My Train Journey Part I

Hi guys! This is Rahul! Well have i told you guys that i`v taken it as a profession to serve men/woman sexually (homo as well as bi)! Well, i`v got a hell lot of offers in the last month, since my last story. So one person from Delhi contacted me and wanted me to come to Delhi to serve him for one whole week. He was a bussinessman. He sent me a 1st class ticket of Rajdhaani Express & a cheque of 50% advance payment. My experience with my client will be my next story while this story is about my train journey to Delhi. One thing i learnt in this, is that every man/woman, who calls himself/herself straight, is also inclined towards sex with the person of the same sex upto some extent. Its like one of those hidden urges. It is just that maximum of them don`t have the courage for “that first time…” Once they start, there is no looking back…!

So the train was suppose to leave at 6:30pm. I reached the station by 6pm. The train was already standing on the platform. So as i reached my coach, i checked with the reservation list about my co-passengers. Well, It was a coupe of 4 people. I saw that apart from me there was another male, 35 who would be boarding at Bangalore itself and another female, 30, who would be boarding on the next morning and the 4th seat was empty, probably due to off-season. So anyway, i went inside. The coupe was empty. I kept my luggage and settled down and was having a cup of tea when my co-passenger entered. He was not very good looking, was about my height but was very well built. He smiled at me and said “Hello” and i smiled and replied back. I don`t know why but i immediately lusted for him but was not sure if he would be interested in a gay sex.

Anyway, as the train left from the station, we were served with some light snacks. While having that, we introduced ourself. His name was Rajesh, and he said that he had come to Bangalore for office work and was returning back home. He was married with one daughter. He was wearing a T-shirt and a jeans. I was wearing a loose shirt and a trouser. I saw him stare at my man-boobs a couple of times! I was very happy getting his attention but didn`t know how to approach or seduce him! Little did i know that soon the PREY would himself come to the PREDATOR!

So anyway, the attendant served the dinner at 8 pm. During dinner, we were sitting on the lower births facing each other i.e. he was sitting right in front of me on the opposite birth. Now i noticed that the top button of my shirt had opened somehow and my deep cleavage was in clear view. I saw him staring at my deep cleavage occassionally. I intentionally bend down a little more giving him more clear view of my big boobs! Anyway, we completed having dinner by 8:30pm. The attendant had cleared up everything by 9pm and he bade us good night! I started reading a book sitting on my seat. At around 9:10, Rajesh opened his bag and took out a shorts and went to the bathroom. He came back after 5 mins.

Now he had changed from his jeans to shorts He then sat down on the opposite seat to me and opened a magazine too but suddenly something caught my attention. When i looked towards his shorts, i was shocked to see that he was not wearing his underwear. Although i coudn`t see his dick, but i saw his huge balls dangling in between his legs. Oh my god! I had never seen such huge balls. They appeared to be clean shaven but i wasn`t sure because of the low light. I was very excited and wanted to grab and suck his balls and cock right then and there but was not sure if it would be right to advance towards him. He saw me staring at his balls and just smiled without looking at me. Soon there was a slight bulge in his shorts too! I was getting hotter every second!

The “Sight-seeing” continued till 9:30 when Rajesh got up and took out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter from his bag and looking at me he said, “Do you smoke Rahul…?” I smiled and said yes! He smiled back and said, “come then…lets go outside towards the door and smoke there…” Both of us got up and he opened the shutter of our coupe and asked me to go out first. He closed the shutter and followed behind me. When we came to the passage, we noticed that everyone in the coach had slept as all the lights in the other coupe were off and only the blue passage lights were on. As we reached the end of the coach, I saw that the door at the end of the coach was locked too. Anyway, we opened one of the doors of the coach. It was completely dark outside.

The train was moving very fast and i had to hold on to the sidebar to keep balance and now Rajesh was standing just behind me and he then offered a cigarette and lit one himself too! He was now just inches behind me! I was now holding the side with my one hand for support and with the other hand i held the cigarette as i looked out into the darkness outside. The train was at high speed and thus it was shaking a bit. Suddenly i felt something touching my ass. Soon i realized that it was his hard-on touching my ass as he was standing right behind me. I didn`t look back and neither did he give any other indication. But soon i felt him pushing his hard-on more and more to my ass!

I was really getting turned on now! I started encouraging his move by thrusting back my ass on his dick when he got this positive sign from my side, he suddenly put his hand on my waist and started caressing it! It sent me shivers but i tried to stay calm and continued smoking my cigarette while he continued to caress my waist. His hard dick was continuously rubbing on my ass due to the train movement. I encouraged him by thrusting my ass back on his erection. I guess this cleared all the doubts in his mind and he slowly lifted his hand from my waist and put it on one of my breast. Oh! It felt so wonderful! I moaned like hmmmh and closed my eyes. He brought his lips near my neck and planted a small kiss and whispered into my ears, “do you like it dear…” In reply i just moaned like hmmmh…!

Then he slowly started squeezing my boob with his one hand, while he was holding his cigarette with the other! I soon finished my cigarette and threw it outside. He was still smoking. I didn`t feel like turning around because i loved the feeling of his hard cock on my ass. He kept on sqeezing my one boob with his hand till he finished his cigarette. Once he finished it, he threw it and now he put his other hand on my other boob and started squeezing both my breasts. I was moaning like hmmmmh….hmmmmh….hmmmmh….ummmm….ummmm….! He was also planting small kisses on my neck and ear-lobes! Suddenly he turned me around and before i could react, he locked his lips with mine Oh…i loved it when he started sucking my lips hungrily. I equally responded. While kissing me, his one hand was on my breast while the other one was kneeding my soft ass!

I was scared that someone might come and see us in this compromising position, so i somehow unlocked my lips from his and said, “its not safe here dear…lets go into our cabin…” He smiled and said, “oh yeah baby…can`t wait to have you…” I seductively smiled in reply and we proceeded towards our cabin. Once we entered the cabin, he quickly locked the door and put the curtains to cover the windows. He then switched off the main light and switched on the night lamp. The blue lamp made the environment very sexy! He then looked at me and then in a flash he locked his lips with mine and started smooching me hungrily! I was moaning lightly like mmmmmmhhhhh…..hmmmmmmm….!

We kissed each other for about 5 mins and then he unlocked his lips from mine. Then he smiled and said, “come on baby…i wanna suck your beautiful boobs…” I blushed hearing it and he laughed! Then he sat down on the seat while i was standing in front of him. His face was just in front of my man-boobs! He looked at me once and then caught my boobs with his hands and started kneeding them very roughly. I closed my eyes in pain and pleasure.

I was moaning lightly like, “ummmm….yeah….squeeze my booooooooooooobs….yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh….” He squeezed my boobs over my shirt for around 10 mins and then he slowly lifted my shirt and threw it on the floor. He smiled seeing my naked boobs and said, “Oh…wow…your boobs are even more beautiful than my wife…” I gave a shy smile as i liked his comment. He slowly opened his mouth and took one of my boob into his mouth and started sucking it hugrily. I closed my eyes and put my arms around his shoulder and started caressing his hairs with my fingers while i moaned like, “hmmmm….hmmmmm….yeah baby… suck my boobs… oh yeah dear… yeah…suck my boobs…”

He suddenly bit my nipple with his teeth due to which i screamed like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh…! He laughed and continued to suck my boob for about 15 mins after which he shifted his attention to my other breast, which he also bit and feasted for another 15 mins. It was about 10:20pm now. After sucking both of my big boobs to his hearts content, he got up from the seat and asked me to sit down.

Now i was sitting while he was standing in front of me with his huge erection right in front of my face. As he was not wearing any underwear, the precum had made the shorts wet at the tip of his erection. I knew what i had to do. I just licked my lips in anticipation and put my hands on his shorts and slowly pulled it down. His hard, big cock immediately hit me on my chin. He was pretty well hung, about 6.5″ and was quite thick too. But what caught my eyes were his huge balls. Trust me, i`d never seen any balls so big! Each of them were probably twice the size of my one ball.

I couldn`t wait to touch and love them. He was also uncut, which made me even more excited. The tip of his cock was shining with his precum. Without waiting for his instructions, i slowly bend forward and planted a kiss on the wet tip of his cock. The pre-cum tasted salty and strong. I loved it. I caught his cock with my one hand and started to pull back his fore-skin. As his tight fore-skin rolled back, he moaned like, “ssshhhhhh…” The big purple head was shining with the pre-cum. I quickly kissed it and immediately took the head into my mouth and started sucking it hungrily!

He took a deep breath and moaned like, “oohhhhh yeaaahhhhh babyyyyyy….” I knew he liked it. Slowly and slowly i took his complete dick into my mouth and was sucking it hungrily. I held his balls with my hand. My god! They felt so big and heavy and i started squuezing them lightly. He was geting into mood and slowly started thrusting his dick in and out of my mouth, i.e. he now started mouth-fucking me! I loved it and so did he! He was moaning like, “oh…yeah….take it….yeah… suck it dear….fuck you….aaahhhh….yeahhhhhh…. suck it like the slut you are…. yeaaahhhhh…… suck it slutttt……aaaahhhhhhhh…….. yeahhhhhhh…….oh whattttt a slutttt…….”

He mouth-fucked me for about 20 mins after which he suddenly withdrew his big cock from my mouth and said, “oh baby…come on get up…” I quickly got up. He pulled down my trouser. My small but hard dick came into his view. Anyway, he quickly took my boob into his mouth and sucked it hungrily. Then he sat down on the seat and said, “oh…baby…i cant wait any more…. come…sit on my cock….come baby…” I was waiting for this moment but my ass was not lubed. So i was a little scared. Anyway, he quickly took a condom from his purse and put it on. He was rock hard now.

I slowly positioned myself over his big cock. Then i slowly started pushing myself down on him. I could feel the head of his big cock entering my small hole. I closed my eyes in pain and pleasure. He moaned like, “ohhhh shiitttt….” Slowly half of his cock was in my ass. Suddenly, without warning, he put his big hands on my shoulders and pushed my down completely on his dick due to which i screamed in pain and pleasure like, “aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” He immediately locked his lips with mine and caught hold of my boobs and started squeezing them. Slowly as the pain subsided, i started bouncing up and down on his big dick! He parted his lips from mine.

I was now jumping very fast on his big dick while he sucked my boobs. This continued for another 15 mins after which he suddenly said, “ok baby…come on quickly get up…” I unwantedly got up from his cock. I knew my ass was stretched wide open and i was loving it. He then said, “come-on baby… turn around and sit down on the floor like the bitch you are…come on slut…” I was more than happy to oblige and quickly sat down on the floor on all fours. My ass was now in the air towards him. Suddenly i felt the tip of his cock entering my small hole. With a heavy thrust, his cock completely entered my ass-hole. He caught hold of my shoulders for support and started thrusting his big dick in and out of my ass.

I was moaning like, “ohh yeah…oh yeah… fuck my ass….yeah…. fuck me like a slut…yeah…fuck me baby… fuck me…yeah….!” With every thrust, his big and heavy balls were hitting my ass and were making a noise like “plat” “plat” “plat” “plat” “plat”! It was really erotic. Suddenly he slapped me hard on my ass cheek and i screamed in pain. He slapped me a couple of more times! He shifted his hands from my sloulders to my boobs and he squeezed my boobs while he fucked my ass mercilessly. This continued for the next 15 mins. Suddenly i felt like cumming and i started screaming like, “ohh…yeah…fuck me ….yeah…i`m coming baby… fuck me hard….yeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” and with that i spurted my cum on the floor.

He continued to fuck my ass for another 5 mins after which he declared, “oh….yeah baby….i`m gonna cum…. turn around….turn around…” I quickly turned around and took his cock in my hand and started jerking it. He quickly took off the condom and suddenly with a loud moan of, “aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….” he started cuming. Hot spurts of cum started flying and hitting my face. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth. His cum started entering my mouth and i started collecting in my mouth. I couldn`t believe he was coming so much. I guess those big balls had stored a lot of cum.

After he finished cumming, he started spreading the cum on my face with his cock. My complete face was covered in cum. He then again put his limp cock in my mouth and i sucked it clean. He looked tired and fell on the seat. He smiled at me and said, “oh baby… you are the best ass i`v ever fucked…my wife neither allows me to fuck her ass nor does she give me a blowjob… i wish you were my wife…!” I smiled at him and said, “I am your wife for tonight…!” I quickly washed my face and then we lied together on the same seat. We covered ourselves with the blanket and slept cuddling each other with his face burried in between my boobs while i caressed his hair and we both fell asleep totally naked and satisfied.

Next morning he woke me up at 7:30 and said that the waiter would come to serve tea at 8. So i quickly got up and cleaned myself and got dressed. He kissed me on my lips and we kissed for about 5 mins when the waiter knocked. He served tea and breakfast. We finished eating by 8:30 and went to the corridors to smoke. The continuation of this story will be in the next part… please do read it… it becomes even more exciting! Write to me at / /