My Holiday Romance In Punjab

At the age of 19 I went on a trip to India visiting family in Northern India, Punjab. On a whole the holiday was great but there was one thing in particular which made this holiday one to never forget.

After a few days of overwhelming heat and sitting in an air conditioned room every day, bored because my cousins were still studying and coming at the weekend. After a long awaited few days my cousin arrived from University with two of his friends. I took an instant liking to one of them, 60, and bulging muscles in a tight t-shirt, unshaven stubble and rough hair style. He had the same build and style as me. I felt a tingle in my trousers as soon as I saw him.

After the pleasantries we all settled down for a few beers and eating tandoori chicken. We carried on talking getting drunker and I kept staring at his crotch. The conversation turned to where everyone was sleeping. Obviously people had to share rooms and my cousin said one of his friends could sleep on the floor in his room. I felt a little mean having a master bedroom to myself, but being from England everyone does pamper your every need.

I said I didnt mind sharing a room as its only for 3 nights and the bed was big enough. All agreed we carried on drinking and I went up to my bedroom not sure if my cousin or which one of his friends was going to share with me. He politely knocked on the door and came in, my heart started beating fast realizing it was my cousins friend Aman sharing my room for the next couple of nights. I showed him the room, bathroom, balcony, and the super big bed. Being tipsy we had a laugh, a joke talked about UK and the gym. He got changed, he wore a white Punjabi pyjama and kurta, it was obvious he had no underwear on as the lamp light revealed no boxers in sight.

Off to bed we went. After a short while I couldnt sleep, the thought of this hunk sleeping next to me and this bulging hard on was causing me a bit of grief. I could hear quiet little snoring from Aman and I couldnt sleep, being tipsy I had a bit of courage so I slowly started moving nearer to Aman.

Aman was lying on his back without a duvet; the summer heat was intense and even in an air conditioned room a duvet wasnt needed. I hugged him with my eyes tightly shut thinking hes wake up any second, but he didnt stop snoring or moving, I could feel his six pack under may hand, I lifted his kurta and put my hand on his stomach, his waxed stomach was so smooth. I rubbed my hands all over his torso. I work out a lot but he was super fit. After a while of laying there listening to Aman snoring my hand started going south sliding down and over his pyjama until I could feel the outline of his cock. I rubbed all around it and knew that this Punjabi had a jumbo sausage in his pants. He started getting a semi hard on and I was getting bored of feeling his cock through his pyjama. With my heart in my throat I ventured further, I put my hand inside his elasticized pyjama and I could feel his perfectly trimmed pubic hair, stretching my hand further into his pyjama.

I finally got to the treasure and I felt his huge cock in my hand for the first time, moving slowly further down I felt his big, smooth, and shaved balls. They felt full. My cock had now been dripping for some time and the pre cum was soaking my boxers fast. My heart was racing, I was in ecstasy. Unbeknown to me Aman had stopped snoring and when I realized, I quickly pulled my hand out and turned over to pretend I was sleep. My heart was beating really fast; I could have died knowing Aman had woken up to me fondling him. I closed my eyes really tight wishing I would teleport somewhere else, I was scared and nervous, I was only 19 and this was the first cock id touched even though I had watched more gay porn than anyone.

After a couple of minutes Aman coughed, leaned over to the table and drank some water. He then turned on the lamp and I thought whats going on, he went to the bathroom and back to bed. I thought pheeww Ive got away with this and never again would I do that.

Aman said ‘Sunny are you awake?. I didnt reply thinking hes caught me. I could see the lamp was still on. He said ‘Sunny I know youre awake so I ignored him again hoping the earth would swallow me up. He lent over a shook me; I tried to act dazed and half asleep and said whats going on?

He came close and grabbed my face and kissed my lips. I pulled away and said ‘what the hell are you doing? Jumping off the bed; looking straight at me he said ‘youve been feeling me up for an hour and now youre asking what Im doing?

Being shocked was an understatement. I sat back down, again he came close to me and we kissed for the first time. It was really sensual and loving; slowly we began to kiss, his soft lips against mine, our stubble rubbing against each other. I slowly put my tongue inside his mouth searching for his. As our tongues met and explored each other things started to heat up.

We took each others clothes off a lay there kissing each other. Both our hard cocks locking together and we kissed and caressed each others abs and pecs. I thought Id died and gone to heaven.

We explored each others bodies everywhere, first slowly kissing his neck, licking, sucking and softly biting his nipples, kissing his torso and then moving down to his big, thick cock.

I slowly started masturbating him, pulling back his foreskin to see his big pink cock head shiny proud and dripping with pre cum. I kissed his cock and balls all over and slowly put his cock inside my mouth and licked it all over with my tongue. Aman was moaning at this point as I moved my mouth up and down the length of his cock. It was far too big to take it all in my mouth but I kept sliding my mouth up and down it. His balls tightened and it didnt take Aman too long unload a huge amount of cum in my mouth. I swallowed every single drop of his sweet heavy load.

Aman quickly got onto of me kissing me passionately and then taking my cock in his hand. He slides my foreskin back and started masturbating my cock slowly. I wanted to carry on forever as it felt amazing. His soft hands were firmly gripping my cock and moving up and down stroking it slowly. He sucked my balls one balls by slowly playing with them and the sucked my cock deep inside his mouth. He licked it all like a lollypop; somehow he it felt like hed done this before as he was so confident and knew he was doing everything perfectly. I felt my body all cease up and shoot a huge almighty load all over Amans face and mouth as he carried on sucking my cock and I shot again and again all over Aman. We both fell back and lay in each others arms kissing for a while and fell asleep hugging each other tightly. I was ready for round two but this excitement had overwhelmed me.

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