My Journey From Straight To Gay Part I

Hello guys Im Ankit Kumar from Hisar, Haryana. Im 18 years old and studying science. Its my first real experience on iss. Im slim 5 feet 10 inch height not girlish and have hairs on my body but I hate all these. I want to be a girl or somehow like girl. Okay leave it and lets move to our story. When I was a teen I got first chance to watch porn and deeply fascinated by dick in the cunt and ass hole. I was confused whether I like female parts or dick. When I passed my high school and took admission in college I have to live I hostel and all this changed my life forever. I start reading porn stories on internet and start watching porn pics on various sites. But I always watch or read gay related things just for fun. But later I realized that I love it. It is not a fun anymore its a part of my life. I want to try these things like sucking and want my ass get fucked by some stranger. But I hadnt enough courage to do that.

But one day I read a story that how a men meet with a stranger on internet and I browsed many sites but all I vain. At last I tried on Facebook as last option but with fake name and id. I searched for local gays but cant found anyone but with time I found a local gay group with name ‘Hisar ke gay and I joined it and add many peoples who are members of that group. And after a little hard work I found a person named Sunny who was 60 km away from my city and wants to meet me. We chatted a lot and he was a very nice guy. He treats me like his girlfriend and I start liking him but was little scared. Then we finally decide to meet. I told him my wish of behaving like a girl and he also wants this from me. After a week conversation he came to my city to meet me.

On a Saturday night, he came to my college campus in his car to see me. When I reached to the main gate I saw a man of age 27 sitting in a car staring at me. I went close to him. He asked are you Ankit? And I said yes. And he said come in and after sitting in the car we introduce ourselves as we were meeting first time. I was so nervous that I cant speak properly before him. But he at once understands my nervousness and drove to a wine shop. He bought some rum and some food and then drove to market for some fruits. There he asked me whether I have any hairs on my body any I sad just around my private part and then he bought a hair removing cream and some oil. At last we reached hotel.

He took the key from reception and then we were in the room. It was a nice room with a double bad and attached bathroom. I headed towards bathroom and sunny waits for me outside the bathroom I remove my hairs with that cream. He was asking me again and again for coming fast. I remove my upper and my lover inside the bathroom and entered in the room. As it was a very cold night I start shivering when entered in the room. He gives me a place near him in warm blanket. Now I was feeling so good and he was staring at me with I beautiful eyes. I was feeling embraced as it was my first time with a stranger in a room. We talk for some time and meanwhile he put his fingers on my lips with a complex feeling of love and lust and I didnt move a bit as was enjoying it so much.

Then he put his hand from lips to my stomach and then on my unddies. We were talking and sharing our experience but I could not continue as I was enjoying his touch so much that my eyes closed. He put his juicy lips on my chicks and starts kissing and then I took his lips in mine and kissed for a couple of minutes. Suddenly he removes my t-shirt any now i was just in underwear. And I too followed him by removing his pants and shirt. We kissed again and he took me over him and I was in a deep kissing and he starts pressing my ass. I was in heaven. Though he was not muscular but for that time he was my hero.

Then we separate and took some drink and eat something and after a short period of time I was again in his arms any we were kissing again. He was pressing my ass and kissing all over my body I was just laying and moaning in enjoyment. With passes of time I was totally nude and laying on my stomach and he was licking my asshole with his tongue and I was enjoying it so much that I cant explain. I remove underwear and took his beautiful cock in my hands start licking it nicely and after a while I was sucking it badly and perfectly. Sunny was moaning aaaahhhh uuummm suck it Ankit suck it s bitch. I was enjoying his salty pre cum. He also took my dick in his hand start licking and sometimes he took it into his mouth. I was in heaven and he was my god of lust who was treating me so nicely and lusty. After 15 minutes he was about to cum and asked me where to cum. I offered him my mouth as I couldnt waste this priceless thing. He loaded a huge amount of cum deep inside my mouth and I inhale it as a gift of love from my master.

Now he tried to masturbate me and sucked for some Time but I couldnt cum I dont know why. But now his cock was folly erect and staring at my asshole. And we both notice this. Sunny took the oil bottle as it was a little bottle with conical mouth he put it in my ass and press and then slowly put one finger and start it up and down to make way for the devil as it was not painful but enjoyable. But I was scared of his dick then he put two fingers and put some oil on his dick too. While he was fingering I was moaning. Then he put his dick on the entrance of my asshole. The devil knock the door and I gave him the permission by losing my. Ass and he made a painful but bearable entry.

After three four slow and painful shots it was fully deep inside me and sunny stop moving. He waited for a couple of minute and start kissing and pressing my nipples. After some time the pain become less and I start enjoying it and start moving. Then he took it out and again inside and start shooting it was painful but enjoyable and after 5 minutes I was crying in enjoyment and asking him to fuck me hard. He make stand on my four like bitch and entered his dick and start fucking me in doggy style and sometimes he slaps my ass tightly and I was enjoying it too. I said fuck me hard sunny fuck me like a bitch and he replied with tight shots and tight slaps on my ass. I was moaning loudly but there was no one who can hear .so we were fearless.

After 15 to 20 minute he came out in my ass and installs his devils seed inside my asshole. I was no longer a virgin. We kissed again and take rest for some time. That night he also sucked mine many times but i couldnt come and it was not normal and couldnt understand why. That night he fuck me 3 times and now I was totally devoted to him. In morning I returned to the hostel with a promise that we will meet again. And this experience installs a seed of dream of becoming a girl and a new journey start. Friends please read it and appreciate it that I can write more parts of this story in future.