Raj,The Second Man In My Life Part II

Hi guys, Vishnu here. I am back with 2nd part of the story on first day of my meeting with Raj. After we are done with the much waited BJ session for both of us, we were lying on 2 separate benches and after about 15 minutes of relaxed silence, Raj told me that it was really awesome and also a lot better than what he had for the first time. He asked me “was that ok with you when I cummed in your mouth?” I answered “It was perfectly ok and actually I like it a lot.” He then asked me if its OK to fuck me in the ass and I said sure.

He then asked me “can we do it now?” I said “yes, but well have to have condoms and lubrication. You stay here and I will get them.” He felt happy with that and said “good” I then wiped my face with kerchief and came out of the gym. I went to a nearby pharmacy and bought condoms and gel and was back in less than 15 minutes. I said “we have everything ready to do anal sex now.” He then asked me if Id like to see myself in mirror when doing stuff with him and I said yes. He then took me to a corner where there is a big mirror fitted and said lets do it here. I told him “lets get completely naked” and both of us removed each others clothes in front of the mirror.

I slowly started taking off his shirt and his hands were busy searching for my nipples as he placed his hand in my tshirt. He started pinching my nipples hard and I moaned sssssssss with pain and he gave a mischievous smile. He asked me “is it paining?” I said “yes, but you dont have to stop.” He pulled out my tshirt and then I pulled down my pant and underwear. I was completely nude in front of him and started pulling out his belt to remove his pants. As I was doing that, he held me by my waist with both hands and pulled me much closer to him that I started feeling his breath. I continued taking off his pants and he moved his hands to the back of my body and put both of them on my naked, smooth hips. He said “wow, they are so soft. I am sure Srikanth might have enjoyed your body very much.” I pulled down his pants and while doing so, knelt down in front of him pulling it along with his underwear.

Once they reached his feet, the pulled his legs out of them and I kept threw them on a bench nearby. His cock is ready for action and I held his steaming hot, rock hard cock with my left hand and put in upward direction and started sucking his balls. I took one ball each into my mouth and started playing around with it with my tongue. Meanwhile, he bent a little to get hold of my nipples and started pinching them again. They are getting crushed between his fingers which are acting really wild and there was good amount of pain. I stopped sucking his balls and started making sounds which are mix of moans and screams. I was shaking my head in disagreement and gesturing him to stop it but he did not listen. Instead, he told “you continue giving me pleasure and I will continue giving you pain” Raj is a gentle looking sweet guy but surely knows how to make his partner submissive. I continued sucking his balls and he continued torturing my nipples.

After a while, he stopped pinching and held my head to put his cock in my mouth. I obediently obliged and gave him a very slow blow job by playing with his head with the tip of my tongue. He then told me to stop BJ and asked how to start with intercourse. I took out a condom and put it over his dick and told him to enter me from behind as I bend over with the support of bench. I gave him the lube and told to apply it in my ass and on his cock. He did so and soon my ass was juicy with lube and he held me by my waist with left hand as I put my left hand on my hips trying to open up the hole for him. He then with his right hand guided his cock into the hole and wow…it went smoothly though there is some pain considering the huge gap I had having anal. Then he started banging me from behind and he was doing really fast that his balls are slapping my balls with a lot of force. He was there in action for about 5 minutes and suddenly he cummed.

I could feel his cock getting smooth in my ass and he slowly took it out and pulled off the condom. He told “I wanted it to last long.” I said, “This is your first time, you will slowly improve.” He started wearing his clothes and I wiped off his cock from the lube and also my ass with kerchief. We checked the time and it was almost 8 PM and he said I will have to leave before I get a call from my parents. I too got dressed and dropped him where I picked him. While leaving he said “well have this gym for another 2 months, would it be possible to meet me every weekend?” I said “Sure, lets meet again tomorrow and also every weekend till you have this place available.” Saying that I headed to my place with a lot of satisfaction even though it was not a lengthy session of sex. Then on, we started having it every week for three months and after that, I used to call him to my place whenever my friends are not there. Thats how it happened with Raj and I will come up with another story soon. Please drop in your feedback on / /