My Boss Deflowered Me Part 2

“Gosh…Is he really here” I rushed towards the door and waited for an answer. No other sound. So I called out, “Who is it?”

My voice was more of a whisper and very feminine. I don’t know how or why it turned that way but it did suit well with the occasion. I am about to open the door and let this man in. Anyway I know he’s horny as hell and not just my mouth but he would be getting a piece of my ass too.

I blushed with the thoughts and then proceeded to open the door. I knew who was standing behind it and it wouldn’t be long before I would be spread in my bed all naked ready to submit my precious body to my lover.

I don’t know if he would be aggressive or friendly or maybe a bit of both. I wouldn’t mind even if he simply off my everything and dodge in to eat me up. I was so vexed and very very anxious to let him make love to me. Frantically, I opened the door much to his delight and mine.

“Hi” I blurted out but it came out so meekly that it was hard for even me to make out my voice. Involuntarily it had become so feminine maybe sensing that it is time to lose my real identity and become the girl of my dreams. My body was perfectly ready along with my mind and I guess my voice just synced into the mood that I was in at the moment with my boss standing in front of me.

He smiled and said, “Hi Did I come in time as expected? Or did I make you wait very long?” He was so friendly and for a moment I was so perplexed. He didn’t even had a hint of the bossy tone that he used to address everyone in the office nor any other dominance in his voice. He was so friendly as if we met in a bar and I invited him back home for some spicy fun.

“Come In” was all I managed to say inviting him in with more of my body gesture than my words.

I eagerly awaited that he might responding my invitation in a similar manner. Rather he just walked in but I was sure from his looks that he expected more than what I had planned so far. And I was also very much sure that he is not going to leave my home until he gets what he came for!

I meekly followed him inside as if it was his home and he had bought me as a date to his place. I went to the kitchen and poured him a glass of juice. He drank it slowly and always kept his eyes over me. I trembled when I knew that the man desired me and wanted me just as any guy would want to lay his hands on a young sexy chick. I couldn’t wait much longer for us to hit the sack but it was such an awkward situation for me. I can’t invite him voluntarily either in case he might mistake me for a slut.

“Infact I am not slut and not only that but a very much conscious person with my virginity still intact,” I assured myself of my state and my views on such things. I surely wouldn’t have let any man have and he should definitely know that he is the first who is going to get it with all my willingness.

“So then ….” I tried my best to strike a conversation but the situation and the mood we were in clearly indicated it is time to speak with mouth and something more but not just words. Yea, maybe I should use my mouth to speak but a different language that his hard cock might surely understand.

Without his invitation or any moves, without the fear or being rejected or being stamped as a big time slut, I walked forward to him and slowly bent low near his knees. He was bit taken aback but his mannerism suggested he had been expecting the same all day long. He was waiting for me to give him a blowjob and maybe also dreamed of getting a piece of my tasty ass.

“I hope my screams when he enter his thick one inside me doesn’t wake the neighbors or anyone else outside. I am sure he is very thick in that area,” I kept guessing as I unzipped his pants and took his solid organ into my hands.

Oh my gosh, wow, I exclaimed under my breath some out of fear looking at the dangerous tool and its menacing size but mostly at my luck. I had hit a jackpot by bagging the best cock which may not be very much used to fucking such asspussies often. But, definitely it would give me a hard time getting it inside my oh so tight virgin hole. I was determined to get it and gobble it for all its worth. I had to make sure. Then, I bent lower and slowly started taking the head into my mouth. I kissed the head and took my time before I started sucking it.

I tried to pleasure him as much as possible with my lips and mouth. Somewhere I had heard about this phrase chick with dick but here I became one and had been eating his cock like there is no tomorrow. He was moaning and grunting under my expert manipulation. I may have never got a right and manly cock inside my ass fucking me all night long, giving me the pleasure of my life. But, as a matter of fact I had kneeled down quite often to take the man meat and lick it to please the men bearing it.

It had always been a satisfying effort on my side to see someone enjoying my lips so much. They occasional grunts and moans are my compliments but the ultimate enjoyment lies in the action when they simply drag my head even closer to fuck me. Soon my boss started doing the same. He kept mouth fucking me until I could take no more but I was in no mood to protest. I wanted to let him take his share so that he would himself take the cue and take me to bed for the wonderful love making night I had dreamed off.

No words were exchanged during our blowjob session and I simply let him do it. He kept his hands tightly over the back of my head and started doing it. The rhythmic motion was so perfect that I tried my level best to sync my head in. After he did, I felt he was about to him. But, my boss started his fucking motion and took his organ out.

“I want to go all the way,” was all the words he said before he swept me off my feet, literally. He started walking in the staircase carrying my petite body and slowly stepped along the steps that lead through the staircase to my personal bedroom. I had decorated it all my life, giving my utmost care to design each and every aspect of it.

Now, I am being carried to the same room where I found the girl in me and started my transformation into one. I am going to be deflowered at the very bed where I masturbate all night thinking about the moment that is arriving so rapidly.

He entered the room and walked inside with me still in his arms. I was like a small chick frightened by the thunderous rain afraid, wet and seeking warmth. As if its true I clung tight to his neck and didn’t see anything that’s happening before me. I was engrossed in his manly scent and busy cuddling myself inside his chest.

Soon, I felt myself being lowered gently onto the bed and my body hit the soft fabric. I rolled over but was getting so shy that I couldn’t open my eyes to see him. He stood nearly 6 foot tall with hefty muscles and my petite 5’5 body was no match compared to his hairy tone. He had a mustache which I admired lots and his chest was mushy that made him even more masculine.

I waited with bated breath as he went to close the door. Then I heard the click of the lock as it was slid over and he came back to me. I was still clutching my eyes tightly when I felt a soft nudge of his hard organ against my thighs. As I was closed to the outside world, I didn’t knew when he stripped but I was sure he was already naked when I felt the hairy body scratching mine.

He took his time leisurely to kiss me neck before he started stripping. Soon, I was lying down wearing only my brassiere and panties. They were so sensitive and he kept planting butterfly kisses all over my body.

“You are so inviting,” he said after which I couldn’t feel his presence anywhere. When I opened my eyes trying to find him, he stood a few feet away still naked posing a raging hardon. He was shagging it to make it bigger and ready for penetration.

“Oh my god. Is he really going to put that thing inside me?” I felt a sudden rush of tension fill my blood vessels and my body displayed goosebumps as I continued to stare at his cock. Slowly, he walked towards me as his cock moved to and fro between his thighs. The next minute he was all over me and finally when I felt myself so wet with his saliva, I was nude. He cupped my small tits and held them forcefully in his hand.

“Ahhh…” moaned out of pain and pleasure. I couldn’t say whether I liked it or abhorred it. But, the domination and humiliation with a string of pain did arouse me. It was hot when he bent lower to take it inside his mouth and started to suck my nipples. The erect nipples just loved his tongue rolling over it and he occasionally nibbled at them. I caressed his hair encouraging him to go further and he didn’t let go of my tits for along while.

“Ouch…hmmm” I moaned again when he took a bite off them. After when he finally felt it’s time, he let go of them and spread my legs wider. Even after deciding to make his next move, I felt his body language wanted more of me. More of my breasts….the soft, tender flesh, the erect nipples and their feminine fragrance. I sensed his eagerness when he removed my bra and greedily looked at my budding breast.

Even before he came to kiss me, he was all over my tits caressing the flesh and now finally he wants to go all the way. At least now, he wanted to explore the other good assets of mine and provide ourselves some relief. The fear of impending pain was there in my heart, like a strong lump in the throat. But, I managed to free myself and carry on with my lover.

“Spread your legs, wider,” he commanded me to which I obliged willingly and immediately. He didn’t have to tell me twice that he’s going to go for my ass without wasting more time on the preliminaries.

“Aaa…hhh” I felt a sharp tingling sensation when he pressed his hand on to my puckered ass. He couldn’t slide it in as it was very dry. So, he smeared copious amount of fluid and tried his hands again. This time slowly but steadily it started going in. I felt so uneasy at first when a foreign hand invaded my most private place which is not meant to get fucked. The ass hole was designed for something else but then it didn’t matter as for a boy who loves to become a girl, it is the last and best resort. Surrendering the flesh was the only way to take up a man inside so that he won’t feel the difference of fucking a boy or a girl.

I tried hard to fight of the uneasy feeling and it did fade off shortly after he was done with the job. My boss spread my legs wider and continued fucking me with his two thick fingers. I had tried using a dildo but being fucked by someone else who also had a strong cock aroused me further.

He then took it out as I felt emptiness fill my now wet hole. I wanted him to go inside again and soon his cock tip was at my entrance.

“That feels like an iron rod. What the hell? It’s so thick and fucking big. How will I ever get fucked getting it inside?” questions ran through my mind annoying me but it was not long before he started his journey. He started to push more of his cock and my ass was filled with excruciating pain. I couldn’t stop him or the enveloping pain that made me cry at the instant. My tears filled with drops wet the bed. His hands had a tight grip on my thighs so that I may not clutch them together again when he’s busy humping me.

“Please go slow…I can’t take it,” I begged him. He moved down and kissed my lips hard for once but didn’t stop his motion. He just picked up speed later on and continued the sodomy.

“Ugghh…Ughhh,” I continued to buck up and down as my body was plundered. He was going non-stop without respite and despite the cold atmosphere, I was sweating profusely. My erect nipples were topped with drops of sweat and my shallow tummy had sweat beads rolling on them which ended in my open legs for my lover.

He grunted hard and every time his grunt meant he was trying to go in deeper and harder. I held his shoulders for support and sensing the look in my eyes filled with passion, he came low and kissed me hard. I was lost in the kiss letting him suck and taste my lower lip then moving on to my upper.

The situation was so tense and in his furious copulation his belly managed to arouse my cock as hard as possible. It was constantly rubbed on and came to a state of utmost arousal. I know soon my cock would spurt its juices and I tried to wait patiently for my man to join my orgasm. But, unfortunately the rubbing was too good to bear and I ended up in a frantic moan.

“Ohhh…hmmm…aahhh,” my voices were quite clear and I hoped deep in my heart that it shouldn’t be loud enough for people outside to hear it. All the people in my neighborhood knew I stayed here and when I opened the door I saw some standing outside who saw him coming inside. Compared to him, I was a petite guy and even if someone comes to hear my moans they would assume it was me who is getting fucked for sure.

“I really don’t want them to know or imagine how I might look when I am spread and getting humped by a man when I go out to office tomorrow,” I nearly made a prayer at this moment before I was pulled back to my real life when my orgasm swept through my body.

‘Oh god…oh…” I kept panting trying to catch my breath but it was impossible with my boss humping me so hard still. He soon reached the peak and grunted before I felt his warm cum fill my now not so virgin hole.

He slumped back onto my back crushing my body under his weight and soon rolled over to sleep. I was smiling to myself thinking that I got what I want and I knew how my life would go from here.

My Boss Deflowered Me Part 2