Swept Into An Eternal Love Trap

Hi friends, my name are Karan and I am from Mumbai. Now I am 35y old. I am 56, slim frame but not skinny, average colour, an athletic body and flat tummy. I have a smooth chest.

My hair is soft and flowery. Guys say I have nice piercing eyes and a sweet smile which light up my face. I always looked younger than my age. I was straight acting and not sissy.

Since childhood, I was aware about my sexual orientation, though never comfortable with myself. I was confused neither had the courage to come out nor could correct my orientation. So, I maintained a low profile and became very reserved.

I had shagged a few guys before but never had actual sex until I was 25. This is the almost the real narration of how love broke into my life. Those days, I decided to start hunting again for a partner and possibly a lover. I used to chat on yahu to find probable suitors.

The first couple of finds were disastrous. The first guy was okay. Neither of us had a place, so it didnt go any further. The second guy I met was from a rich family but over next few meets and I realised that he was just a showpiece.

He only seemed to be interested in seeking my company for his shopping sprees love did not seem to be his priority and though I was meeting him occasionally in the hope that we could share some better times suddenly my life was about to take a drastic turn.

One night I found myself chatting to this guy on yahoo. We hit off straight away and felt good chatting with each other. He said his name was Vikram, 28y old from Chembur. Vikram told me that he had been around on the scene for a couple of years and been through everything but had not found his type of guy.

I showed him my pictures which he seemed to have be okay with. He had nothing to show me, neither cam nor picture. He never shared his pictures on chat but assured me that he was not repulsive. From the description and I sketched him in my mind and found him to be okay in any case.

I wasnt looking for some self-professed gym toned model guy. I didnt mind to discount the looks for certain other traits like sound background, mannerism and sex appeal. Vikram was an extrovert and I was the opposite. He made me open up and talk.

I always had a liking for such type of guys. We were eager to know minutes details about each other. We discussed everything about ourselves, our likes, expectations, et al. I told him about my dry boring sex life and that I was a virgin.

I never had real with anyone yet since I had not found anyone. I also told him about my apprehensions about the pain in anal sex. Our chat had now reached a stage that even a few seconds delay in reply from his side would seem years of silence so terrible and intolerable.

An anxiety would creep into my mind that someone else on the chat would have seek better attention then and I commit a blunder and I voluntarily gave him my cell no. Being a newbie and I was bit apprehensive later.

He chucked ha ha, thanks! I asked him for his no. but every time he shrewdly brushed it aside. When I pressed him for his no, he just retorted saying. I did not ask your number in the first case. You parted it voluntarily its too early for me to share mine.

I had fooled myself such a tease bastard. He was then quick to type “B R B”. I thought this was the end I was back at my desk after few minutes but he hadnt responded no msg. A Lull 15, 20, 25, 30 minutes blank and my buzzes passed every single minute no reply!

I thought, no this cant end like this. Was it a joke? Such a cruel joke and I opened up to this guy completely, showed him my pictures, gave him my no. and look what I got in return absolutely nothing just rejection.

Disgusted and embarrassed, I stay still thinking as to what might have gone wrong. We were almost hooked up then the dark silence was broken by something familiar.

I was in such a rage that it took me few seconds to realise what it was. I looked towards it angrily. I eventually took it hi, babe, its me Vikram. The butter melted in no time and bet he was a PRO at cajoling.

Our conversation went on for a long time. He said I was as innocent as a lamb. I then came to know, that he had tried a prank on me but he apologised repeatedly and told me that he could make up for this the next day.

He asked me to meet up at Chembur at 3 PM. Since it was to be a Saturday, we both werent working. I got down at Diamond Garden and started walking as directed. I watched along the street but there was not a single creature there, the street was empty, just few cars parked alongside.

I cursed please I am in no mood for more pranks. Suddenly, I sensed something hold my hand firmly from behind. What was it? Not a single word, just a big smile. I made eye contact with Vikram seems good.

Did I stare at him? Dont know but there was a slight smile on my face. He guided me to his swanky Esteem in those days, Esteem was supposed to be swanky. I was impressed.

We drove off and quickly touched the Eastern Express Highway in the rainy season the open expanse was lush green and the breeze was refreshing. We talked and talked. Vikram was very impressive, great poise and carried himself very well. He was very polite and yet assertive.

He had a long face, big fore head, finely cropped hair, prominent eyes and thick eyebrows. He had well defined facial features. There was a scar which ran slant through his right eyebrow. His face had few old pimple scars which enhanced his appeal.

His lips were hmmm, luscious and delicious. Vikram kept stubble which was uniform and well trimmed. His voice was husky and very masculine which I liked the most. He was probably 59″, medium colour a shade or two darker than me.

He had worn a white full sleeve shirt which fitted him well and carbon blue straight fit jeans. The jeans had a good fall over his long artistic legs. His body was athletic but not exactly gym toned. I noticed that he had a strong waist and fairly flat tummy.

His top button was open and I could notice that he had a hairy chest. His attitude and style made him look even better. I developed an instant liking for this man.

I was nervous, shy and yet happy to meet him. I was behaving like an Indian bride on her wedding night eager yet indrawn. Once we were on the straight stretch of the road, all of a sudden he held my hand and started feeling it and pressed it lightly.

His skin was rough and his grip exuded confidence. I felt a surge in my heart. I liked the feel of his palm. He then put our hands on the gear and we manoeuvred the car together. He then placed a small peck on my cheeks and asked me if I was okay with him. I replied affirmatively.

He asked me if I had any time restriction as he could plan the day likewise. I said, I was free for the day and had no other plans. His face turned red in excitement. Would you like to be my guest?

Dumb as I was, I asked him what he meant. He laughed on my naivete and told me that he was alone at home. I didnt answer and there was a silence.

Few minutes passed but still there was complete silence. I evaded eye contact with him, though I would steal glances at intervals to scan his face and strong body. He sensed something and put his hand on my thigh and touched my crouch lightly.

I moaned lightly and he smiled. He probably didnt need my answer as he swirled the car to a U-turn and we headed to his home. Would you like to drink something?

I dont mind a beer and some quick bites. We collected some beer cans on the way and some snacks. Please sit and be comfortable. I will join you in just a while and then he went inside. I glanced around his living room. It was spacious with white velvet painted walls.

Bright sunlight came in as the curtains were not drawn. There were 2 cozy sitting areas, one for large group and another small and more personal one. There was an assortment of decorations ranging from lamps, antique metal show pieces, few big and small paintings and some pottery.

It wasnt cluttered but well distributed creating several small niches. There was a small terrace balcony adjoining the living room. This guy was super rich and yet so sober. Hmm kewl, dude and I said as I screened him head to toe as he stood in front of me in his T-shirt and sport shorts.

Man, he was amazing, well defined, strong hairy limbs muscular thighs, long legs, nicely etched calf muscles and slender feet. His waist was about 34″ broad. He winked, came close and held my face in his palms and rubbed his nose on mine.

You are good in every angle as he held my hip, turned me by my waist and scanned my front and back. I said nothing as I was so shy. It was my first real meet. I was nervous but happy. He probably could sense that.

He gave a small pat on my bottom and said why you dont make yourself comfortable too. I have got a pair of shorts and a tee and I agreed and he guided me to the guest room attached to the living room.

By the time I was back, fresh after a face wash and change over, the entire scene in the living room had changed. The curtains were drawn out, the room was lit with dim mood lights and a soft instrumental music filled the air.

The centre table was neatly arranged with snacks, cashew nuts and 2 mugs filled with chilled frothy beer seated on the coasters. Cheers to Karan and Vikram!

Luckily, I uttered loudly cheers and I complemented him for his lovely house. I told him that he was rich and could find anyone much better than me.

He slapped my face lightly and said that he was content with his find A sweet, shy, trustworthy and honest friend. I blushed. I started feeling very comfortable as if we were bum-chums.

Then as we sat on the couch sipping on the beer and enjoying the snacks, I grew little bolder. I propped why are you sitting so far away?

He was taken aback may be wondering how I gathered the courage to say that. He smiled and sat close to me maintaining contact sideways but just that.

Few more sips and I was getting charged up. My hand started wandering on his thigh feeling his taut muscles. He just smiled in appreciation..I then started tickling his face and ear lobes with my fingers and placed a small peck on his face.

He pulled me hard, my head landing on his lap. He placed his lips on mine. I placed my hands behind his neck and started caressing his hair. My mouth opened invitingly and without any delay we were locked in an intense passionate kiss.

His lips sucking on mine and mine on his. His tongue explored my mouth like a vagabond. His saliva dripping into my mouth, I accepted it readily. He tasted so good. It must have been ages that we kissed on. When I tried to pull away, he pulled me closer, even tighter and we remained locked.

As we parted, we planted synchronised pecks after pecks while our gazes remained transfixed. Was it to say we have approved each other?

We parted and hugged, our chests pressing. Our love embrace got tighter and tighter as if we wished to merge our two bodies into one. He kissed me everywhere on my neck, nape, face, eyes, nose, just wherever he could.

I wanted to kiss the moment I saw you. But since you said it was your first meet up, I guessed you would be nervous. So I thought, I should stay calm and give you time to settle down and let you take the initiative.

I am quite shy and take time to open out. But I like you too and now that you have started, I promise to keep it going. We kissed again even more passionately. He was sure I had liked him.

Then, he signalled me with his eyes and a jerk of his head if we could continue it inside. I gestured back my approval and as I was about to get up, he picked me up in his strong arms and said you like it?

I love it naughty boy, just wait, you deserve much more. I was being taxied into his harem and he sucked my ear lobes and gave me a wet lick on my lips. I lost my breath. He lay me gently on the bed and he lay his strong torso on me, pinning me down on the bed.

We were back on a kissing spree, this time it had a wilder tone. His hands started roaming freely feeling my chest, hips and thighs in no time, he took off my shirt and started licking my bare chest and tits. Oh wow, you have a sexy smooth slender body” as he started feeling me everywhere.

Soon we were moaning and our breaths got hotter. He still lay on me and started pressing his hips on my abdomen. The thrusts started getting longer. He then got up and took off his shirt to expose his hairy chest. He was moderately hairy.

The hair made ‘W shaped design on his chest and flowed in outward direction like windswept grass. The hair line then trailed from the centre of his chest in a line down and further below the navel to end somewhere which was beyond my visibility rage then.

His navel was broad and manly. His tits were large about the size of a 2 rupee coin with thick nipples which were erect like mountain peaks by now. There was a flab of fat around his pelvis which made his torso complete.

I had many more surprises in store. He then pulled down his shorts and his bird took off with a spring. My gaze was glued to the sight. A big and thick pole standing in full glory and his member whom he affectionately called ‘Tom was about 7″ or little more.

His mushroom was like a crown about an inch wider than the shaft. I could notice an upward curvature like a banana. His foreskin had slipped back and the mushroom was glistening bloody red. There was a drop of pre-cum on the eye.

His balls were round and big about the size of a tennis ball and hairy. He had trimmed his pubic thin into a triangle. The hair line from his navel ran down to merge into this triangle. This was the most erotic sight I had ever come across. He saw my eyes pop-out.

Wow, you are really gifted.” I admired him gazing each and every nook and corner of his completely nude taut masculine body. Thank you. If you wish, all this can be yours from today”.

I did not utter a word and he slowly removed my shorts and threw it away in the corner. His hand strolled along my waist down to my hips and then over the bulge and down through my inner thighs. My body shuddered by his touch.

He lowered himself down and squeezed my thighs and calf muscles before settling near my feet and swallowed my toes one after the other. He turned me on my tummy and lay over me. His body eclipsed me completely. Kissing, licking and biting me on my back, neck and ear lobes at the same time sliding his Tom in my crack.

He lowered my undies slowly and his fingers trailed through my ass crack. He then spat on my ass hole and tried to push his tip a little inside. I moaned while he continued sliding over my crack. My journey to the heaven had already begun.

I positioned my cock upwards and enjoyed his thrusts as my cock too started sliding on the bed back and forth giving me two way pleasure. I also started gyrating my ass sideways and up and down to meet his thrusts.

It was my turn to return the favour and I lovingly pushed him back. We indulged in a bit of friendly wrestling, till he almost overpowered me and straddled my chest. I could have never matched him in strength and his cock pointing straight towards me and moving up and down to tease me.

I held him tightly, the feel of the warm dick in my hand Vikram gave out a light moan enjoying my sensual touch. I put some saliva on my hand and started rubbing his cock. His cock was really handsome and just the perfect one for me.

Vikram got off and stood on the bed side and signalled me to come and attend to Tom. He had mastery in facial expressions. His eyes were so expressive and sensuous that no words were actually needed.

I squatted on the floor and kissed him on his shaft. Tom was drooling pre cum and I licked just in time before it dripped down to the floor. It was thick, gluey and yet tasty. I tried to get his mushroom inside but it entered with some difficulty as it was really big.

Once in, I twirled my tongue round it and started sucking on his dickie. He caught hold of my hair and started pushing my head towards his dick while thrusting his dick in my mouth. His face gazed up at the ceiling and he seemed to be in a trance.

I knew he loved getting deep throated. Then I pulled out his dick and licked his cock eye with the tip of my tongue and ohhh man Vikram growled like a lion in heat piercing his nails into my shoulders.

He could wait no longer.

He laid me back on the bed and patted on my hole. He took out a tube and poured it on his fingers and inserted his index finger inside. He finger fucked my hole injecting copious amount of lube inside.

One finger progressed to 2 and he kept drilling it back and forth. It felt gluey and sticky and cool inside. His fingers now started moving easily inside out. As he continued doing so, he told me to loosen up. I did as he told me.

Vikram then stood up and pulled me to face him and we kissed after a long time. The kiss was even more meaningful than the last time and as we were kissing, Karan put his hand in between my legs below the groins and lifted my left thigh.

And rested it on his forearm while I managed to balance my weight on the right leg. He inserted his finger in my hole and started moving it deeper and deeper and my urge grew multi fold.

He whispered into my ears

Cutiepie, can I enter you
Are you asking for my permission?
I know you too need it as badly”

Hmmm lets try it go, put on the condom.
Err, is that essential? He asked jokingly as of now yes.

He then laid me down on the bed on my belly and squatted between my legs. He put 2 pillows underneath my groins and asked me to part my legs and relax the muscles. He flipped out the rubber and rolled it over his dick.

He put some lube on the rubber and some deep into my toosh and lubes me for a while. I havent done it before. I am afraid, its going to hurt. Your finger hurt me like hell and then your Tom is an overgrown monster. Its going to hurt bad for sure.

Dont worry darling. I will see that you are not in pain. If it does, tell me and I will stop. Just relax and dont tense your muscles. You have done well till now. Just stay calm.

He held his dick with one hand and aimed it at my hole. He pressed my back with the other hand which made my ass arch up. He rubbed his dick on my hole and slowly tried entering it.

He shoved his mushroom about halfway inside, a surge of pain ripped through my body stop, stop, stop, its paining like hell. Honey, it will pain a bit but it will soon subside once I put it little in.”

He stopped pressing it inside and started caressing my back, buttocks and thighs to relieve my pain. After a while, he forced his bob further inside and I jumped up. It pained unbearably and felt hot inside. I hadnt experienced such a pain before.

Cramps ran through my guts. I felt my rectum had torn apart. I touched my hole and checked to see if it was bleeding but fortunately it wasnt please take it out. I just cant take it inside and I begged.

He saw tears rolling out of my eyes and pulled his member out slowly. He lay flat on me and pulled my face towards him and started smooching me as the agony subsided, I apologized “Vikram, I am really very sorry for this and it really hurts a lot.

Its okay baby, whenever you are ready and I felt guilty, very guilty. I had to make up for this. I sat up and pushed him down as he fell on his back and for the first time I took the superior position. He just lay still allowing me to show him my skills.

I kissed him lightly on his lips, eyes, cheek and licked his nape. My tongue travelled slowly from the neck down to his tits. I lightly circled his tit with my tongue and played with the other with my wetted finger. Uff he let out a moan..

I slid slowly further down along the hair line till I dipped my tongue in his navel. I squeezed his pelvic flaps hard. Hmm not bad! You told me, you havent done this before then where did you learn all this from, Baby?

Its only because of you its your effect. I was playing with his navel, my hand strolled down to his testicles and caressed the underside of his balls and dick with my palm in a long and slow motion. He shivered and let out moans after moans.

I moved further down and spooned his balls with my tongue and swallowed one of his bird eggs and then the other. My tongue slowly reached its destination. I dripped his mushroom wet and tongue tickled the foreskin knot.

I began to swallow his cock slowly. I worked on his dick from top to base, up and down. I opened my mouth widest to take it in moved down on the shaft and clenching my lips and cheeks tight as I started taking it out. This suction effect gave him immense pleasure.

Ahh Kuki, you are fantastic huff. He was close very close as I could sense his corpus (underside thick vein) pulsating in one swift move he made me sit up on my knees while he stood up alongside the bed all the while keeping his dick in my mouth.

He came very close, he pulled out and gave a couple of hard jerks as jets of hot jism started flying in the air. The first landed on my nose. The second and third were massive and travelled beyond my head into oblivion. While the rest landed all over my face.

He growled as he emptied his nuts. He then forced his cock in my mouth and started stabbing my throat with long, deep and powerful thrusts. Spent completely he fell flat on the bed his arms and legs wide open.

I wiped my face clean and slid into the bed, my head resting on his arm and my legs wrapped around his waist. He just lay there, his eyes closed. I ran my fingers through the thick hair on his chest.

His contented and peaceful face looked beautiful. We lay in close embrace face to face with our legs wrapped around each other for a long time. After a while, Vikram got up held my hand and escorted me to the bathroom. He pulled me under the hot shower and kissed me affectionately.

He soaped my face attending each and every feature. He ran his finger around the contours of my eyebrows, nose, lips and chin as he finished washing my face and my torso and he knelt down and held my erect dick. He swallowed my dick fully in this mouth and started blowing me.

As he was blowing me his left hand went behind and slid up and down from my crack to the ass hole. His right hand reached under my testicles and cupped them lightly. It dint take much time for me to cum and I emptied all my juice into his hungry mouth.

He drank it all without a single drop getting wasted. By now my tiger Tom was raging again at full attention. Whats this Vix, you are ready again, so quickly? I started calling him Vix thence. Tom loves you and is hungry for more.

Before I could respond he turned me around and slowly started going down planting pecks on my shoulders, back, waist, buttocks, thighs till he settled down and planted a kiss on my ass hole. This took me completely by surprise. I did not know what he was up to.

He then touched my hole with the tip of his tongue and started licking it. He started kneading my ass cheeks with his firm hands. He continued licking and lubricating my tight hole with his saliva. He stretched my ass cheeks to penetrate his tongue further and further inside.

Vix was a real tiger at whatever he did. He rimmed me for a long time till my muscles loosened out. He pulled out a rubber from the shelf and hurriedly put it over, put some more lube into my hole and some on his cock and placed his dick on my back door.

I closed my eyes tightly and prayed. One push and I could sense something substantial slide inside. He stopped and asked me if it pained. It hadnt pained much. I couldnt believe when he told me that his mushroom was fully inside. I was relieved. He turned my face and we kissed.

Karan slowly forced his entire shaft inside and I could feel his cock hit deep inside. My ass was plugged and I felt fully stuffed inside. Slowly he pulled it out keeping the crown still inside then pushed it entirely back in. He now started fucking me slowly and I liked the feeling of my first ever fuck.

He steadily picked up speed and I arched my ass back to take him deeper and deeper inside. I started stroking my ass back and forth to reciprocate to his thrusts as if I were back fucking his cock. Our bodies slammed into one another just to part momentarily and meet again slap slap slap.

We both were enjoying the act thoroughly as he slammed into me, he held my pelvic with his left hand while his right hand caught my dick and gave it a hand job. He rode me like a horse, gyrating, drilling and giving me love bites on my nape.

He went on for about 15 minutes and then he whispered that he was about to cum and wished to cum inside. I nodded and he gave few deep strong thrusts while I tightened my ass hole. I felt his dick pulsating as he cried out loudly as he came ooohhh, Kuki, I am in heaven. He remained inside for a long time.

I could feel his dick getting softer and then he withdrew. He turned me around and sat down taking my balls in his hand and fondled them. He picked up my dick in his mouth and in no time it was erect. He blows me so very deep that I almost collapsed in joy.

I told him that I couldnt hold it further and that I was about to cum ignoring me, he continued sucking and shoved his thumb in my hole. I cried out in excitement and my cock spurted hot cum in his mouth. He drank all the cum and sucked my cock dry.

He cupped my face our foreheads touched and gave me the happiest smile ever. As if we had crossed the biggest milestone. I had just lost my virginity to Vix and he had lost his heart.

Kuki, we did it! Our faces glowed in ecstasy. We stepped out of the bathroom. I put on the clothes and realised it was dark outside. We had not bothered to keep tab on the watch. It was 8 in the night and I had to go back home.

He told me not to worry as he would drop me back home howsoever late it got. We then walked back to the hall and had some more beer while he ordered food from some restaurant.

Our conversation then touched various topics ranging from likes, dislikes, profession, career, holidays, hobbies. Like me he also liked travelling to new places, nature trails, Tennis, Hockey and swimming and the best part of it was that we both detested politics and Cricket.

We both were pleasantly surprised to know that we worked in the same area. His office was a few blocks away. He started his days work earlier than me and his office got over an hour before mine. I wondered why I had never seen him before in the office area.

I had developed immense liking and kind of respect for Vix. He was well mannered and well groomed. After all he was 3 yrs senior to me. He told me that he felt very much at peace in my company and liked me as I were and well my slender and supple body included.

He told me that his parents had gone to the States at his sisters place and wouldnt be around for a month. My foresight presented an important question. What happens after they come back?

Then we still continue talking on the phone and meeting up occasionally outside somewhere. He probed my reaction. I was enraged to hear that lousy answer but what about that about what? He pulled me and I winked.
He laughed aloud. Hmm, so you want to keep it going? Hmm, I dont mind.

So, you love me, dont you? Not yet, my friend. I like you. But you still havent answered my question when my parents get back, I will introduce you to them as my fuck buddy and he laughed alone at his pathetic joke.
I really got wild and turned my face away. He was not giving me a convincing answer.

Dont worry darling, I will take care of you and your needs. But where and I shrugged. He turned my face towards him. Held my face firm in his hands, looked deep in my teary eyes and said. What if I say that I have another apartment and that too close to where you stay?

He continued it will be all for us just you and me and happy now? I hugged him tightly and kissed again. My anxiety faded into thin air. The dinner parcel arrived and the delivery boy stepped in to clear his bill and he was tall, handsome and attractive. I ogled at him and he passed me a fleeting smile.

Enjoy your evening and he wished me with a wink as just then Vikram stepped into the scene. Hey whats up with that guy. Vikram asked me authoritatively and loudly as the delivery guy stepped back. Where, nothing! Nothing at all.

No nothing? Didnt I see you flirting with that leech was not the handsome? I teased Vikram. He became emotional may be and I dont care. I cant see you flirting with another guy right in front of me you cant betray me. I realised this guy really loves me.

Just forget him. It was just a joke”. I held his hand to reassure him. You have developed a sense of belonging with me. I concluded. Yes, you bet.”
And we hugged again.

We enjoyed the sumptuous dinner at times, he fed me with his hand and I reciprocated too. We also fed each other mouth to mouth ending it with a kiss. We both thoroughly enjoyed every single moment.

It was 9.30 and I had to rush back home. It was getting late.

Do you really have to go home?
What ? I pretended dumb.
Cant you stay over with me tonight
I was waiting to hear this.
Vix actually even my folks are away and would be back only on Friday.

Yippie, thats good news. Nothing can be more heartening than this. He took my hand in hand and we started dancing. Let me rephrase my words Would you please stay with me until Friday. We both will go to the office together and come back together and take days off in between.

Will have loads and loads of fun what say? Hungry Dick and I will try. Dont worry about your clothes, you look better without them and he chided me as we were still ball dancing, Vix whispered in my ears

Lets go on a short drive and a walk maybe. Okay, I said and off we went to Palm Beach. There we parked the car on the curb and walked a distance hand in hand. We shared a cone ice cream. This date had turned out to be so romantic!

When we came back, it was 11 PM. We slumped into the couch, switched on the TV to check some movie. He rested his head in my lap and I started caressing his hair. He admired my looks and specially the small cleft on my chin.

You are so cute and you are a wild beast. We are so lucky to have found each other and we said it together. He pulled me down and kissed me and he was ready again for the next session and we did it not once but twice.

We were spent and completely exhausted. We slept wrapped tightly in each others arms, all nude, skin to skin.

Next morning, I woke up at 9 am. Vikram was still asleep as I started looking out of the window, he grabbed me from behind and pulled me over the bed on top of him. He placed my hand on Dickie who was fully awake and wished me Good Morning with a sweet peck.

He dint have to direct me anymore as I sucked him off to a fantastic orgasm and this time, he came in my eager mouth.
I broke my fast already.

We quickly freshened up. The breakfast was awaiting us at the table. He had gotten up before me and boiled some eggs, deshelled them and made butter toasts. There was the orange juice too. Why did not you wake me up? I could have helped you in the preparations.”

Your face looked so happy and content that I didnt wish to disturb you and then I reached back right in time so that you could help me in some other way and we laughed and laughed heartily.

He told me that he had some office related work and some phone calls to make which would need some time but he would try and finish it in a couple of hours. He told me that I could watch a CD or TV or just feel free instead.

I said I would go home, lock it up properly and pick up some clothes. He did not want me to leave and offered to accompany me to my home and back. But I insisted since we both could get time for our own chores. He relented and we parted.

Once home, I packed my bag, put in some good clothes, a casual jacket and the translucent revealing undies that were so difficult to get in Mumbai then.

I left a message with my neighbours that I was going for a treck for next 4 days and would be back on Thursday and collect any post on my behalf. Just in case to be safe, you know. Vikram called me at 1 PM when I was about to start back to his place.

He said he was missing me lots and asked me to hurry back. I picked up my bag, latched up my house and headed back. On the way, I thought of peeping into Link Square Mall to pick up something for my special friend. Should I get him a shirt? I didnt know his correct shoulder size.

Hmmm, a perfume would suit him after all he had a good personality. But I dint see him wear a perfume and what if he were allergic to it. I skimmed through almost all the permutations. Finally I thought a tie would be the best option.

I selected a blue one with white polka dots on it. It looked marvellous. I was sure, he would love it. I passed the billing and took an auto and headed to my destination as my auto strutted and stopped at the signal, I heard a loud thud and a jolt from the back.

I peeped back from the left side to see what had happened. A man had just banged into our auto and ran away. The driver got down and started cursing. I was still grasping the situation someone snatched my mobile from the right side and before.

I could realise it, he had crossed the road into the shanties and was out of sight. I settled the auto fare by giving Rs. 50 and hurriedly crossed the road in the direction. I was clueless.

I went to the nearest police station to file a theft complaint. The constables there were at ease and made me wait there endlessly. I sat on the wooden bench.

3..2..8..6..4 or 3..5..6..9..4. I was blank. I was thinking about Vikram and wanted to inform him about the ordeal but I couldnt recall his last 5 digits. I was missing him dearly. He must be waiting for me.

The constable told me to wait as his senior who takes the complaints was out on an house breaking investigation. I waited there for some more time but I realised I was already late by three hours. This will need to wait. Vix must have gone mad by now.

It was 5 pm. It had started to rain. I decided that the complaint could wait and left the police station. I tried to get an auto but couldnt find any. I asked the taxi drivers but they were expecting longer trips. I pleaded but still they refused.

I started walking along the road in the hope to get an auto. Somehow I got a bus. Once in the bus, I thought it was not too far only 6 stops and I would be there just a matter of half an hour more. I couldnt get Vix out of my mind. I started rehearsing.

The first time I saw his face, my eyes had rolled. The way he held my hand and pecked on my cheek. How he pulled me down and gave me the most erotic kiss. My heart melted when I thought of him carrying me in his arms to his bedroom, the pain, the bliss.

How I felt so secure in his arms..the entire episode flashed in front of my eyes like some Bollywood flashback. He was my Whore dick. I wanted to be with my Vix right then and there.

But it was not to be not so soon. My bus navigated at snails speed through the jam packed highway. Autos, taxis, cars, buses all vying to get ahead but nowhere. There was an unending sea of vehicles ahead. A short spell of heavy rain had left my city roads clogged.

I choked too when will I get to see my man next a journey of normally half an hour seemed endless today. Oh god, why only today! Couldnt it have been some other day? It had gotten dark long time ago and I got down at Diamond Garden.

It was close to 8. I rushed through the street and it was still raining. Buildings after buildings seemed to pass by slowly atlast, I reached his building. The lift was engaged on the 12th floor and the music blared nonstop 6 floors.

I thought thats the only distance separating him and me. I ran up the stairs. First second third it seemed like Edmund Hillary scaling Mount Everest. Panting heavily somehow I reached the 6th floor and dragged myself to his door. I rang the door bell.

The door opened as I saw him, streams of tears rolled down my face and I collapsed into his waiting arms. I had fallen for Vikram eternally. We were deeply in Love. We have already done it 5 times since yesterday. Yesterday, we were dating. Today and we are in love. We were one till death took us apart.