Fruit Cream Dessert Part One Of Many

Hi everyone ! I will like to start by telling all that you am not gay , however, in my life I have had some interesting and memorable encounters with men and their asses I would like to share with you readers .

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So here goes …..This goes back to the time when I was still in my teens . It was a lazy Saturday evening . The family and I had decided to visit the local South Indian restaurant for dinner . Post dinner , as we were to leave my parents ran into son friends . Experience told me it could be a while before goodbyes would be said …. So I decided to peddle away home while I knew everybody else would be walking back home .. did I mention we lived in a small town north of delhi then ….

I was home in a jiffy and opened the gate to the bungalow , parked entered the house from the kitchen door , hence avoiding ringing the bell and waiting for our lazy servant sunder to open the door…

As I walked up the stairs towards my bedroom , I could hear a soft moan coming from my room ! Strange I said to myself and decided to tip toe to wards my room….. It was now dark and the house seemed empty and scary ! With my heart pounding I opened the door and stepped in !

What I saw next almost made me cry with relief and shout in amazement !Lying completely naked on my bed was our young servant Sunder .. He was probably a few months younger than I ! His cock was erect ! With one hand he was stroking his penis gently and with the other hand he was holding up and staring at one of my many porn magazines ..

He seemed lost in himself and did not notice me walk straight upto him. I looked down at him and coughed twice and asked , enjoying yourself ? This caught his attention and he almost jumped out of the bed ! I couldnt but help smile .. Relax I said  Sunder was red in the face , and didnt know what to say or do I havent seen too many naked men and this was an oddly exciting sight ..I could feel my cock getting stiff .And then for reasons I cant explain. I walked back down locked the kitchen and the main door and came back up to the room ! Sunder by now was fully dressed and smiling sheepishly at me .

Without a word I entered my room and slipped my pants off . And then proceeded to pull my underwear off . My t shirt came off next . And now I was as naked as he had been five minutes ago !

He looked at me eyes wide open !

So I said to him

Dekh sunder mainaye tujhaye nanga dekh liya hai , ab too bhi mera Lund aur Gand dekh le . Hamaye fir ek hi Ghar mein Rahnaye mein problem nahi hogi !

With that I turned around and bent over, exposing my ass and butt cheeks to him ..I could feel his eyes staring at my aas hole.I turned around and asked him to take his pants off ! To this he agreed without a word . His cock was small but was now rock solid … It felt weird but erotic at the same time !

I then placed my self onto my bed and asked him to go fetch the jar of Vaseline from my bathroom.He was back in a second .. Ji bhaiya ji Vaseline . He finally managed to say something . I looked up at him and said . Ab khol kar apnaye Lund par laga ! And right after that I laid down on the bed on my stomach with my ass facing him .Chal ab mere Gand mein bhi laga de Vaseline … I could tell he was hesitating . So I turned to look at him and growled

Chalo Jaldi karo !!!

Ji bhaiya ji . He managed..

Next instant I could feel his hands on my ass cheeks .. With one hand he pried open the ass and the other managed to apply plenty of Vaseline . But it seemed he missed and the hole and got most of it on the cheeks . I wasnt an expert either ! That done I called out to him and said, Dekh choot toh hai nahi , chal try kar Gand mar Saktaa hai to maar . Chal saalye Lund le ke Upar aa . Saalye de de apna Lund undar ! Bhaiya ji aap kaya kah rahaye hai ! I was over come with a strange intoxicating feeling ! I didnt know what came over me ! I turned around exposing my fully erect cock … Measured at seven inches and Fairly thick even as a teenager

His eyes immediately dropped to my cock and seem to say , fuck your cock has grown in leaps and bounds ( sunder had been with the household for many years and has probably seen me naked a plenty of times earlier . But never erect )

Dekh sundar too aata hai yaa mein Teri gaand chodu ! Chal Idhar aa!

And I walked over to him and grabbed him by his hard dick . My touch seem to drive him wild . He pushes me on the bed , turned me around and jumped on top of me from behind . I could feel his small dick trying desperately to seek entrance , but his lack of experience and raw passion failed him . He held both my ass cheeks and started to pump his cock in between . Every once in a while he managed to hit my Asa hole , but barely ..

This was a new sensation ! Soon Sunder overcome , could not contain himself any longer and let out his load ! His cock burst out a load which went flying all the way to the base of my neck. My ass hole was covered with his load and began to drip . Exhausted he collapsed right on top … I smiled and said to myself .. Its my turn now .. Sunder get ready to be hammered ….just than the door bell rang , and we scramblers to get dressed .. Sunder ran down to get the door … While I reaches for the bathroom door … Smiling to myself … This is not over , his tight ass will be ripped open very soon ..

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