Me And My My Basketball Player-Out Treat

Hi ISS Readers,i m a 19 yrs old guy with average height ,fit body and has fair complexion.I study at an university in Chennai and stay in hostel as i m from Andhra Pradesh.During evening times,I along with my friends used to play ,sorry watch basketball match(because we don’t get chance to play). I met him during one rainy evening and he is a basketball player.He is also from my hometown and we gradually became friends and he is my junior too.

One can assume as a basketball player,he is little tall and has fair complexion .I found him that he also stays in my hostel block and we become more close as he used to come to my room and chat with me.Actually.I m not a gay but his style of play and his closeness has created some strange feelings in me.

One day ,when all of his roommates left home as there was five days holidays ,so as my roommates.He didn’t go as he had a match and neither me as i m not interested to go for such a short leave .He said to come to his room and stay for those days and i said okay.First day,He had a match and I promised him a treat ,if he wins the match.As usual he won the match and we returned to our room.

He reminded me about my treat and i replied him yes and promised him to give tomorrow afternoon.Suddenly and strangely he said that he wants it now!!!.I am bit confused because we already ate in our mess.He pulled me towards him and said “You are my treat”.I felt strange and asked him to move a bit away.Forcefully he came near me and touched my dick with his hands and said “pls give my treat”. I never expected him to be a gay.Meanwhile,My dick got rock hard and even i didn’t try to take his hand away.He said me that he loves me so much and he wants me.I remained silent and he took my silence as yes and landed a kiss on my lip and it continued for 5 mins.

He pushed me towards the bed and started undressing me.I didn’t stop him as i felt good .He said me to undress him while hugging me tightly and i did.After series of smooching and kissing by his lips,I m nude and felt shy as i never been nude before anyone longtime since my childhood and so he is.His cock is erect and neatly shaven.He smooched my naval and finally came to my dick which is hard.When he put it inside his mouth,I moaned in the pleasure of his saliva waxing my cock..the feel and the pleasure ….wordless…

He continued sucking me for 10-15 mins. He came near my face and smooched my neck and started to rub his dick on mine..god!!! our heights matched….He was on me and virtually fucking me and i felt him light and wanted to live all the life like this….Finally ,we crossed our limits….we couldn’t control ourselves…he turned me into doggy style and said me to close my eyes and I interrogated him why.He said that i m gonna fuck you!!! I asked him how!!!(i never watched porn and he changed my thoughts and even me).He said “chubistha”(will show).

He took coconut oil from his cupboard and applied it on my ass and i am in fuzzy condition doesn’t know what he is doing and finally his cock drilled my ass..I shouted in pain and immediately he closed my mouth and started drilling me more ..My ass was so tight that he couldnt drill anymore…I said him to stop..BUT HE DIDNT STOP,HE FUCKED ME DEEP AND DEEP.As time passed,i moaned in pleasure and adored the pain,literally the pleasure.He fucked deeply and i felt like i was in heaven…

He fucked me more than half an hour and took his cock out of my ass.He masturbated in front of me and the white cum of him poured into hostel floor and some in his bed,this is the first time i watched a man masturbate in front of me(even i do masturbate and not a gay masturbation).He felt relieved and he came near to my face and said your ass is too tight that if we continues this for two to three days,it will become loose that could bring more ecstasy. I asked him that did he ever involved in gay sex other than me and he replied me no and he said i gained this knowledge by watching gay porn and masturbating by thinking you!!! I felt strange…i could feel something unique probably his love… I enjoyed him to core and we went to sleep by hugging each other

My player fucked me enough and gave pleasure that turned me into a gay!!!My play with player continued throughout the five days and the third day was really fucking good!! Of course we had an encounter in the second day but in the third day everything turned upside down…as usual we went to play match and this time he lost the match..we came to room and he was feeling lost and i comforted him with a kiss and he said he is not in a mood to fuck today .I wanted him to feel better so i said him to listen me and i kneeled down before him and undressed him.He remained calm and i removed his trousers and we want to bath together as we both were full of sweat and he helped me to undress and switched on the shower…

I smooched him this time and hugging him tightly..I could feel the smell of him and i liked it very much mind said me that you are not a gay but my conscience overthrew it and started smooching him..he was in full surprise that i was smooching him..I finally took him out of shower and rubbed his balls with my hands,he moaned….We shared the same towel and wiped us…He covered his lower with a towel and went to wash his clothes and he said me that he will comeback after washing his jerseys,but i didn’t let him go..I pushed him towards the window and removed the towel.

Again i kneeled down and started to suck his cock…i couldn’t believe that his dick is in my mouth and he started moaning in pleasure…he cant control him..i held the grill behind him in the window and shook his body as the pleasure and ecstasy traveled throughout his body ..i hold my head in one hand and forced me to continue when i left…..he was totally enjoying….then he mouth-fucked me for sometime….i dragged him to his bed and lied on him..this time i m the dominant and again virtually fucked him by rubbing my dick on this pubal area…he said that i learned too fast….

I told him to elevate his ass and applied some Vaseline on his ass and front fucked him ….He said to stop and shouted in pain…he said to stop and i said tit for tat and closed his mouth with mine….My dick drilled his ass and soon he started giving moaning sounds ..aaah…..reeyyyyy….aahhh…He told me to fuck him fast and hold his bed with his hand for more grip and i pulled his hand from holding the bed and caught it with my hand and fucked him more and more…he started to moan higher…god!! as there was no one in our hostel,no one doubted us!! Otherwise we would have been caught!!!

I fucked him for nearly 50 mins and masturbated on him…he said me that i fucked him to the core and he enjoyed me and wants me to fuck him again and we both were tired and he started masturbating and pushed out his white out of him directly on me!!!though i didn’t like it..i remained silent as i did it to him…we kissed each other and slept nude by hugging each other……Thanks for reading our story!!hope will continue uploading our stories!!!

Me And My My Basketball Player-Out Treat