Oh Yes Deepak Part II

Having got dried off we went into my bedroom together and lay down on the bed cuddling one another. We started talking and neither of us had any intention to become lovers when we first met but circumstances had changed during our time together and we both were pleased with the result. It was lucky I went to the airport to see off my girl friend today or we would never have met I remarked. He agreed and said a lucky day for both of us and it was a good job my girlfriend wasnt here seeing us both naked so I told him wait one minute and you can see what she looks like because you havent seen her yet and I took two DVDs out of my bedside cabinet drawer.

The first DVD was just normal pictures at the beginning taken in various trips wherever we had been. He thought she was very pretty and very cute because of her small size. I then used the remote and said you will like these more and now pictures of her naked came up on the TV screen. I was right he did like them more because his dick started to erect again. Now I will show you ones of her having sex and you will see that if she had been here she would have been happy to see us together I told him.

I clicked the remote and the first one I showed him was her fucking me with her strap-on dildo followed by a few more in different positions. I knew he was a very intelligent guy because he asked who took the pictures as obviously we couldnt have done it ourselves. Another click and there she was being fucked by Preethi, our best friend and sex partner when we were in the Middle East, an Indian aunty as readers would say.

Deepak saw several of Preethi and Mei Ling having lesbian sex in various forms and then some more pictures with two other ladies, one Sri Lankan and one Indian. I also showed more of me with all the ladies and by now Deepak was really excited again. I said you have seen just a few of the pictures on this disk but now I am going to show you actual videos of us all plus me with guys and all of us at our Friday afternoon sex party gatherings. Deepak said he had a suggestion to make and I told him to go ahead and tell me. Instead of going out tonight why dont we stay in watching your DVDs and having more fun together? I replied that I would enjoy that even more than going out with him and I would order food from the restaurant to be delivered when we were hungry which would save time for us.

Just give me a minute Deepak said and went out of the bedroom and returned after two minutes carrying an envelope. My turn to show you my wife he said and handed me a picture of her telling me her name was Sita. She looked lovely in her sari fully made up ready to go out somewhere. Then he showed me her naked pictures followed by her with a youngish lady having lesbian sex and finally her fucking and sucking with other men. I told Deepak I would love to meet her and all the people with her in the pictures. Yes I agree and it would be great if the four of us could be together because I want to fuck you with the two ladies watching. Yes please I replied.

Deepak was erect again and I said lets fuck before we do anything more and I got into the doggy position once again. Moments later his cock was in my asshole fucking me yet again. His strokes were long, slow and deep and it felt wonderful. Deepak then suggested we changed positions and now I was on my back and he lifted my legs and slid his throbbing cock back into my waiting asshole. Once he was fully inside again he fucked me with long slow strokes and again I was in heaven at being fucked so beautifully. Deepak lifted my legs so now they were on his shoulder and then he pushed my legs backwards over my body. Now he could get in very deep and I could see every stroke as he fucked me.

He leaned forward and now my legs were back over my face almost and he could reach me to kiss me as he fucked in and out. Our tongues met as we kissed sexily and our mouths were locked together just as his cock and my asshole were locked together in a very passionate fucking. We broke from our kiss and Deepak moaned that he was in love with me already and we had to meet whenever we could. Oh yes Deepak I want that so much and for you to fuck me with our ladies watching. Deepak said there was nothing he would like better himself and he would pull out his cock and let the ladies suck him in turn and added that Sita would really enjoy that. I told him Mei Ling would love that too. He thrust into me deeper still and then speeded up his fucking strokes and told me he was going to fill me with his hot cum again but I begged him to wait for a minute or two.

I explained that I want to put a towel under my body first if he wanted to continue fucking me in this position because he was fucking me so deep there was a chance I might poop as he pulled out after coming in me. Oh yes, Deepak said and pulled out of me telling me to wait one minute and he went off and brought back a large beach towel and positioned it under me. Once again we got into position and Deepak slid his even stiffer cock back into me and began thrusting as deep as he could get inside me. His strokes were slow and even deeper than before and he told me he was sure his cock head was now burying itself in my poop inside me.

He pulled out all the way and we saw he was correct because his cock head was covered in poop. It seemed to make him hornier and also more macho because he looked me in the eyes and told me he wanted me to suck him before he continued fucking me.
Anything you want dear I will do to make you happy and I sat up and took his cock into my mouth and sucked it until he told me to stop.

He pushed me back and once more started fucking me deep only now he was speeding up. As he thrust into me he told me this had to be one of the most exciting fucks of his life and then he groaned and I felt his sperm shooting inside my asshole. Deepak let my legs down and lay on top of me with his cock still inside me and we went into a long kiss.

I dont care what people would think of what we have done because to me it has been wonderful he said and I agreed with him. After a few more kisses Deepak lifted my legs again and pulled out his cum and shit stained cock. After lowering my legs he moved up my body and rubbed his cock over my face and I took it into my mouth. After he took it out he kissed me long and hard before rolling off to one side where we kissed several more times.

I then said I had better go to the bathroom because I wanted to poop badly and Deepak said Ok but I will come with you. We went together and Deepak said lets get into the shower because I want to piss on you again. Mmm lovely, yes please I said and knelt in front of him and also telling him I might poop while he pissed on me. Yes do that he told me. He smiled down at me and said he was feeling extremely horny still and perverted too. Good because so am I, I replied.

He pulled me to my feet and said he wanted to kiss me again first and we went into a deep tonguing kiss. When we broke apart he smiled again and told me to look in the mirror which I did. I saw my face was streaked where he had wiped his cock and I told him I looked part Indian with the brown on my face. He laughed at that and said he might make my face all brown if I pooped like I had said I would.

We turned to one another, kissed again and then stepped back into the shower where we kissed again. Deepak was holding my tightly as we kissed and our tongues were busy probing each other mouths. Then as our kiss went on I started pooping as we stood and some went down my legs and even more went direct to the floor making a splattering sound as it landed. We broke apart and Deepak told me to turn so he could see me shitting so I did as he asked. I bent slightly forward and I shit more and saw Deepak catching some in his hands. He then put his arms around me and showed me asking if he could rub it on my face. Yes I told him, you can do anything you want with me now dearest. He put his hands to my face and rubbed it all over my face before turning me round so he could see the results of his work.

Now you look even more like an Indian he said and then smeared my face more before putting the final touches by rubbing it on my lips. He pulled me out to look in the mirror again and I saw exactly what he meant because all of my face was brown. Do you like how you look he asked me and I replied that I liked it very much. Good and now I will show you how much I like the way you look, he replied. With that he pulled me into another long tonguing kiss and then he licked my cheeks before kissing me again. He then told me that he had said he was feeling very perverted now but was loving every moment. Me too, I told him and I meant every word.

We stepped back into the shower and he bent down and picked up most of what was on the floor and this time he rubbed it over his own face. Again we kissed and then I told him I was already in love with him and he should consider me as his second wife. He moaned and said he already thought of me that way and that he also loved me too. He then pushed me gently to my knees and gave me his piss directly into my mouth before kissing again.

We then turned the shower on and it took a good 15 minutes to clean up and get dry before returning to the bedroom. We lay cuddling on the bed and he told me he wanted to do all that again in front of the ladies. I told him Mei Ling would love it and join in with us. I am sure Sita would also enjoy it and join in too he replied.

That was the start of a very sexy and horny evening only interrupted by the meal I had delivered for both of us. He watched the videos of both me and Mei Ling having sex with many different people and he asked if I could make copies of them so he could take them home to show Sita. I did this for him before he left and he was truly grateful for the trust I had showed in him.

Finally before he had to return to the hotel we swapped e-mail addresses and phone numbers as well as our instant messenger I.D.s We showered together and once we were dressed he gathered up his shopping and I called for a taxi to collect him and take him back to the hotel. I wished him a safe flight and journey home and he promised to come on line the following night to chat with me. I felt really sad when he left after such a wonderful day with him but I knew we would meet again.