Lost My Virginity To A Real Hunk

Hello guys from ISS. I am regular reader of ISS. Today I am going to write my own story. Please excuse me for my mistakes as this is my first story and also my first sex encounter and that also gay. Talking about me, I am 21 years slim boy from Mumbai. I am very slim my body stats are height is 58″ waist is 28 and my weight is around 50 kg. I have 6″ uncut tool and very tiny ass with soft butts. I am manly guy but have feminine like smooth body. Many of my female friends told me that I have girly figure. And once while traveling in train a group of guys were watching gay porn of skinny cross dresser guy and were looking at me with lust. I also tried to watch that porn from their tab and that CD guy in that porn movie was very similar as me. I was feeling to do so but I didnt react.

Then when at home I searched web and joined few gay social networking sites and uploaded my naked body pics. I started getting huge messages for sex encounters. I did never know that guys would love me this much. I started chatting on sites and yahoo messenger as well. Then I got a friend request on yahoo messenger. That guy was named Vinay aged 28. He told he viewed my profile and like it. We talked for some time about sexual liking and all. He was very excited to know I was virgin. Then he asked for cam 2 cam chat and we started. My god, that guy was really very muscular and his rod was very thick and long. I should be at least 7″. I asked him why he likes me as I am skinny guy. He replied he wanted a slim gf and I got perfect figure. Then we talked about place and both of us were not having place so we decided to meet in public place.

He was from Vashi so he told me to meet in Inorbit Mall near Vashi station on Saturday 18th October 2014 in morning around 10 AM. We decided this meet and I visited at Inorbit mall, Vashi. I waited there for around 10-15 min and there he came with smile on his face. We went inside mall and directly went to McDonalds shop and spent around half hour eating burger, French fries etc. Whole time he was praising me. He told he like me so much. He told my butts are even beautiful than female pussy. He said he want to make my small white ass butts into red spanking and fucking hard. The whole time he was just imagining about me and sex. Finally after eating we moved to washroom and surprisingly it was empty there was no one. He whispered in my ears that he wants to see and touch my butts once. I said no someone will see us. He pushed me in toilet and locked door.

Now we were both in toilet he quickly unzipped my jeans and underwear and saw my ass butts. He was staring very crazily at my butts. He put his very hard hands on my butts and spanked it. I was feeling very naughty and I was in heavens. Then he lean down and put his lips on my butts and quickly left a love bite on my small and soft butts. Then he pooled over my T-shirt and started licking and biting my little nipples. I was moaning in pleasure. Then he unzipped his jeans and pulled out his monster cock. It was rock hard white colored cock. I think it was more than 7″ and very thick. He started rubbing his cock on my ass hole I was ready for losing my virginity and he whispered in my ears “baby guess what, I got a place for this. Be my little sweet gf today”. I turned towards him with smile on my face. We quickly got ready. Then we confirmed theres no one outside and got outside.

Then we moved back to Vashi station. We cached a bus and moved to Mahape. There was a newly built apartment. He told he his friend has flat here and its all free for us. We moved to the flat and it was awesome well furnished 2 BHK flat. Vinay was having a sack on his shoulders. He locked the door, opened his sack and there was a DVD in his sack. He switched on the TV and inserted DVD in drive. It was gay porn DVD. It started with a very skinny guy like me in ladies dress and an old man. Vinay looked at me and said “sweetie I really want u like this.”. I said I never did cross dressing. He smiled and gave a pack from his sack to me. I opened it and it was pink colored bra, panties, short skirt and top and also a nice sexy ladies night suit. Also there was a hair wig. I wore the bra, panties and skirt and top. I also wore the wig. He kept staring at me and said “Baby u dont really need make up! You are my angel. Come to me”. He hugged me so tight. I felt like a real girl. Then he kissed on my lips and said “my god what a smooth and soft lips u have. Will u be my gf in real honey?” He smooch me for around 10 min. Then he sat on bed and got undressed. He was totally naked. He told me to be in lingerie only so I did. Then he pointed me to his lap. I sat on his lap and he started squeezing my small nipples. He was doing it very hard I was moaning in pleasure as well as little pain.

As porn movie was going on his cock was erect and touching my asshole over panties. Then as the CD guy in movie started sucking cock I also felt same. So I sat besides Vinay and took his cock in my small hands. He was very hot and I started stroking it. Then I placed a kiss on its cock head. Then I slowly took his cock in my mouth and started sucking. I couldnt take his full cock as it was very huge. He was moaning and shouting suck me my dear gf. You are my bitch today. After 5 min he stopped me and told me to sleep on the bed. I slept on the bed. He wore condom and started rubbing his cock on my ass hole over the panties. I was feeling very excited. I told Vinay plz fuck me na. I m your bitch plz now fuck me na. Then he removed my panties and gave a hard stroke. And omg it was paining I started crying. His half cock was in then he again used all his force and oh all of his cock was inside me. He shouted this is called man force my bitch u r so tight. Now you are no more virgin. He slept over me and started giving strokes hard and kept kissing my back and squeezing my nipples with hands.

Then after 15-20 min he increased the speed to very fast. I was shouting like oh yeah fuck me Vinay. I am all yours. He increased the speed high and suddenly removed his cock removed condom and started shooting his hard load all over my ass hole. It was so hot I really wanted that cum inside my ass. He shoot his load all over my back and then on my chest nipples and also on my lips face. He was moaning hard. He said he never had this much of load. He slept down on bed and I slept over his with my back on him. He kept pressing and pinching my nipples hard. After few min I slept when I woke up Vinay was again fucking me while I was sleeping over him. Then he kept fucking me and we turned into doggy style. I was enjoying being like dog for Vinay and getting fucked badly. He started spanking my soft butts very hard. I was even excited and moaning like a bitch. I continued moaning like spank my butts hard Vinay. Make my butts red. Fuck me. Oh yeah. Fuck me.

This time Vinay was without condom and feel of his cock touching my ass was really awesome. He was fucking me like bull with all of his stamina and I was feeling like bitch. Then he stroked a shot very hard and ohhhhh he cum inside me. I was feeling his cum inside my ass. I cant explain it in words. Then again after half hour he fucked me this time he fucked me while standing and bent position. He said in Hindi “tu zook ja meri jaan aaj to teri faad ke hi rahunga “. He raised me in air and stroked few shots and omg I was in heaven. What a pleasing sessions we were having. Finally the last session was He slept over me like my husband or bf and started kissing on my lips, on my nipples on my stomach. Then he also kissed on my cock that was totally blast with cum. He slept over me for around 1 hour kissing my whole body. And we finished our session. Now I am his girl friend and we are planing for our next meet.

Friends this is how I lost my virginity in and had my first Sex in Gay World. I hope u enjoyed my story and u also feeling to do same. Unfortunately I am no more virgin. But still my ass is small and soft. If u really liked my story do share your valuable feedback on / / You can also chat on yahoo messenger with same ID. If I am available we can chat and can do cam fun if possible.