Fucked In The Shower My First Gay Experience

About myself, you can call me Sasha, Im bi, almost a CD of 20 years old, my assets are, fair complexion, very slim, girly body, girlish attitude, small but very round, very tight smooth ass which you would be dying to spank it.

It was intensively hot noon of month June. As usual i decided to go to my friends house living next to door in my neighborhood. His name is Raj. As soon as i reached, rang the doorbell, he came out with a smile and invited me in. He was alone in house on that day. I followed him to the bedroom where he was watching a movie on TV. We talked about random things for a while and were watching movie together.

I was half laid on my left side on bed and he too was in same pose. So my ass was displayed to him. I was wearing t-shirt with shorts and he was in his boxers and vest. Whenever a seductive scene comes in the movie he gently rubs his hand over my thighs, almost touching my butt. I didnt care about it much but a part of me was feeling good by his light gentle touch.

So we kept watching the movie and then lights went out. It ruined our all fun of watching the movie as we found it very entertaining. We ended up talking on random things again, about girls and such. All of a sudden, he stood up and said ” ufff this fucking hot, Im gonna take a shower right now, do you wanna come?” since it was intense hot and I was sweating all over too, I didnt feel hesitate going with him to shower. So, he ordered me to follow him to other bedroom and I followed it obediently. There he shed off his clothes and he was in skin colored underwear only. I took off my t-shirt and wasnt removing my shorts. He stared at me and said “why arent you removing your shorts”? I stood silent, looked away for a while and with a blush on my face and a shy smile i replied “Im not wearing any underwear, Raj” he chuckled and remarked “oh so what? You are not a girl, are you? Wait, I get you one of my underwear if you really feel shy” he then gave me one of his black underwear that I worn without being faltered.

Afterwards, we went to bathroom together, he turned on the shower and we were standing almost touching each other lightly, moving back forth. After a while he took the body shampoo and a body sponge and asked me to apply the shampoo on his back and scrub his back. I did it very gently like a obedient wife. I wasnt hesitating doing that and i dont know why. I actually liked it. He then asked me to turn around as he said that he wants to do the same for me. I turned and he started applying body shampoo and scrubbing my back. Aahh it was so amazing warm feeling I ever felt. He gradually was moving his hands from back to my butts. And in a blink of eye he was scrubbing my so soft small butts and before i knew it he was already squeezing my butts with his hands very lightly. I was pushing my ass against him hesitantly when his erected hard cock touched my ass. First i was surprised for a moment but then oh my god aahh it was so pleasurable feeling. After a while of that he was almost hugging me from behind. As soon as i turned my face to her, his hard cock caught my sight. He caught me staring at this cock and asked “kya dekh raha hai be?” and to my surprise he removed his underwear in a second. My jaw was dropped down on the floor seeing his hard huge black with pink head cock. My mouth was gushing with saliva to suck it and my hands were desperate to touch it, shake it, and rub it. He pulled me close to him and made me kneel down there on floor and held my head ” choos mera lund meri nayi randi” he ordered. I was so shocked how he said such thing in that so rude way. But i really dont know what zipped my mouth and i couldnt say a single word in response to what he said. I was hesitating but he again held my head, made my lips touched his dicks tip, this time i couldnt escape and was sucking his huge black cock as he was nudging my head against his cock and he held my head forcefully. I was licking his cock all over. He forcefully, repeatedly was shoving his cock in out of my wet with saliva mouth. He made me to stick my mouth, my lips and lick his pink tip of dick and ordered “thuk ke chaat mere lund ka top, kutti” and i spat and licked and was rolling my tongue on his dicks head and rubbing his pink dicks head with my thumb.

He kept my mouth over his hard balls for a minute and made me to suck his hard balls in every way i could suck and rub his balls.

After almost five minutes of giving him a good blow job he stood me up and turned me around as soon as I turned he slapped my ass so hard that made me moan and scream at the same time. He was so passionately rubbing, licking and torturing my ass. I was become his obedient little bitch. Now my ass was being dominated cruelly. He then started shoving his middle finger in my hole which was tight. “aaaaaaahhhh” I was moaning like anything with the pleasure he was giving to me, i was in seventh heaven, was losing my consciousness. My eyes were shut down with the heavenly pleasure.

When he stopped fingering my hole i opened my eyes and in meanwhile he started rubbing his fully erected nice huge juicy hard black cock on my soft lovely tight small butts. He was then rubbing his cock on my hole; I felt his dick on my burning hole. I was moving my ass a little and was being so obedient to him.

He was trying to shove his cock in me, when he made a short stroke I almost cried, screamed but he kept his hands on my mouth and put his fingers in my mouth. I actually was sucking his fingers, oh my god, I didnt know that. I was almost losing my consciousness again. He gradually made his way in my hole softly with short and long strokes. He now was fucking me hard, i was getting fucked so great that made me moaned sweetly but loud. Whenever he made long strokes with his cock I almost cried but after few minutes of fucking my virgin hole the pain turned into a very pleasurable feeling. I was really enjoying getting fucked by his huge black cock. He fucked me in bathroom for like half an hour.

After we got exhausted we got into bathtub and I was over him, my ass was over his cock. We relaxed like a husband wife for minutes.