Gay Cinema Hall For Bisexual Men Part II

Im picking up on telling you from where I left off in my last post. But Ill do a short recap first.

There actually is a cinema theater in Bangalore which is a huge gay spot. The name is Rageshwari theater. It is old and popular and shows dirty movies. It runs only one show- 7:30 pm. Almost everybody who comes there knows that nobody will check or stop what goes on. It gets very wild- a big sex party in a dark cinema hall- men touching, masturbating, fucking in groups- men, young and old of all classes, horny with big dicks crying and moaning like women. A heaven for gay men craving for lund and group sex. When the authorities close the doors you can run around naked in the building. Fucking anybody you want on the stairs, in the canteen, in the washrooms. Nobody stops, everybody knows and likes it.

I am not fully fledged gay. Basically, I like to show my hot lund to anybody who wants to be fucked by a big handsome lund. But I do not suck lunds or fuck men. Sometimes I rub my lund on them and talk dirty, but nothing more. I like to show my lund to girls when they are not expecting to see it- shock them! But then they like it. Theyve seen my lund! Its big! They will want to see how bigger it can become. It can fuck them, but they will suck it first: When they touch it they will feel it is hard, warm and throbbing. They look at me. I am tall and sexy and very eager for sex. Girly boys and cross-dressing men want me most to put my lund in their hole. They want me to put it deep inside them where it is hot like Tandoor. Fuck their womanly gand.

Sometimes, somebody brings cheap prostitutes. There is a lot of, lot of bisexual sex in large groups that follows. But I was not expecting it when at one show I wanted to masturbate a boy sitting next to me. My shorts were pulled down. My lund was semi-erect. He wanted to suck it but seemed scared, inexperienced. He had smooth girly face. I put his one hand on my lund. He held it with a tentative grip. I whispered to him that I wanted to ejaculate on his pretty face. He was wearing a cap and a thick jacket. The men sitting in the row behind ours were having sex in groups. He would see them, see those sucking cocks, licking assailed- rimming the holes with their tongues- inserting their tongues deep into the holes. The men were grunting and moaning. The pounding of the laps on the gands was loud- they were fucking in missionary position. He was watching the back-end of a mans lund go in and out of the other mans gand.

I wanted to ease him. I put my hand below his jacket along his waistline. My fingers ran over his smooth skin. His skin was fair that glowed in the light of the screen. I looked at him; he was looking straight ahead at the screen. I could feel his breathing, his beating heart. I slipped my hand in his pants. I wanted to hold his lund. He helped me with the pant zipper when it got tight around my hand. I went deeper into the hairy forest. But when I was about to hold his penis, my fingers slipped and entered a pussy. I looked at her face; she was still looking straight ahead. I had found out his secret. She was a woman disguised as a man but rightly horny in the moment.

On the screen a woman was undressing. She unhooked her blouse and her big round boobs popped out. The woman next to me whispered in my ear: dont call for attention, they will rape me. Her name is Bobby. Whats mine? Well, I was not going to call anybody. I wanted to enjoy her first, squeeze her first. She was still holding my lund; She can bend down and suck it. She looks like she wants it- she likes how handsome it is- how hot and ready it feels in her palm. She could not have been in a dirtier place, yet she has got a perfect lund in her hand that belongs to a high class dude. She would have found him only in the best pubs or here in his dirty, shambolic, dangerous place. I must be there to abuse myself. I will abuse her body too if she lets me. I can really hurt her with my big dick. I will not care even the least. I will ravage her body like a beast. I will offer her suffering body to please my godlike penis. Oh, how can she rebel against me? Take a different course than my will which is like the gods will and gods amusement. There are no specks or cracks in my vision- no division by doubt. She felt weak. She wanted to give herself up to me. She wanted all the pain- that was the right feeling. It is the right thing. She did not know the man though she held his penis.

In her hand, I had a full erection. My skin was burning and sweating. My fingers in her pussy were stroking it. With sudden urge I increased the stroking. She moaned deeply with drooping eyelids and half open mouth drooling with sexual pleasure. With her other hand she was resisting my thrusting fingers to slow them down. Her pussy was oozing juices rapidly. I was going to get up from my seat, spread her in her chair, and in the full view of everybody rip her clothes off, and insert her forcibly. I will fuck her madly, kill her by fucking. She was resisting my thrusting fingers but she will guide my lund inside her chut and accept all pain as pleasure. Only a full lund insertion can save her excitement from exploding at once, and take it to the next level.

Just then a tall man who had been interested in me ever since I got inside the hall, he walked into our row and stood in front of me. He had no hint that the person sitting next to me was a woman. But he unzipped his pants and took out a massive lund. He held in my face expecting a blowjob. That was bad timing! But it was so enormously big that I was left looking at it for a few seconds. Bobby took the opportunity and with a quick jerk pulled my hand out of her panty. The man at that moment realized she was not a boy. He looked at her exposed panty. There was a pause on all our faces. Just then Bobby whispered in my ear. She asked me to suck his cock.

Bobby did not know that I did not suck cocks. I was not really gay. She just assumed I would enjoy sucking cocks. But she shifted in her seat as if preparing to bend down to suck my lund while I would suck his. I wanted her mouth to swallow my dick. So, I leaned back to let her bend. But it confused the man who thought I was repelled and Bobby was bending to suck him instead. He thrust his lund towards her. Without another second of pause or thought, Bobby grabbed his lund and closed her lips around it. He pushed it a little inside.

We all were extremely horny in the moment. But how did this happen? She is sucking him first. In a fit of sudden urge I leaned forward and closed my lips around the other side of the dick. I was now sharing her blowjob! That was very strange and unexpected for me. She smiled at me while she was running her tongue up and down the length of his lund. That was the first time I saw her smile- it was a naughty. The dick was tasty, completely filling and satisfying. She was sharing how wonderful his dick was with me! She assumed I liked it equally.