Becoming A Sex Slave

Hi friends, this is Ram from Tamilnadu. I am 25 years old now but when this incident happened I was 23 years old. I am an average looking guy 180 cm height little dark skinned with boobs like chest and 8 inch uncut cock.

I was doing my internship when this happened. I had a new roommate when this happened his name was Anil, though we both were not best friends or anything, we used to get along well 3 months after internship started.

We both were watching basic instinct 2 in laptop in our room. I was wearing a shorts and t shirt and Anil was wearing a boxers. I started having an erection when things got hot in the movie as I was lying on my stomach Anil couldnt see it and when I turned to my right.

I was shocked to see Anil he was too much involved in the movie and I could see his 9inch cut cock with the outline of his head and shaft then I turned around as if I didnt see anything then I told Anil I am feeling sleepy and I lay down properly on back with my cock half erect which could be made out

I was not wearing anything under my shorts. I told Anil to switch of the lights and watch the movie. After some ten min I heard some sound near the door, I opened my eyes saw Anil locking the door. I thought he was also going to sleep and left it.

He came and slept next to me and after few min I could feel his hands over my boobs and he placed his legs directly over cock which made my cock to suddenly pulsate. I did not know what to do and I was just lying there and he started moving his leg in such a way that his knee was pressing my cock hard.

This went on for few min and after that suddenly he kept his hands directly over my dick over my shorts. I couldnt control and cock started to get hard. He then started placing his hand inside my shorts and started to jerk me hard and cum in five min and I cum in my shorts itself.

Next day morning and when I told him he started teasing me innocently that I should have jerked myself thinking about Sharon stone. This went on for 6 six months him jerking me thinking that I am asleep. One month before we completed internship on a Sunday when.

I was taking bath at ten in the morning Anil started banging the bathroom door hardly. I thought some emergency and I wore a towel and opened the door. I saw him standing nude with his cock fully erect and his head looked amazing. I was shocked and asked him was happened.

He coolly said I want to fuck you and I was stunned and I dint know what to reply and was just standing there. He entered the bathroom and kissed me on my lips and was rough. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and was playing with his tongue and we were exchanging saliva.

All this made me lose my inhibitions and I started having an hard on which stated poking his pelvis and he removed my towel and he held my cock and pressing it hard which made shed tears while pressing my cock he said” motherfucker how dare you act when I am jerking you will pay for that then

We both went under the shower and he asked me to kneel down before him and his cock head was in front of my lips and he asked me to take it in when I refused he gave a hard slap and I opened my mouth and he stuffed it inside my mouth.

His head hit my throat and was feeling like vomiting but he held my head tightly and was mouth fucking me he was fucking me for ten min and the he cum inside me and made sure that I swallowed it completely then he got up and asked me to get a lignocaine gel and proctoscope from my shelf.

I went and got it. He made me lie on the bathroom floor and he made me raise my ass up, he applied gel over my asshole and pushed in his index finger and finger fucking me hardly and I started to cry and he stopped and he got up.

He got his used underwear and stuffed it in my mouth and he inserted his middle and index finger into my hole, he was finger fucking for ten and then he took the proctoscopy applied gel over it and inserted in inside my asshole and I was literally crying.

I took out the underwear from my mouth and was begging him to stop but he spanked me hardly ten times and said if you dont stuff your mouth again with my innerwear I wont stop spanking and so I kept his innerwear inside my mouth.

He took out the proctoscopy and was applying gel to his cock head and before I could realize he pushed his almost 5 inches inside me and it was excruciating and I was crying profusely without leaving any time to breath

He was fucking the shit out of me for 15 to 20 min in the same position and when he was about to cum he took out his cock and made me get on top of him, this time and I was not feeling that much pain and it went in smoothly. He told me to masturbate so that I can cum when he cum inside me.

I was jerking my cock hardly and I cum in 5 min I collected it in my hand and I was ordered to swallow it which I obeyed after this he got up asked my clean him up and apply soap and bath him which I did after.

I cleaned him he asked to kneel down I thought he was going to again mouth fuck me, but to my surprise he urinated over my face, boobs and abdomen. He ordered me to lick my boobs.

I just saw him for few sec after which he gave a hard slap and I licked it clean. He said take bath fast and come out. I was him slave for next one month and he never made me wear any clothes when we were in room alone.

I bathed him, used to clean his innerwear, gave him a massage etc after internship I never saw him and had no contact with him but till this day I have never had any exp with anyone else and I dont know why I let him dominate like that for one month. Sorry this is my first attempt in writing story. Mail me to / /