Wife For Two Dicks Part II

Hi, hornies. Im hear going to grow your cock pls adjust your trouser and I also adjust my panties(pavadai). Could you read previous part at group, this is the continuation. After that night well spend with my husby 2 dicks, my horny increases towards those dicks. But we couldnt have time. I rub my fingers on asshole thinking them(nan en asshole lil viralai vittu avargalai ninaithu kolven). They both saw more vigoursly whenever they meet me(Avargalin kama parvai ennai uruga vaithathu). They call me to bathroom, toilet when they got urges separately. I went and they kiss me, suck my nipples, and rub his cock on asscrack(iruvarum thaniye ennai bathroom, toilet kuupitu uthatai sappinargal, mulai kambai sappi nazuki, en asshole mugappil vaithu theipargal).

After cummed, we came out. It would spend for 3 mon. Once raj came to me and happily said, we will go to his home. I told I wish to go my home. They both sad, I dont have heart to miss them. Finally I accept. We got bus and settled back seat. We are only there. After starts they explore my chest, stomach I inlet my hand on their pants(engal mel bedsheet moodi en sattai buttanai kalati enjoy seithargal) and feels their cock dont masturbate them because I need to fill my asshole. We had long night travel. They didnt sleep they foreplayed me as well. We reached his home. we had tight full work for 2 days.

We didnt have chance. Whenever we meet I saw theirs uncontrol eyes. At 3rd day, we have to maintain his farm land. We went it was 6km from town, no-one is.there. We and small birds only there. We went to shed and raj give me a bag. He told me I must wear now youre ours wife for full day, (especially told dont were jutty) no-one is there. It was old pantie, saree, blouse(Antha paiyil old pavadai, thavani, jacket irunthathu. Pavadaiyai eduthu nugarthen athil oru manam ennai moodakiyathu). I smelled, weared it and they saw me. I start clean the outer place with playing them.

After somemins later, they call me I went and raj said they need to piss. I smilingly asked for what I do. Karthi take my hand and place on his cock and tell me help to pass it. I saw and remove their cocks, they both put hands on my ass. Especially Raj rubs my asscrack over panty. We stand 7mins, they didnt pass because they fully mood up. Karthi start urinning. After some secs, raj also passed. Raj told me clean theirs cock by my panty(raj en pavadai yal avargalin pambai clean panna sonnan, nan vai munuthukonda thani thaniye pambi suttam seithen). I saw him murmured and up my panty. They laughed and saw my thigh vigoursly(en thodaiyai rasithu kondu irunthargal, nan slow vaga clean seithen). I slowly clean for giving time to them. After that Raj pinch my nipple over saree and told done works. I happy for theirs foreplay. And we enter the clay land. They up their trouser and saw me what Im going to do. I shyly up my panty and place it on hip(en pavadai eduthu edupil seruginen, en thodaiyai parthukonda vellai seithargal). Now my shaved thighs are shinning.

I entered and adjust my saree to one side to make them strange. They saw me every 5sec while doing work. I think someone wish to touch my thigh. I planned, told them that I was stuck. They both came. Karthi suddenly touch my thigh on both hands and remove my leg from stuck(karthi vazhaimaram pol iruntha en thodaiyai iru kaiyal thokinan). I got mood up and I need ‘immediately fuck by him. Suddenly I slipped due to clay, raj catch me. Now Im in his hand. He gripped my hip and I unfortunately catch those cock. Still karthi catch my thigh. I leave them and continue the work. We come to normal. We did it till 6pm.

After that raj take a pipe and flow water on them. I came my legs and thighs are clay. He flow on my leg and up by up slowly. He reached my thigh fully. Ohh.. its great feeling on me. He step up and flow on hiphole chest, neck. I turned back, he understand and flow on ass fully and up pipe to enter water into panty and stand some secs. I saw them they try to see my asshole and I got exciting mood up. Raj told to show my asshole, I sexily slide my head to ‘NO. Raj told me to stand on both shoulders to take some mangoes on tree. They downed and lift me. While searching, I slide my eyes them. They have chance to see me from down. Ohh….. they saw my ass. Still Im wet, the water from me flows on theirs body. We both excited. I took and they lift down.

Both hands slowly down me. My pantie get out from theirs hand. They touch my bare thighs(iruvarum ennai iraka en pavadai avargalin kaiku veliyil sendrathu, now avargal kai en suthil irukirathu). Now they touch my bare ass with wet hands and now its(pantie) fully up. Now I uncontrolled myself my heart beat fully raise up by theirs foreplay, I got shivering. I shyed and run towards sheed.. they chasing me very fast. We come to sheed. Karthi turned me, i slash karthi face, and hugged him. Karthi untied my saree and smooching on neck. Raj downed smell pantie.. I feel karthi cock on thigh(karthi edupil eri amarthen kalkalai iruka pidithu avan pambai unarthen). I settled on his stomach and circled, gripped my leg tight to feel it. Karthi up me and bit my nipple(Raj oil eduthu assholil thadavinan, pin avan viralai ulle nuzhaithan). Raj up my pantie and lick my asshole. I enjoy the birth now. I got fully femined.

Raj apply some oil and drill me. His 2 fingers rubbing me. I uncontrolled myself(ennal poruka mudiyamal kizhe erangi raj pambai en pin vaithu theithen. Karthi en pavadaiyai mela thooki pidithan, now nan raj pambai en verum asscrack ill vai theithen), I downed and catch raj neck and turned me to rub his cock on asscrack. Karthi up my pantie to make rub on bare ass. I close my eyes moving up, down and enjoyed his full cock(theikum pothu pambu assholil nuzhaiya, raj iruka pidithu pambai ulle anupinan). Raj cock slipped to asshole head and he gripped me to enter it. I wide my legs to kathi hand to help him(pambu en suthu ottaiyil nuzhaithukondu irukirathu ). Now its enter me. It break the rectum wall. I feel his cock half entered. Karthi take my another leg and settle me on his thigh and feel touching me by his hand. Raj catching my chest and pressing it from behind. My both hands wanking on theirs cock. Raj slowly jerking me(raj muthuvaga ennai okka arambithan). (karthi ennai pidithu uluka, nan raj asaivuku inaithen)Karthi help me to make rhythm with raj action.

We did it for 20mins. I feel his cock growing and he bit my neck. I bit karthi neck. Now I feel his sperms uploading on rectum. (karthi avan pambai assholil vaithu azhuthinan)Now karthi throw me on bed, turned me and and place his cock and entering me. I feel it easy to enter. (karthiyum ennai meduvaka okka arambithan)He starts rub me slow, gently. Raj suck my nipples. Karthi gives smooth running on me. Raj mood up and stood infront of me. Now only Im going to enjoy boys cock(raj avan pambai en vaiyil vaithu thinithan). He press into my mouth. I taste cock head by tongue. Raj went his cock half, I stop him for my convenience. I feel, enjoy raj cock by mouth(karthi ennai okka, raj en vaiyil okka nan sorgathil mithanthen). Suddenly I feel karthi balls on ass. I think he fully entered me(karthi fully sentruvittan avan pambu en asshole suvargalai uraci uraci ennai othathu). (nai okkum pothu potta naiyin sugathai, tharpothu unarthen).

We did it near 30mins. (nan muzhumaiyana sugathai unarthen). Karthi gripped and filled my ass. Raj also cummed on tongue(raj avan pambai veliye eduthu adithan, nan en vaiyai thiranthu kattinen. Avan en vaiyil uthinan). We both slipped down and they sleep on both side. I slit out raj sperms. My lips full of his sperms. Karthi wide my leg and saw my asshole. Its ozzing sperms, he lead left sperms to inlet into asshole(karthi en suthu ottaiyil irunthu vazhiyum sperms sai viralal mindum ulle anupinan). Now karthi grip one leg and press my chest. Raj grip one leg and touch my cock. I shivered. He masturbate me by seeing my eyes. I also see him. Karthi suck one nipple and press another nipple. They both were on my hand . i feel my cock giving me heaven. While I cumming I saw sexily raj eyes and he also. contact me: / /