My Boss Deflowered Me Part 1

The day became bright with the arrival of the sun and I woke up from my bed. Everything was planned well and he was to make his boss come to his home.

“Ok I should look my best today and the excuse should let me do my wish,” he braced himself clearly. The office was busy bustling with activity as usual and Ram looked around. He finally found his middle aged boss sitting in the corner of the office.

He started his work as usual but always kept an eye on his boss who didn’t seem to mind him at all. But Ram had been working on this for months seducing the cock of his boss. It was nearly some inches long and very thick. Ram had spent many sleepless nights thinking what it would feel like to get it inside his itching ass.

He was desperate to submit himself to the man he loved and get submissive. At occasions in office, he slipped under the table in pretext of getting papers and gave the man a good feel of his soft ass. Ram had been blessed with a lovely ass that would turn even a straight man gay and it did work wonders on his boss’s looks.

I kept looking at the clock and then at the manager’s table. He was so tensed and I don’t know if he might have sensed any of my plans for the day. For months together, I had been practicing dressing alone in the confines of my room and now I guess I am ready to show another man what I have got. It’s not an easy task getting him into the act and seduce him according to my wish.

“Can you please help me clear this file? It just got so many errors and I should approve it today itself as it might create a bad impression with the boss, if I don’t?” requested one of my work mate and I couldn’t have found a better chance to walk into his room in the pretext of handing over the files.

“Excuse me sir. I just have some doubts with this file. Can you help me work it out?”

Even though I was professionally dressed, I was very confident that my soft skin and curves beneath my coat would help me woo him. It was a hard task but definitely not impossible. My hands brushed his as I handed over the papers to him smiling at his discomfort. He brushed my hands closely and was smiling weakly.

I think I got my prey today and my plan is already a success. I moved closer and bent lower giving him a whiff of my feminine scent. I made sure I sprayed it in my shirt inside so that no one could smell it unless they were very closely standing to me. His hard organ twitched inside his tight pants and I giggled looking at him struggle. My lips had a sense of touch for which I personally used the gloss to make it more appealing.

With clear plans etched in my mind, I bent lower near to his crotch as I purposefully dropped my papers.

“Sorry sir. Let me get it,” I bent down immediately as my lips were very close to his thighs and in the corner of my eye I could see a prominent bulge in his pants It was quite thick and really made me drool to get it inside me. Atleast I want to wrap my lips around his straining cock and give him the best blowjob he ever received in his life. I am sure he might have tasted women but never such a sexy sissy boy like me in his life ever.

“Oh…sorry” I said again as my hand accidentally brushed his bulge and he heaved a deep sigh when I slowly but painfully moved it away. I am sure he wanted me to prolong it and even do more in the confines of the office chamber. This would be right setting to invite him home so that he may not reject me. Moreover his horny mind would sure make him accept the offer and once he’s inside the doors of my house then as they say the rest would be history.

With my constant practice on how to pleasure men and my inner instincts that constantly had the urge to feel a cock stuck right up my virgin back, I was definitely damn sure he would be a very satisfied guy when he swoops out of my bed. The satin lingerie I bought for the occasion awaited in the wardrobe at my home and it wouldn’t be long before he would feel them on me with all the smoothness ready to torture his mood.

“I have taken the notes sir and will do the work.” I paused and then continued, ‘Would you like to come to my home today?’

He looked puzzled at my sudden invitation but his eyes and body language showed definite signs that he was in no mood to rebuff my juicy offer. He scanned my body unknowingly in the flick of the moment before his face rested puzzled on my look.

I smiled and asked again, “It’s my birthday today but no one in the office know much about it. I just want to give you a special treat and it would be nice company to have you at home.”

If I had been the man in the opposite place and when such a girly guy would invite me to his/her home, then I would be there in minutes as I know my voice carried so much of lust invitation. It was more than just asking you out but was almost like calling you in to bed. And when in mood the mind automatically knows bed means nothing but sex. Pure passionate sex. All thoughts of myself spread under his built body and thick organ in my lips aroused me once again.

He nodded slowly and looked away from me for a split second. Maybe I guess in his dream he already started stripping me off my clothes and wanted to just get it over with. I may not protest even if he just strips me nude and rapes me to his will and wish. Because dominating is what men usually do and even if a girl protests, its all in her mind that she would love being taken against her will.

The pleasure lied in submitting yourself to someone, a complete stranger or even a known guy when he devours your flesh without your consent. You don’t get to choose what he does and what you can do to him. It’s sheer power and dominance that excited all those who were involved in it.

I smiled to myself. “Ok I will come. At what time?” he inquired me. ‘I will leave a bit early today and wait for you at home. You be there once office gets over,” I replied. He was simply in his own dream land and so frightened to proceed more.

Being a boss had its own share of disadvantages and this was one. They can tease or bully any of their employees but its definitely risky to sleep with someone unless they are sure the girl wouldn’t sue them. In this case, it’s me a combination of boy and girl the best of both worlds.

“So will you friends join you later?” he asked with a sense of doubt in his voice.

I smiled and said. ‘No they may not as almost all of them are busy and that’s why I invited you so that you could accompany me on this special day of mine.’

Finishing the sentence and my speech abruptly, I walked out of the door without waiting for an answer. He was flabbergasted with my audacious move and simply stood staring at the window. I knew he was watching me intently. But, purposefully I avoided his gaze and carried on with my work.

The rest of the day went uneventful but very much exciting than the usual days. Waiting in anticipation dreaming about the oncoming evening was such a delight in my mind. I anxiously finished the office work and before leaving went into his cabin again.

“Do come. I will be waiting for you, sir,’ I said in my best sexiest voice once more reiterating the juicy invitation and moved on to home.

I got into my car and in no time was in front of my home. I walked inside excited like a school girl and dreamed that I wouldn’t be a man anymore with the night to fall. Once I hit the bed with him, then he would become the definition of masculinity and I will lose my original identity to pave way for his moves. He would surely want to make me his girl and deprive me of my precious virginity.

I took a bath and changed my regular style of bathing. This time I spent leisurely time inside the bath tub scrubbing my now smooth legs. I had waxed them the previous evening and also made sure the skin became as soft as possible. I didn’t want him to feel any of my assets still got the manly touch except for my organ.

‘Maybe, it wouldn’t be a turn off at all. Maybe he might get turned out to see this surprise package that looked so feminine in contrast to what I got between my thighs,’ I thought.

The shower drizzled over my smooth thighs and I glided the water nozzle over my belly. My small but fleshy tummy jiggled in the moment. Then I moved more to my sensitive nipples that had been waiting all day to feel his lips wrapped around them. It was such glorious moments to dream how he might make love to me.

I then brushed my small hair and also applied the cream over my wet legs. It should make sure that they will be moist and mellow by the time he reaches home. The doorbell didn’t ring but all I had in mind was to wait listening to sound. Even to open it when I nearly nude except for the bathrobe that I had wrapped around myself.

My little organ twitched in excitement and I wondered. ‘Would he suck me there? Even if he wouldn’t I can manage cause I want to get his manly member inside me and it would make me less feminine if I expect him to love my cock too.’

Reassuring myself, I soon finished off bathing and walked out of the tub. The floor was wet just like I was and dried myself. I wore the lacy bra and panty that I had bought for this occasion. It was all pink and sexy. I smiled to myself and slipped into the soft cushions of the brassiere. It was very comfortable and my small breast like chest clung to it like lizards. I felt my nipples already erect from the anticipation in my mind. Soon he would dig his hands into my soft flesh and devour their silky smooth tits. It would be manhandled all open for his pleasure and mostly it’s a sign of submitting myself to the manliness of the guy.

I eagerly saw the clock tick slowly to reach the evening before it finally dawned on me. I am going to lose my virginity today. In the past I had been really to get laid by a man and spent most of the time online in chat rooms. It was the best platform to take the plunge by revealing myself dressed and nude. The men commented without wasting even a single minute and it was all their comments that encouraged me to try dress up.

When I was dressing up, the people all over the world guided me and it was such wonderful moments to stare at the cam as many drooling guys were watching me strip. They used to whistle and exclaim at my sexy assets when I slowly reveal them. It was all that led me to this. Even though I was not a oral virgin, I wanted to keep my feminity intact. It was not a matter of chastity but I wanted someone I like the most to break my seal. The pleasure and mental emotional feelings will be lost if I do it with some other strangers.

I met few guys online and also they took me to their rooms. It was more of a trial to what I am going to do. But, none of them spent time in knowing me or my likes or dislikes. It was also so clichéd like I would ring them up, meet at the bar and proceed to their home. They would simply lock the door and push me on to my knees. Some might feel its humiliating and get offended with such acts. Because usually men tend to be dominative and I felt it is us the girls who should understand and enjoy whatever they offer.

They would make me go on my knees and unzip my fly. Some who are more confident with themselves would make me unzip and take their struggling cock out. Those who are well damn sure that they got horse dicks, they purposefully made the girl unzip their fly as it would surprise them. Most girls might gawk and look up at them with a bit of fear. It aroused many a guys and even I had such experiences.

I used to just take it out and open my velvety lips to accommodate the manly organ. All cocks are not same and each one had its own share of good aspects. Some felt good in the mouth while some felt very good to hold. But, in my experience I learnt more than the cock the man with whom I am sucking mattered more to me. When you know the guy better it gets all the more intimate and promising.

I will suck it slowly and then increase the pace much to their delight. The initial moments usually pass uneventful but guys once very hard don’t have the practice of controlling themselves. They would simply hold my head tight and start fucking my mouth. I gagged at the first few experiences but slowly got used to the length and girth they offered. They would turn my mouth into a wet pussy temporarily for their satiable pleasure and fuck the hell out of it.

It is one thing that’s best about the men are they love to forget everything and give into the lust that their body crave for. On the other hand women expect men to love them even when in bed and even when they are filled with lust about to burst into their pussy. They expect to be kissed and pampered even at the most crucial moments. It is such the way that god designed them while men simply take what they want.

The guys I met always wanted to fuck the hell out of my mouth and even some of them wanted a piece of my ass. I used to say no and rebuff their approaches. But, one time a guy managed to seduce me and I nearly lost myself in his soothing style. He had me nude, spread and almost ready to get fucked in his bed. It was only when he eased himself into me, I pushed him out and came out of his place.

Breaking me from my dreams, the door bell rang and I was excited.