The Making Of Deepika Part II

This is Part II of “the Making of Deepika”. Please send your feedback to / / I am from a small town in Kerala. Now for the story.

When I open the front door to my house, Im already hard. Im going to be home alone for an entire night, and I have a lot of things planned.

I toss my college bag and jacket onto the sofa, and by the time I reach my room I already have my shirt off. I let my pants drop to the floor and pull off the green panty, not bothering to hide it anywhere.

The first thing I decide to do is take a long, hot bath. I shave my legs of any hair that may have grown in the last couple of days, and proceed to shave my underarms, ass, and crotch, shaving my balls and pubic hair off and leaving only a small strip of fuzz above my cock. I like it that way…it makes me feel like a real little slut.

Satisfied that Im good and smooth, I dry myself off and walk naked into my sisters room, sitting down in front of her dressing table. I look at myself in the mirror. From the waist down-aside from my rock hard cock-I could pass as a slutty girl. But my face is what gives everything away.

Ive experimented with make-up before, but Ive never had the opportunity to actually put a full effort into it. I want to go for the super slutty look, so I pick out some of my sisters most intense make-up.

First, I blend a liquid base onto my face, giving my skin a somewhat fairer tone. I then apply a very small amount of blush to my cheeks. Next, I decide on some black eyeliner and a dark blue glittery eye-shadow, which I blend with some light pink eye-shadow. After Im finished with that, I put on some maroon-ish lip gloss, coating it on so much that my lips almost stick together.

Looking at myself in the mirror, Im very proud with the work. My face really does look like one of a slutty girl. I slowly slide the tip of my tongue over my top lip, checking myself out. I realize that I need to do something about my hair.

My hair is shaggy and somewhat long, but it definitely isnt long enough yet to pull it into a ponytail. Im brushing through it, trying to flatten it down, when I notice my sisters hair straightner. I pull my hair through it, and I notice that it takes on a thin texture and is much easier to style. I pull my bangs out and brush them down one side, and let the back of my hair tease out a little and go a little wild. Its a look that resembles that of Victoria Beckham whom I have seen in the fashion magazines my sister buys.

I paint my fingernails a sparkly red, along with my toenails. Satisfied with my transformation, I decide that its time to pick out an outfit.

I pull on a hot pink panty, tucking my balls back into it. I pull the straps up around my hips like a good little girl. For a bra, I pick out a black push-up and pull together my man-boobs to fit convincingly into my sisters 34b bra.

After trying to decide between a skirt and a saree, I choose to go with the skirt. Its a white pleaded one, and is very short. Its so short, in fact, that if it blew up even a little bit in the back, someone would see my little ass cheeks. I pull on a hot pink tank-top and arrange my bra so that the cups are covered.. I liked it.

I pull on a pair of white sandals and check myself out in the mirror one more time. I really, honestly could pass as a girl, theres no doubt about it. The thought of this starts to get me hard, and I realize that Im going to have to learn to control that if I am to try and pass as a girl.

I play with my plastic bottle for a little bit, sucking on it and teasing my asshole with it, but I decide that I need something a little bit more. Early today had put me in a very adventuresome mood, and I was willing to do almost anything. Its as if a light bulb turns on. I grab the phone book and look up Mr. Desai number. I want to finish what I started.

After dialing him, a woman picks up after a few rings.

“Hello?” she asks.

“Is Mr. Desai there?” I ask, not bothering to change my voice. Theres a pause on the other line.

“Yes, just a minute,” she finally says. I can hear some mumbling between her and Mr. Desai in the background, and then he answers.


“Hi Mr. Desai. This is Deepak from college,” I say. Theres a quiet gasp from the other end.

“Hold on just a second Deepak,” he mutters. I hear a door shut as he goes into another room.

“That was my wife,” he whispers, sounding somewhat irritated.

“Im sorry,” I say. “But…I was having some trouble with my homework and I was wondering if you could help me out.” I say this in a cute, sly way a way that would make it hard for anyone to ignore. Theres another long pause on the other end.

“Let me eat dinner, and Im sure we can work something out,” Mr. Desai says. My heart starts racing faster. Im finally going to get fucked!

I give Mr. Desai my address and he tells me that hell be here in an hour.

While Im waiting for him, I pace back and forth nervously in the living room, a porno playing in the background. I check my make-up and rearrange my bra about eight hundred times. It seems like only a few minutes go by, but close to an hour later-around eight-theres a knock on the door.

I take a deep breath and calm myself. Im actually more nervous than I thought I would be. I slowly open the door and take a step back. Mr. Desai is standing in the doorway with his hands in his pockets. He slowly looks up at me and gasps.

“Wow…Deepak?” he asks. I smile at him.

“Deepika,” I reply, doing my best to sound like a girl. A naughty smile falls across Mr. Desai face, and he takes a step toward me, kicking the door behind him. Theres no hesitation. We get right down to business.

Mr. Desai wraps his arms around my waist and pulls my close to him. I wrap both of my arms around his neck and pull him to me, kissing him hard with my gloss covered lips. I probe his mouth with my tongue and breathe heavily into him, moaning softly as his hands move up and down my body. They find my ass and squeeze it tightly through my skirt before lifting the back of it up and touching my bare ass. I lower one of my arms and reach down for his cock, still while kissing him heavily. Hes already rock hard, and I stroke him through his jeans.

Fuck this, I think to myself. I know damn well what I want, and Im not going to wait for it any longer. I unbutton his jeans with one hand and pull them down to his knees. His hands are groping at my “tits” now and hes burying his face into my neck, nibbling lightly and giving me a hickey. His hard cock is making a tent in his briefs, and it causes me to pull his underwear down too. I kiss Mr. Desai lightly on the lips and look at him in the eyes. Gently giving him a little push, I direct him to the sofa and sit him down, taking charge. He watches me with the most lustful eyes Ive ever seen. Im so hard that my cock is trembling.

“Oh yeah baby, work that wonderful mouth of yours on my cock,” Mr. Desai says. I grin at him and kneel down on the floor in front of him, taking his entire cock all the way into my mouth. I gag and quickly recoil, pulling it out and catching my breath. Taking it slower, I work my mouth down around his shaft and begin pumping him in and out, jacking off the base of him with the spit and precum from my sloppy blowjob. His fingers are running through my hair, and he slaps my hand away from his cock, forcing my head all the way down. He hits the back of my throat and I gag again and try to pull away, but he slams me down even harder and shoves his cock all the way down my throat. His balls slap against my chin as he face-fucks me, and Im struggling to catch my breath. Finally, he stops and pulls out, slapping his dick roughly across my cheek. I moan and give him a naughty look, grinning slightly.

That must have encouraged Mr. Desai even more, because he pulls me up and throws me down on the sofa. He grabs me by the hips and lifts my ass up in the air, my face buried in a pillow.

“Youre such a little whore Deepika,” he says.

“Uh-huh!” I giggle, wiggling my ass. Mr. Desai lifts my skirt up over my ass and pulls the string of my underwear away. Without hesitation, he shoves his face between my cheeks. I spread them apart with my hands to help him. I feel wetness against my asshole, followed by a huge amount of pleasure. I push myself back against Mr. Desai tongue, letting him probe my smooth asshole with it. I shut my eyes and begin to moan softly as he laps away at my asshole, spreading it apart with his tongue and working it in just a little. He traces around the ring of my hole with his tongue and then pushes hard against my opening, fucking my little boy hole with it.

Once he feels that Im excited enough-its not as if I already wasnt-Mr. Desai slaps my ass and tells me to stand up. I oblige, and he pulls down my skirt, leaving my panty and sandals on. He produces a bottle of Baby Oil from his pocket and slathers it onto his eight inch penis.

“Lean down over the armrest of the sofa whore,” he demands. I nervously bend over the side of the sofa, still standing up, and bury my face in my arms. Ive fucked myself plenty of times with my plastic bottle, but Ive always known that that wouldnt be enough to prepare me for the real thing.

Mr. Desai squirts some oil onto two of his fingers and roughly smears it onto my already saliva covered asshole. He works two fingers in and fucks me with them for a few seconds, lubing me up on the inside too. By the time hes finished, my asshole is dripping wet, just waiting to be invaded by a nice, throbbing cock.

In just a few seconds, it is. Mr. Desai pulls me back a little, readjusting me. I push my ass up towards him more.

“Spread your legs apart more,” he says. I do, and he pulls my panty down and lets it stay around my shins. Hes holding me apart with one hand and guiding his cock with the other. I relax and shut my eyes, trying to keep my asshole from tensing.

I feel something warm against my hole, and then a sharp pain as he pushes the head of himself in. I let out a loud squeal and bite my bottom lip in pain, balling my fists and trying to relax.

“Oh shit. Youre a little virgin arent you?” Mr. Desai asks.

“Uh-huh…” I cry. He pushes himself in further, to about half way. He pulls back out to his tip, and then pushes back in half way. He slowly fucks me like this for about thirty seconds, getting me used to the feeling of having a real cock inside of me, and then, without warning, he pushes himself into me until his balls are resting against my ass cheeks.

“Oh shit!” I cry out. He grabs my hips and holds me there like that for a minute or so. I can feel myself starting to relax around him, and the sharp pain starts to slowly go away. Its replaced with a feeling of fullness and pleasure, only so much better. This is throbbing, has veins, and is warm. A plastic bottle is entirely different. Just from having a real cock inside of me for only a few minutes, Im already starting to realize how much I love it.

Mr. Desai pulls out about halfway and then slides back in. I open my eyes and turn around. We make eye contact, and I lick my lips and bite my bottom lip. He starts to work up a faster rhythm, grabbing onto my hips and pulling me against him. I try to help, and grind myself against him to the rhythm of his thrusts. When hes pushing into me, Im pushing back against him.

“God-dammit girl, youre pussy feels so good,” Mr. Desai says. Hearing him talk like that to me only excites me even more. It makes me realize that I really am a fucking slut. Here I am, fucking my Biology teacher, just because I wanted some cock. God, Im such a little whore!

“Oh yeah Mr. Desai. Fuck me. I just want you to fuck me,” I say. He breaths heavily and starts slamming into me harder. Were going at a really fast pace now, and hes pulling me hard against him. I can hear the sound of our skin slapping together and his balls slamming against my asscheeks-mixed with the slurping sound of his bare cock slamming into my soaking wet asshole.

It feels like hes pushing against something inside of me, thats how hard and deep Mr. Desai is fucking me. Without any warning, he suddenly pulls out of my ass. I let out a little farting sound and I instantly feel empty. I can feel the cool air against my gaping hole.

“Get down on your back bitch,” Mr. Desai orders. I lay down on the sofa and he grabs my legs and tosses them up over his shoulders. He places his cock at the entrance of my boy-pussy and immediately shoves it back into me and starts fucking me even harder than he was before.

Getting fucked in this position must be hitting my prostate, because I instantly feel an intense sensation in my groin. It feels almost like I have to pee at first, but I learn to accept the feeling and it soon becomes extremely pleasurable.

Mr. Desai shoves three of his fingers into my mouth and keeps fucking me.

“Im gonna fucking cum in your little pussy,” he yells. I wrap my legs around him and pull him closer. His body rests on top of mine as he slams into me.

“Yeah sir. Fuck my little pussy like the little whore that I am. Cum inside of me and make me feel it splashing against my insides,” I whisper into his ear. I nibble at his earlobe lightly and let out a low moan. This sends him over the top, and he lets out a yell and starts to slam into me with long, hard strokes. I can feel his cock throbbing as it shoots his load into me. A warm wetness shoots inside of my ass, I can feel it washing against my rectal wall and going deep inside of me.

The “splat splat” sound of Mr. Desai cock fucking me gets louder as he fills me up with his cum, and he eventually slows down, collapsing on top of me and breathing heavily. He kisses me passionately and I can feel him slowly withdrawing his softening penis from my hole. Theres a slurping noise as he pulls out, and I can feel his warm cum dribble out and run down my asscrack. He notices it too, and reaches down and scoops some of it up with his fingers.

I start to jack myself off as he feeds me his cum right from my gaping asshole. He works three fingers into me and starts jiggling them violently, pushing against my prostate. I shudder and let out a yell, shooting a long strand of cum up onto my hot pink tank-top. Stream after stream shoot out and land on my stomach and abdomen as he works my g-spot with his hand.

Were both breathing heavily as my orgasm subsides. He pulls his fingers from my hole and stands up, muttering something to himself about how much of a slut I am. I really do feel like a slut too. A part of me feels a little bit guilty, but I quickly dismiss it and remind myself of how much I love my new lifestyle.

“Wheres your shower?” Mr. Desai asks.

In the shower, we wash ourselves off, and I end up sucking Mr. Desai off again, letting him cum in my mouth. I, of course, diligently swallow his load, savoring the taste in my mouth before letting it slowly slide down my throat.

Mr. Desai gets dressed without saying a word. Im standing in my living room in only a towel as he laces up his shoes. Both of us are silent.

Without even looking at me, he stands up and walks out the front door, closing it softly behind him.

I change into my sisters silk red nightgown and a matching panty and fall asleep playing with my asshole, admiring how adjusted its becoming to a cock fucking it. I spend the rest of the weekend in the house, dressing up for a good part of the time whenever my sisters gone at her friends house.

continued in Part III