A Gay Fantasy-Sex With My Driver

Hi..This is Vijay..Im a final year college student…Im a lover of sex..I like every bit of it..love gay sex…a bit afraid to try it but I love it…always had a weakness for super cute asses and big hard dicks….love public exhibitionism and guys groping in public..

Im 21 years old…pretty slim body…nice chest with brown nipples..I like it hard always…I shave my body when Im horny..and its super sexy..gotta nice bouncy ass that like to dance with every step..always been proud of my ass…I have a 5inch dick with a nice pink mushroom head…I love tight dresses which show my ass and erect nipples..love guys who have brushed my thighs in public….

This here is an account of my fantasy with my driver which I will do in the future…

He was a new driver…about 21 years of age…slim body..short and sweet ass…the most prominent is his dick….always sticks out of his pant no matter what he wears….Ive always had an attraction to him from when I saw him first…

My college is far away from my home…so I stay at the hostel..I come home occasionally when I get some long holidays..on one of those my dad wanted me to get a licence..I figured it was a good idea…as we had our own car and driver….probably he can teach me…it was good as now I get to spend time with the big dick guy…

We started right away and I must say…I was pretty good at driving…fast learner I was in driving…all those initial days….there was nothing much going on except my sexual urge for his monster dick was getting higher by the minute…

And so one day I planned to take him and make him to use me

I was ready for it in every way….shaved my body completely…wore a tight cotton t shirt which is highly revealing…and very very short…a tight nylon shorts which struck to my body..covering less than half my milky white thighs……I did not wear an underwear on purpose…so the outline of my dick will be clearly visible…when I sat in the car with him beside me in the front….I was happy as I can surely seduce him in this dress.

When we started..I adjusted my shorts to make my ass crack visible by lowering it really down..my shirt rose and my entire hips and belly was visible almost…I took the car in a mud road under the pretex that I need to learn to see the pot holes on the road…We were going really well and he was noticing me carefully…

I suddenly stopped the car wanting to pee and I went out…it was perfect place…there was no sign of human existence nearby…I kept my android mobile in the car and took my nokia with me..my nylon shorts did not have a zipper as it is a swim wear…I lowered it below my ass to pee..so my entire ass was open for him to see…I took out my mobile and called my other phone which I had kept in the car…I had changed the caller id photo to a photo of an old man with big dick fucking a sweet teen boy….I called it and it began to ring…he saw it and came near me to give it to me….as he came near me…he noticed my cute ass from behind..he came close to me and told me about the call looking at my ass

I finished peeing when he told me and went with him..I did not pull up my shorts high enough and my ass was still visible…as he went to sit..I placed my hand on his now erect dick..he felt an electricity run through him…

He pushed me on the car bonnet and started rubbing my hips and kissing my cheeks….I was so horny and held him tight..he started kissing my lips deep and rough…started sucking my tongue and kissing my lower lips….I was him heaven and enjoyed it like a bitch…he put two fingers inside my lips and I started sucking it like a lollipop…he was done using my mouth and removed my shirt so roughly..he admired my hairless chest and started pinching my nipples and squeezing my man boobs….I was rubbing the pant over his dick while he was milking my man boobs..it was painful as he was hunger and was biting my nipples more than sucking them…I moaned first to ask him to stop and then to use me harder and harder.

As he went lower…he started playing with my hips gently licking them and tonguing my belly button…I held his head and closed my eyes in sheer pleasure….he removed my shorts in a quick flash and there..a soft virgin teen boy naked in public hoping to break his cherry.

He got wild with each touch and rubbed by thighs more and more…he touched my duck and stroked it making it hard instantly…rubbed my inner thighs and cupped my balls many times…I guessed that he did not know where to start..so I started

I suddenly bend down and pulled down his pant and underwear together at once..and I was surprised..he had a massively long 7 inch monster ready to bang me real hard…I took it in my hand and started stroking it slowly circling its head..he was enjoying very much…and I kissed it lightly..it was my first cock kiss….loved it smell..I started licking his head and just like in porn movies…took the entire length in one flash inside…it gagged me as it hit the back of my throat…made me to spit on it and start sucking…I started slow and soon was madly sucking it deep..it was moaning hard calling me his personal bitch and held my head..started banging his dick inside my mouth..I was gagging and choking on its length but he didnt not care..I loved it a lot and soon..felt his muscled tighten…he stopped.

He bend down and opened my ass wide..started admiring its beauty and shape saying he loves my ass and wants to fuck it all his life..I was soo horny that my dick started oozing pre cum even without touching…he put a finger in to my as and explored it..I moaned softly and he opened a bit wider and put his tongue…he began to eat my ass making me wild..I was moaning more and more begging him to use me as hard as he can….he made it really moist…my ass was getting wet and my liquids was running down my thighs..he stopped and bend my head down on the bonnet and opened my ass wide…he put his dick at the ass opening and forced it inside..I was in heaven and moaned hard….in pain and pleasure…

He had a nice head and it took time and a lot of pain to get it inside me…i was screaming him to stop and was crying as it was really paining…it made him even more horny and he only tried harder….Soon his head popped my cherry and his cock head was inside me…it felt better now..and he started pushing inside me…i felt his dick hitting the back of my stomach as he put all 7 inches inside me.

He then started thrusting harder into me.I was moaning really loud..didnt really care if anyone finds me. I just want it soo badly and i was moaning harder with each stroke. And he went deeper and harder with each stroke and felt like never before. It was the greatest pleasure ever..to get fucked really hard.He started slapping ass cheeks making me even more horny and scream and kept thrusting for about another 10 minutes. Then i felt his dick tighten inside my soft ass and there it came.It wasnt thin..it was really thick and i felt the warm liquid as it filled my ass. He kept cumming inside me for some time and he pulled out.White sticky cum was slowly oozing out from my ass. I put my finger inside and took out some cum and started sucking it dry. It tasted a bit salty but i loved it!

I couldnt get up from the bonnet for some time as it was quite paining..but when i got up, i noticed that i had cummed on the bonnet itself.i had never cummed hands free. I bent down and licked every little drop of my own cum from the bonnet. I then bend down and licked his dick clean of cum.

He dressed up and didnt let me to dress up . I only wore my shirt and not my shorts. I had to drive half naked for another 1 hour before i reached home. I loved every bit of it and we had steamy cum sessions many times after that. WARNING: This is a work of FICTION.

Thank you for reading my story and please post your comments. This is my first story and i apologize for any mistakes in it.
Thank you boyss