Interesting Encounter With Velu My Sex Guru Part 2

I was unable to sleep, the whole night thinking about the unexpected, but the fantastic experience with velu for the first time. Next morning, while taking bath, my fingers moved over my chest and nipples involuntarily and were quite surprised to get the same erotic feeling. I knew now I was eager to know and have more from him, I was feeling restless and miserable too! After a couple of days of silence, I asked the members of my group if they had doubts in the second term lessons. During the lunch interval, only Velu and one more student asked me for clarification. Velus list was long, whereas the other one had one or two points, that I explained before the classes resumed.

After getting permission from Raj sir who assured me that he would inform my parents, (his house was very near to ours and he meets my father frequently in the local officers club) and we decided to meet in the evening. I took the responsibility of returning the key to him after the work and stayed back for our work. There was an eerie silence and the entire school deserted, except two of us, setting the mood. I asked Velu to ask me about the doubts he had, but he confessed that his plan was only to meet me alone. I had a sense of delight and expectations. He pulled out a book from his bag and asked me to go through before he could decide what to do. I opened the book and going through page after page, I found myself staring at him, absolutely thrilled and excited. It was named “Khajuraho” full of the sculptures in sexy and erotic postures; I had imagined the least of “Bala.

Now I want you to practice on me what I did to you last time, got it? He demanded. I said softly, “Ill try with your help, if you have no objection”. My mind told me why not from the earlier emphatic no to him the other day. As the first part, I hugged him and kissed him on his bony cheeks and thin lips, without emotion. He stopped me and demonstrated how emotional, I should be throughout. Remember those pictures you saw in the book and get the right mood. I repeated kissing him a couple of times, when he got roused. “Let us do it together and youll repeat whatever I do for you”, he said, unbuttoning my shirt simultaneously. Soon, we became naked and I was roused at the sight of his cock becoming a monster right in front of my eyes. When I was about to feel it, he stopped me and said that so much to be done before that. Hugging me tightly and our hot bodies rubbing, I entered into a lip lock session for few minutes.

He asked me to open my mouth and thrust his tongue inside exploring my mouth. He made my tongue dance with his and exchange of saliva. He said,” its known as French kissing. Like it?” I was in a hurry to go ahead to the next level. I was nibbling his ear, smooching over his chin, neck and the flat chest with the two prominent big blob-like nipples, raised, and merging with his skin color. I pulled his left while licking and slowly sucking his right nipple. I found it very strange and bit unnatural, but sucked on it hard, reminded of the ecstatic pleasure I experienced. The skin tasted salty, due to sweat, but real soft wonderful feeling in my mouth. He remarked that I eas doing really nicely, exciting him. My free hand went down his hairless belly, naval area to caress his pubis with thin curly hair. He guided my hand further down to hand over his erect little johnny to me. I felt the length of the dick and the sticky head, already glistening with precum.

After sucking both the nipples and leaving them wet with my saliva, I went on my knees not waiting for his permission/order, to have a full view of his dick. He was standing with his eyes closed, breathing fast, and waiting for me to go ahead. Being the first time, the proximity and urine smell of his boner, made me feel odd and felt like vomiting. Controlling my feelings, I mustered my strength and courage to caress the shaft and the slimy conical, glistening head. He said, “sssssssssss, hmmmmmm mm, you are doing it excellently. Continue to please me just like you did to my nipples and be quick”. On hearing this, I tried to give lip service to his manhood, but hesitated. He, on the contrary, was insistent, that I went ahead. Still, I was not mentally prepared, and pressing my cheeks to open my mouth, he thrust his penis into my mouth in one go. I had no option, but to cover the shaft with my lips.

The strange feeling in my mind had now changed into sweet one. I felt a lollipop in my mouth up and down due to his hip movement. I took charge of cock sucking for him. My mind became relaxed and holding his cock, exposed the head by pulling the foreskin back and licked the head feverishly. He was on the high now and allowed me to suck his cock licking of the head slowly went down entire length of his hard, but smooth shaft with throbbing veins all over. Now, the sex hormone levels in us increased, making us ready for the excitement. Initial slow pace of sucking by me, turned fast and furious, thus each movement of my mouth with intermittent licking of his balls made his body go stiff and filled with tingling pleasure. After about 10 minutes or so, I got up and asked him, “am I OK? What next?” He replied, “We are yet to reach the climax of enjoyment. Tell me if you have jerked your boy anytime?” My reply was negative.

He held my 5″hard cock, sucked for 5 mins. And asked how I was feeling. I told him that I had a queer, but unexplainable joy in me. He asked me to observe him & immediately started to shake his cock up and down very fast and stopped after sometime and did the same with mine. I was feeling it painful and told him so. He thrust his cock into my palm and asked me to shake it vigorously. When I jerked it for few minutes, mechanically, he made me stop to announce that he is getting to climax. I was confused, but he asked me to continue again this time vigorously. In no time, I heard him moaning and biting his lips, the cock stiffening and his body arching and shivering a lot. Suddenly, spurts of viscous fluid began jetting out of the piss hole. Once the jets of fluid stopped, he shouted, aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, oooo.

Oooohhhhhhhhh, ssssssssssssssssss, what an excitement, I swear! Now, he became totally relaxed and his cock went limp. He jerked mine with no sign of any effect on me. He continued for 5 more minutes, when I felt a high voltage shock hitting me from top to toe. I held his hand, but he told that I was nearing climax and jerking for few more times, resulting in tremors and stiffness of the body. My anal muscles constricted in spasms, followed by ejection of liquid slightly thicker than urine, unlike his thick, jelly like fluid, in jets. I felt I was in heaven, but suddenly got tired and satisfied, with my cock going limp.

After we finished this, he declared that I am sexually fit and can try any of the acts I had seen in the book. That was the ultimate pleasure and excitement I got being with Velu. We cleaned the places where our love juice had spilt neatly and left for home after locking the door. At the doorstep, we hugged & kissed each other in appreciation. He complimented me for the excellent job and entry into the blissful world of sex. Hope you liked this also and thanks for going through this. Your valuable comments are welcome.