Cross-dressed By Friends Part I

I have been cross-dressing since the age of 15. I like to wear saree, suits and lehngas. This is a story about me getting dressed up by my friends when I was doing my engineering. My group in college consisted of 3 guys and 3 girls. The girls were all staying at their places and I had rented out a place in the city with my relatives. Two of my other friends used to stay in the boys hostel.

This incident happened in the third year about a month before the exams when the guys had gone to their native places. Me and three other girls decided to have a joint session of study at one of the girls places as both of her parents were working and we could study without any disturbance. During the sessions we started to have competitions on the subjects with the winner having small token reward and the loser entertaining the winner in the break time.

On the second day I lost three rounds consecutively and the girls won one each. In the break time they told me that it was useless to study with a guy as they seldom give any competition to girls. With my male ego hurt, I decided to challenge them to a one to one competition with the winner deciding what to get done from the other person. To my bad luck, I lost two and won one. So I asked the girl who had lost to me to wear her skimpiest dress with slutty make up. She was hesitant, but all of us pushed her to do this. So during the next break she wore a black tank top with a short skirt and wore bright red lipstick. I had got an instant erection seeing one my friends dressed in such a slutty way.

However, my excitement was short lived. The girls told me that it will not be fair to let one of their female friends be dressed in such a slutty manner in front of one of their male friends. So they told me that I have to act and behave like a female in front of them for the next three days. They said that this will ensure that I will not leak this information out of the group.

I was hesitant at first but thought the thought of making the other two girls the same slut, I had to be around and doing things they wanted me to do. Also I would be able to cross-dress in front of someone else for the first time. And so I agreed. But instead of being upfront I told them that I will do this only if the other two girls walk the same plank.

Hearing this they quickly went into a huddle and asked me to wait outside. When I was called into the room after 10 minutes, they told me that they were ready for my terms and that it was my day for transformation into one of them. Before leaving the room they had instructed me to change into the clothes they had laid down on the bed.

My heart was pumping furiously. On one hand was the desire of being cross-dressed in front of other people going to be fulfilled and on the other was the risk of the news getting out of the group which may lead to humiliation.

However, I gave into my desires and started to see the clothes which were laid out for me. I was happy to see that my friends did to me was what I gave them. They had a mini skirt with a sliced noodle strap top. Though they were a bit loose, when I saw myself in the mirror I was happy and joyous. When I came out of the room in front of them I immediately saw the camera flashes. I was terrified on seeing the camera but my friends promised that they would delete it after the exams so that the news about slutty appearances is not spread in college.

They proceeded to tell me that I have to wear makeup as well. Although I had resisted initially they pushed me hard to do this their way of the pictures will get out. Then I was made to sit in front of a full length mirror with my back towards it. They applied the foundation first. One of them then started to put on a red lipstick on my lips. And then the other one put eyeliner on my eyes. Then was the turn of eye shadow and mascara. Once the basic make up was completed, they put on a necklace with a small pendant, clip on earrings, bracelet on one arm and two bangles on the other. Once they were finished, I was made to look into the mirror. I was amazed at the job the girls had done in less than 30 minutes. I looked a complete sex bomb slut. The sandals they had picked out for me didn’t fit me properly from the front. So they let me walk in flat slippers only.

They started teasing me how much better I looked as a girl rather than a guy. One of the girl insisted that we check whether he is a guy or not. They said that they will put on my mobile number on the internet with a girl’s name so that guys can get their loads off. By this time they had said things they normally didn’t say in front of me.

After this we started to study for the next three hours. Around 5 pm, I started to push them to return me my clothes and remove my make up so that my friend’s parents don’t see me like this. They teased me or 10 minutes and then they let me off. They removed my make up and asked me to wash my face thoroughly. After the cleanup session, I dressed in my male clothes and we again started to study so that when her parents come we were seen studying.

At the end of the day I had a good night sleep with one my dreams fulfilled.