Great Time With Chat Friend Varun

Hi guys, Im Harish, 5.11 height, average muscular, working in call centre from Chennai. I have been reading the ISS stories for long time and love all the stories and especially the gay section is so good. So, coming to the story and I had sex with my office collegue and I became addicted to gay sex.

I asked him to stay with me as a roommate as he travel from long distance to office and mine is very near. We do sex for almost all the days before bed and after bed. He wakes me with his lips on my cock on some days. Two months back he went to his native place as he got some family issue going on there and need to be there till then.

Since he left I feel loneliness and hungry for sex so bad. I became a member with gay website and also became member for some gay community from social network. There I had chat with many guys and shared each other experience and had some chit chats about sex. One day, I chatted with a guy named Varun.

I liked this guy in first chat and shared pictures. We chatted for about a week and became daily habit to chat with him. I told him that we are chatting for long time and should meet. He said that he is busy with his work but he can meet me in weekends. Im so happy to hear that as it is my convenient time too.

I asked him to come to my place and shared address and mobile numbers. There was 2 days to go for Saturday. It was like a long period for me as it became long time since I had fuck with my man. There will be only few orders for Friday and the day will end soon normally. So, I left the office and went to my room by rash drive.

I freshened up myself by taking bath and shaved some hairs from my public and from body. I wore my shorts without boxer and vest. I waited for him long time became bored and called him to know where he is. He said that he got some job with cousin and now returning to my home but he had hard time to find my location.

I suggested him to wait on some landmark and will come there to pick him up. He agreed. I dressed with T-shirt but did not change the shorts. I ride my bike to the landmark he mentioned. I reached there and asked him to sit back on the way, he said sorry for letting me wait for long time because of his personal work. I told him thats okay and had normal chat.

Later he placed his hand on stomach and hugged me tight and slowly explored my body by moving his hand to my chest with his both hand and pressed hard. I smiled him back and asked him to wait till we reach the home.

He said that he cant wait to explore my body as this is his first time and want to feel me, then slowly he lowered his hand down and placed his hand on my crouch. I feel so good and my little brother began to raise and became hard and at the same time.

I feel his hardness of his dick in my back. He smooched my neck and feel like to stop the bike and fuck him right now on the road but I controlled myself and reached my home. I kissed him back and asked him to get down and go to my house.

I unlocked the door and invited him in and asked him if he need anything to drink. He said he dont want anything but me and locked the door. He hugged me and kissed my neck and smooched me for some time that explains him how he hungry for sex.

He pulled my hand up and removed my t-shirt and kissed me hard. We explored each other mouth with our tongues; I bit his lips due to excitement then I unbuttoned his shirt by kissing him slowly and throw away the shirt. Wow what a chest, even he is not a gym guy, he got beautiful chest and nice nipples.

I immediately get down and sucked his nipples so hard and crushed his other chest with hand He moaned a lot and said I have been dreaming for this day all night. I sucked the other nipples, he pressed my head against his chest and said cum on, drink my milk. I sucked his nipples for some time and then come down and licked his stomach and his birthmark for some time.

Then I unzipped his jean and pulled it down to his feet. He wore a red boxer which holds my toys and it is perfect match for his colour. He looks so sexy and I was amused by his big dick around 7 inches and big balls. I placed my hand on the boxer and felt hardness and slowly sucked his dick over boxer and balls for some time.

The boxer became wet by my saliva and looks wet over his dick and balls alone makes a perfect scene. Slowly I removed his boxed and released his huge dick and balls which is already oozing pre cum. Im so excited to see that and lick his cum slowly. I got hold of his dick and shake it to and fro, then licked it, sucked it, till I get my favourite juice.

I think he became horny as he pressed my head over his dick and fucked me in my mouth. I liked his action, so I became free toy for his action. This continued for some time and I came to know he is going to cum then he hold my head for moment and pushed his dick deep in my throat and cum in my mouth with loud moan.

I feel his cum is flowing over my throat. I swallowed all of it but still his dick is in my mouth who wants to ask him to take his dick out. I liked the feeling. Soon he regained his consciousness and slowly removed his dick. He pushed my up and kissed me passionately and thanked me for the blowjob. I said that we have lot more actions to do.

He said yes and hugged me hard holding my back. I led him to the bedroom where he pushed me on the bed and removed my short. My hard cock spangled out, he amazed to see my dick as it more thickly than his dick even it is bigger than him. He said that I have beautiful cock and I smiled back.

By saying that, he sucked my dick like a bitch and take it in his mouth and made to and fro action with his head then he sucked my balls and cupped my dick. He came in between my legs and open my legs wider and licked below my balls which is so sensitive.

I was feeling so good and let out a moan when he licked below my balls. He did for some time and come back to my dick and sucked me so hard and came over me and crushed my toned chest and sucked my other nipple. I feel like a heaven and my man is sucking me like a pro and it feels so great.

I let out a moan when he bit me on the nipple. He came over me and kissed me hard. He lay on me and kissed me like hell I placed my hand on his head, pressed hard against me and sucked each other lips and tongues for some time. The he said that I want to get fuck from me, I said that I love to and I lay on bed facing ceiling he placed his legs either side of me

And lowered his ass over my dick facing me and wow. I love the sight. I held my dick as he lowered his ass my dick slowly entered in his asshole. He shouted ahhhh loudly as this was his first fuck. He tried to get up because of the pain. I stopped him and asked where he going. He said its paining too much.

I said that it will pain for a little bit but later he will enjoy it but he still scared of pain in his ass. I got up and went to kitchen, took a bottle of oil and came to bedroom. I asked him to lay down and poured some oil in his asshole and had some oil in hand and rubbed it over my dick then I laid on the bed and asked him to go ahead now.

He came to the old position and lowered his ass over my dick. Now it went easily into his asshole but he still shouting in pain but now he didnt get up but want to get fuck from me. Slowly, he enjoyed the pleasure and now the shout for pain changed to shout for pleasure oouuuuuuuuhhh. The room filled with moans and his dick slapping on my stomach. His dick and balls are bouncing to the rhythm of fuck.

Wow, man what a scene you guys should try this. Wow it feels so good. He jumped for around 10-15 min, and then I feel I going to cum. I let out a moan when I cum inside his ass. He still jumping over me and saw my cum flowing over his ass and giving a cum bath to my dick. I pulled him to me and kissed him passionately.

I asked him do you love this fuck. He said that he loves me and he was satisfied with the pleasure I gave him and want to continue the relation last long. I said, sure dear and pulled him beside me and caress his body. By the time, me dick became hard again. He got down and sucked it and our session continued entire day.

Nowadays he was getting fuck by me every weekend and we tried several position like fucking from top, stand fuck, fucking him holding in my arms, and more positions. If you guys, enjoyed my story, please feel free to mail me at / /