. The person who took it was an old man Kumar who was 67 years old as he was alone his son requested us to look after him and he even paid money to my parents for that.

My mother told me that I had to go every evening to evening to visit Mr Kumar and spend some time with him soon I was visiting him daily and we became best of friends. One day he opened up the topic of sex with me and told me that young people like me were misinformed about it and had to learn some experience from elder people.

He asked my opinion on gay sex and I said that it was okay and even I was curious about it. Kumar uncle then told me that after his wife died his sexual preferences had changed. He found young boys like me sexy and exciting as he was saying this he kept his hand on my thighs. I could feel my penis becoming hard encouraged by this he started sliding his hand inside my jeans searching for my cock.

My undies had got wet and my penis was protruding in it and his fingers greedily grabbed my cock and started caressing them. I was becoming excited and I too started feeling for his cock in his pajamas Do you want to continue this in the bedroom? He asked me and my lusty eyes said yes to him in the bedroom he was tugging away at my jeans like an animal.

I unzipped and took off my T-shirt when he saw my cock bulging in my undies he dug his nails into my undies and tore it. I was now naked in front of him. My slim 5 feet 11 inches body with its penis dangling down made him crazy. I then bent down and untied his kurtas when his kurta fell down I gasped pointing at me was a massive 10” inch cock. I held it in my hands and started to caress it.

Its large bulbous head was really big and I started to lick it. I could taste the pre cum and Kumar uncle was enjoying it as his pre cum was oozing into my mouth. He then held my head and pushed his cock deep inside my mouth. I could feel his cock at the back rubbing at the insides of my throat. My saliva was giving him great pleasure. He then released my head and I started sucking his cock even more furiously and soon he started cuming all over me.

His hot cum was really nice and my whole face was covered with it. He then pushed me on the bed and spread my legs wide apart. He then started feeling my anal opening with his fingers and then plunged his two fingers into my anus. I became totally horny and begged him not to stop. He was moving his fingers in and out of my anus and then he started licking it.

His tongue went pretty deep into my anus and was making it totally wet. He then got up and I could see that his cock was ready for another round of fucking. He first rubbed his penis on my anal opening and then started to insert it in but to my disappointment he stopped over there only. Do you want me to fuck you? Kumar uncle said yes uncle fuck me please I want you to fill me with your virile seed and I said out loud.

His penis was driving me crazy and I wanted him to fuck me hard then you will have to say it out loud because young whores like you should demand a good fuck from us and pease fuck me uncle please. He then slid his cock deep into my anus and it felt like a hot steel rod. He then started to increase his speed slowly and was soon ramming it hard down my ass. His penis was touching places that I didnt even know existed.

He then bent over while fucking my ass and started kissing me and exploring my mouth with his tongue. I too licked his mouth with my tongue and both are tongues wrestled with each other. I then wrapped my legs around his hips and suddenly he got up lifted me so that my entire body was balanced with his cock deep inside my anus. He then furiously started to ram my ass

I felt my cum spilling out a bit and he then put me on the bed with his penis till in my asshole and increased his speed. I too lifted my ass to start to constrict my anus to give some friction then Kunal Uncle started moaning loudly and I knew he was going to cum soon I could feel his penis throbbing in me and he started shooting his cum. He must have cum a lot because all cum started to flow out of my ass.

I was making the bed wet he then lay on me for some time kissing my nipples and biting at them. We then went to sleep in the same position and after some time when I got up I saw him standing in front of me. I got up and I saw that he was getting ready to fuck me but suddenly he started raining his piss on me and the warm golden fluid drenched me. I was totally amazed by this and I felt good.

Kunal uncle was smiling you really liked it doesnt you? He then lay down on the bed and told me to suck his penis while he sucked mine by keeping his head in between my legs. I found this position totally horny and started sucking his cock vigorously. Kumar uncle was also giving me a very good blowjob. He then got up and made me lie down on the floor. He then lifted my lower body and inserted his penis in my anus and started pumping me.

I could feel his penis vibrating inside me and just as he was going to give me a cream pie the bell rang. I quickly got up scared that it was my mom and even Kumar uncle was tensed and he quickly pulled on his pajamas and went to see who was it was the delivery boy from the Kirana shop. He gave Kumar uncle a bottle of milk and honey and went away.

Kumar uncle came in smiling and I knew what he was going to do. He opened the bottle of milk and poured it all over my slim body soaking me and making me even hornier. He then opened the honey bottle and pored honey over my ass and my rock hard cock soon he was licking every inch of my body after licking me dry he started to rub his penis over my anal opening.

Soon he was humping me like a beast and I constricted my anus tightly over his penis and he unloaded all his cum in my anus. I could feel his hot cum soaking my insides. I got up and used the bathroom. I dressed up and kissed goodbye to Kumar uncle. I knew that I was going to have such gay sex a lot in the future.