Train Encounter Part l

Hi, I’m Shiva from Chennai. Just few weeks back I eventually seen this
website and read almost all the stories here. I just wanted to share
my first experience, which happened in a train.

As like others even i also wanted to tell my feature briefly. I’m a
Tamil guy of 23 years old with 173cm of height and 65kgs of weight.
Basically I’m hairy, whitish brown skin tone having 7″ cock and really
an erotic fellow (fair enough to attract others). Like everybody I’m
also straight until a month back and my first encounter in a train tend
me to move to a gay life. Let me come to the incident.
Am an engineer working for a reputed concern and used to visit my
client end often. Once after completing my work i started from Kovai
to Chennai in Ernakulum express. I used to go by reservation, but due
to an emergency i couldn’t get confirmed tickets and so i climbed in
general compartment in full rush. Soon i found a place next to a
Kerala guy seems to a student with white skin and average body built.
And the train proceeded in full swing. As the day was already hectic i
read some novel and went to sleep. I didn’t even care who’s sitting by
It was 12o clock i suppose, that malayali guy bent himself and slept
over his lap with hand folded. I slept laying my head in the seat.
Suddenly that guy’s right hand touched my right thigh and i didn’t care
as it may happen as he folded his hands over his head and due to
jerk of train. Again he moved his finger towards my inner thigh
suddenly i pushed away his hand and that time too i didn’t know his
intention. After ten minutes there was complete silence as all other
people were in deep sleep. Then this time he moved boldly and tried to
touch my cock directly as a train journey i was not fall deep sleep
and removed his hand again. This time i closed my private parts with
my both hands so that he couldnt touch it. But then with bold enough
he inserted his finger between my closed hands and thigh this time i
got irritated i was about to shout but as it was a general compartment
i couldn’t scold and removed his hand again. After some time he
remained silent so that i also went to deep sleep remains in closed
cock position. Finally as i was in deep sleep he entered his hand in
between my closed hand and thigh and touched my cock completely.
Suddenly my cock got excited and started to react. At the same time i
was conscious soon a station came suddenly he removed his hand as like
nothing happened. I didn’t know which station but almost all the people
got down with few people in the compartment. And the upper berth which
meant for luggage also got empty so i wanted to utilize the berth and
escaped from that guy. So climbed upper and laid down completely.
After ten to fifteen minutes that fellow also climbed upper and i
stared but i couldn’t tell anything as it was not a reservation
compartment to own my berth. I stared him very angrily and he replied
that as it was heavy rain he couldn’t resist the cold so he climbed but
this time i knew his intention. He sat nearby my leg side and he
started his work slowly he moved his hand and grabbed my cock but this
i couldn’t resist him as it was very cold and inside something happened
and still now i didn’t know how i allowed him. Soon my cock become bulge
and he squeezed my cock which i started enjoying. As of sudden he got
down i didn’t know why. So now i was fully excited and my bulge seen
even through my brief and track pant which i felt ashamed and turn
myself upside down to control myself.
Suddenly the guy climbed but this time very tricky he had his bed
sheet with him. And i scared what does gonna happen. He told me that he also
wanted to laid by my side so asked me for the space what to do i left
some space. He lay opposite to my direction like his head near my
foot and his foot near my head and he covered himself completely and
partially with the bed sheet.
As he laid down something hit my hip constantly soon i came to that
was his erect rod. At the same time his hand pressed my butt buns and
drag my pant as it was track pant it is easy to drag and slowly drag
my underwear i didn’t know how to react so i pulled up my dress and turn
again now upside, which was his idea so that he can enjoy my cock fully
which i knew later. Now he covered me also with bed sheet so that no
one can see. He straight away grabbed my cock and slowly massaged. This
time i become hornier and i didn’t act. Slowly he pulled down my
track and felt my bulge through my under wear. Now my cock was in full
swing to show his manhood. He squeezed my erect rod and his finger
made magic with my inner thigh and cock and slowly put his hand into my
underwear now t time my manhood attained its full size and he touched
my cock and balls. As i am hairy he played with my hair by pulling my
pubic and ball hairs. Then he touched my tip of my cock which already
got heated up and oozing the presume now he could felt that it was un
cut rod he pulled down my upper skin and touched my pink mushroom head
i was enjoying he was the first guy to touch my cock. At the same time
he made me to touch his cock over his blue denim. Then he squeezed his
cock over my hands. Then he slowly moved down his whole body downwards
facing my cock to his mouth. As of sudden he engulfed my pink mushroom
in his mouth. Totally i was in heaven now and completely sucked like sucking a candy stick.