The New Friend Story About How I Found A New Friend Online

Hello Readers…!! I’m writing a story for the first time, so please forgive me for my mistakes. The story contains adult homosexual activities so if it offends you then please stop reading.

Starting with myself, my name is Viraj from Mumbai, India. I m a 22 year old man. Completed my graduation recently and now working. I’m not fat instead I would say I m chubby. Even if my other body parts are shaped proportionately, I have a rather bulky chest. A chest that is well developed like that of a busty lady. Having such huge male boobs always got me second glances from both the sexes. From males that were surprised and from females that were I guess jealous. I also had a nice round ass that got much appreciation.

I was clear about my sexual orientation from the time I was first groped by a man. I was Bisexual, but no one except me knew about it. I had felt many hands on my boobs and my ass but never did more than that.

It was around few months back, out of curiosity I registered online on a gay website, where I updated all the details. One day I noticed a message in my inbox, “Hey, Rohan here..! 23 from the same city, read your profile and m interested in you. Can I get your number?” Well I was really excited reading this but also was damn scared and nervous. But I mustered courage and replied back “Hie Rohan.. 90 this is my phone number”

Within an hour I got a call on my mobile, it was Rohan. We talked like for half an hour. He was really nice person and we liked talking with each other. We used to talk more frequently now. It had been around 2 weeks, One day he asked me out for a date and we agreed to meet at a restaurant.

I dressed up in jeans a tee shirt and a jacket. (I don’t wear only a tee shirt as my boobs are quite visible in them.)I was really anxious about this meeting as we still had never seen each other. We had coordinated and booked a table for us. When I reached there he was waiting there on the table.

I reached out my hand “Hi Rohan”. In response he wished me back,” Hi Viraj” and he hugged me. He had a firm body. His strong arms felt nice around me. He was wearing a crisp white shirt and denim jeans. He was muscular. I could smell a nice scent from him. Rohan definitely knows how to score full marks in first impression. We ordered food and started chatting. We talked on random topics. I could see his eyes checking me out and when I caught him staring at my boobs he gave a naughty smile. Oh My God..!! That smile can melt anyone..!!
Rohan: So Viraj, finally we meet today..!!

Viraj: yeah… And m happy we met :)
Rohan: Me too viraj… So what are we doing now? Would u like to come to my place for some drinks?
Viraj: hmm… Yeah. I guess that would be better.

In my mind I was dying to be with him… the simple thought of spending time with this hunk was turning me on…As we reached his place he opened the door for me… As I walked in I could feel his gaze over my bubble ass.. as if he was feasting on it.. He closed the door and came behind me… He hugged me from behind and whispered in my ears

R : Welcome Viraj.. just be at ease… let me have your jacket.( I could feel his hot body on my back.. he grinded my ass with his erection and before I could respond he just removed the jacket over my shoulders)

He threw the jacket on the couch and started feeling my body… his hands started pressing my boobs… I could just moan out of pleasure… He inserted his one hand in my tee-shirt and started pinching my right nipple… I could feel his warm breaths over my neck… he was licking my earlobes… giving small kisses over my neck from behind. I was totally enjoying this while being in his embrace… I could feel his dick poking my ass…

He then removed my tee shirt and turned me… I was feeling little awkward but he was staring at me and smiling… “Wow Viraj..!! You are so beautiful..!! Look at your boobs…!! They are better than most of the girls I know…!!” saying this he started kissing my lips…!! “Ohh… mmm….. You have so juicy lips…” He was almost biting my lips, sucking on them… the pleasure he was giving me was far more than the pain…!! His hands were now all over my nude back… going down to my ass slowly…. He grabbed my ass cheek through jeans and pressed it hard… He was enjoying my flesh.. He stepped back and told me to remove my jeans…

I told him to sit on the couch and started doing a strip tease… Was dancing and removing my clothes gradually… while making sure that I use my boobs and ass to the fullest to excite him… He was sitting on the couch rubbing his hard on through his pants… I walk over to him and gave him a slight kiss on his lips… just touching him… and started removing his shirt…!! Once removed I could see his well built body… he was not too muscled but was fit with slight outline of abs… next I sat on his lap with my back towards him… grinding my ass over his raging hard on… but before he could hold me I got up… I knelt down in front of him.

I put my right hand over his dick and started rubbing it over the denim. He extended his left hand and started playing with my boobs. I could feel a monster trapped in that jeans and I started undoing his pants. He rose up enough from his seat for me to remove his clothes. His crotch area was just before my face. The hard Rock monster was now free in front of me. It was of around 7 inches long. I had never seen such huge dick as my own stands at 6 inches.. He had clean chest with no hairs, nice brown nipples sticking out of hard Pecs.. A narrow stretch of hairline going down from navel to pubes.

He started kissing my lips. Making passionate sounds.. I too responded with my kisses. I started getting bolder.. I slowly started licking downwards… From lips I went to neck… giving him love bites over there… then to nipples.. Licking and nibbling upon one while pinching the other… then repeating the same with the other one. Further I started licking his navel… my tongue licking every possible part of his navel.

Slowly going further down I started licking his balls… Sucking one at a time… I purposely was avoiding his dick and licking rest all over his sacs, his thighs… I could feel the tension growing… his rod was so hard.. He kept his hand over my head and forced me on his dick… His dick tasted so good…!!! The aroma was intoxicating…

I licked over the precum formed over the head… It tasted so good… it made me hungry for more… yes I wanted more of it… I kissed the dick head… swirling my tongue below it.. sucking on the dick, I started trying to deep throat him.. Slowly slowly taking his dick into my mouth but after few inches I gagged.. but I tried again.. This time too I got gag feeling but now rohan was in no mood to stop… he hold my head tight and started shoving his dick in my mouth… stroking it… face fucking me hard… In his grip I felt helpless but was enjoying this situation…!!!

After a few more strokes Rohan screamed that he is going to cumm…. He increased his speed… My jaw was paining… he was really going deep in my throat… Few more minutes and he screamed…. Gallons of cum in my mouth… He kept on cumming.. I tried swallowing but could not keep up to him… His cum leaked from sides of my cheek on my boobs…!! He kept fucking my face till his dick went limp…

I lied down on the floor carpet all sweaty. He too lied down beside me… and started playing with my boobs… he spread his cumm all over my boobs and started sucking on them… licking his own cum…

R : I love you Dear…
V : I love you too Rohan..
R : Viraj I want to make you mine…. U said u r virgin… rite?
V : yes dear.. and I would be happy myself to lose my virginity to you my de…
I could not complete my sentence as he started kissing me deeply.. We kissed like there was no tomorrow..

To be continued…

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