Being From Man To Woman

This is a real story of me going from man to woman,

My name is Geeta now previously Hitesh. I was born as a male but when I grew up my behavior was effeminate. Right from the school I was not interested in male sports and stayed away from it.

There was only one close friend I had throughout my school life his name was rajesh. When we were in 10th standard his father suddenly expired in a accident and as there was no one else in the family I stood by him through the tough times, also our exams were over and having a great vacation when things became normal once again he asked me that he wants to go to a nice restaurant with me, without any hesitation I said yes.

He took me to a nice lounge and we ordered drinks after two drinks he said Hitesh I love you, I said what he again said I love you. I told him though I may be effeminate I am not a Gay. He said neither he was but he still loves me , then he gave me a bag and said this is our new beginning . I asked what was in the bag he said don’t open it now and wait till I reach home, if I accept his offer he asked me to use what’s in the box and come to his house. His mother was a working woman now as his father was no more.

After reaching home I went in my room and kept the box and was thinking about it but did not open the box still. After having dinner and thinking a lot I took the box and opened it. I was surprised to see a bra panty a short dress and lipstick.

It had a note saying that I must wear that bra and panty from home and can change to dress at his place. I took the bra and figured out how to wear it I wore it and saw the cups were empty. So thought of adding socks to it the feeling of wearing bra was amazing and then took of my underwear and put the panty on, I had a hard on, I started playing with myself and made me cum, but the feeling of removing the clothes did not go away. I slept with bra and panty on that night thinking of rajesh.

Next morning the time was not passing by, he called me at 12 and asked did u see the box and told me that if I am not comfortable I can forget it, but we will still be great buddies. I took a bath around 2 pm dressed my self in bra panty and wore thick t-shirt so it does not show a pair of jeans below put the dress in the bag and ran to his house he was living close by.

Reaching his house I took a deep breath and ringed the bell. He opened the door with his eyes closed and told me to go to his room and change the dress apply lipstick and then come to hall. I went inside ran to his room took off my jeans and t-shirt first took the lipstick and tried to apply it, but it was my first time with several tries I got it alright.

I opened the bedroom door asked him to close his eyes wait till i ask him to open.

He said his eyes will be closed and i slowly went out and took a sit on the dining chair in front of him, i asked him to open his eyes and i closed my eyes and waiting for his response, he said you are very beautiful and there is no reason to keep the eyes closed. i said i am feeling shy , i could feel him coming closer to me and putting his hand on my back and trying to get me closer to him.i could feel his body touching mine and he kissed me on the head. saying i am the most beautiful woman he has ever seen and he will marry me only. before i could say anything he gave me a smooch and i was stunned. he put his hand on my boobs and was playing with my nipples and making me go mad , it was a experience i never had in my life, i felt like i was a woman,

Then he put my one hand on his cock, as my womanly instincts had already kicked in, i started playing and having went down own my knees and started sucking his dick, he said its not necessary but i told him that i want to do it.and eventually we ended up having anal sex, he popped my cherry. and promised me that only i would marry him, i laughed it off… thinking it was impossible… BUT our things continued for next 3 years until we were caught one day by his mother , by that time i had a large wardrobe of clothes and i use to shave my body too. and most of the time wore female clothes and we ended up going to same college to.

So 3 YEARS later

I had noticed an unusual developments in my body i did not have too hairy body and had budding and sensitive breasts which rajesh enjoyed.

As usual we were at his place and he had bought me a black saree blouse and new lingerie, i wore it for him and we started fooling around the house and it that spur of moment when we were in hall the door opened and hid mom was standing there, she saw us and was not shocked or surprised but i started to run towards bedroom, she said sit in the bedroom but dont change u are looking beautiful. i want to talk to my son first and then you both alone

I went in the bedroom and was sitting for almost half hour but there was no sign of anyone calling me yet, and then she came inside. she told me see you bothe can have fun as much as you want but you guys cannot marry , she told me you that right you are a man and not a woman. i said but i am a woman she aid you would need to undergo many surgeries and think about your parents what will they say. if you really want to marry my son then you will have to follow certain conditions which he and i have put it down for you. i took the paper and started to read

Here are the conditions if you want to marry rajesh

No dowry from your family
Marriage only after rajesh finishes his masters
You will have to undergo breast development or augmentation to the size of 40DDD as rajesh wants
Your penis will be amputed (CUT OFF) from leaving half centimetre from the play to with for both of you,though you will never cum with external simulation.your balls will remain as they are but may be pushed in you body cutting of the ball sac.
You will go on heavy hormone therapy, laser treatments and permanent make up
You will be subjected to heavy milking of 4 hrs non stop twice a day draining your man cum
You breast will be attached to the breast pump to induce quick growth of tissues and reach the desired size as rajesh does not want silicone.
You will remain under heavy corseting to shrink you waist to 25 from current 30 in
You will remain dressed as a lady starting tomorrow for rest of your life.
Last but not the least we both will go to your house and speak to your parents about this right now.

Rajesh is also ready for any conditions that you have do have for the rest of his life his mother said and i hugged her and cried and she consoled me she said both of u sit in the hall i will get coffee for both of you and you can think over it and we can leave for your home if you are ready..

I went outside in the hall and hugged him and cried and told him i want to be yours for the rest of my life and it was when aunty came with the coffee and i was like shy, she said its ok dear no problem after all he is ur husband to be.

Aunty came and sat with us and told that all along these years she knew we are made for each other and she never thought she would catch us red handed. but today she did she told me that conditions you read are not easy especially milking, corseting and breast pump they will be on your body for hours together and its going to be very difficult. you still think. i told her am ready, she asked me to stand up and took me to her bedroom she did tie my saree properly and was little surprised to see my budding boobs. and told rajesh lets go to her home and talk with the parents

We all reached my house and aunty told me to wait in the car with rajesh and then come when she calls, She went to my home she was called inside and told my mother she wants to speak something very important about our children , mother gave her a knowingly sly smile, she told yes go on and she called my dad too, my dad came. aunty told them that our children are in love and both want to marry each mom said i knew this day would come , and i never have seen my son as a male but as female only ,

Also one day i found a pair of bra in his room and taking name of rajesh when asleep. so i knew something was going on between them and i started giving him contraceptive pills which has low dosage of estrogen hormones. aunty said i noticed her budding breasts and i thought about it. aunty told rajesh has said that he will marry only geeta and no one else and even hitesh (geeta ) has said that and they both are in the car. aunty handed the list of conditions given by rajesh and herself to my dad ,

My dad read it and gave it to mom , my mom was shocked at first , she said why not SRS y cut the penis, rajesh is very clear about being gay and he does not want a complete woman and both have agreed too. aunty came down to us called me upstairs i went saw my parents and started to cry and telling them sorry i could not be a boy that you always wanted. my dad hugged me tightly and told me be the best daughter and best daughter in law. and mom looked at me said u really are beautiful daugher and my god fulfil your wishes.and we left for my new home with my clothes that i had gathered over years and my parents bid me a happy farewell.

Aunty once again reminded me that this is really going to be tough and i wont allow you to back off once we reach home , its a very hard life ahead for the next year. i said i am ready mom. we reached home and aunty said no sex till marriage now , she made me sleep with her she said tomorrow we go shopping ,i went took a bath changed to my gown and slept hugging her

Next day morning we left early for shopping she took me to a parlour and ordered many treatments full body wax , eyebrow threading and what not, after waxing when i started putting the bra it was a wonderfulful feeling on my hairless body, and by the time everything was over it was like 2pm and i was hungry, we ordered salads and plain dosa as i did not want to gain weight, then she said the surgeon who will operate is around the corner and so v headed to his hospital, he was waiting for us and i was wearing a saree , so he told me to get naked and get on the patient table and lie there.

He spoke to my MIL and came to see me, he held my penis and started to give me a erection with his one hand inspecting my boobs and nipples i was erect fully , then he took a marker and leaving some area from the base he marked it and said this is where he will cut , but the operation can be performed next month only as he was going out of country and i had shivers running my spine and he said the balls would go inside here and it could take some months before the settle in proper place and the ball sac would be cut off completely. he said the breast pump and milking machine will be delivered to our home by night

Then he took a 2 vials and 2 injections and filled the liquid from the vial and asked me to turn around and gave me a shot in the bum and other near my boobs . he then prescribed some tablets and some testes to be carried out. while i got dressed i just asked the doc that how much time will i need to recover after the surgery so he said around 2 months seeing my happy face my MIL was happy to know that and we proceeded for the shopping of corsets new sarees and went to her tailor for the blouses she had got me 7 corsets. we bought the hormones, injections and vials etc she said with proper treatment you can be 38D in a year. was wondering so i have to undergo all that for so long.

We reached home and the parcels were already there rajesh came to me and hugged me and kissed me right in front of MIL, i said stop it mom is here its not good though she gives us freedom, dont take advantage , he said he was selected for the masters in DELHI and has to leave tomorrow, i was sad and happy both together, we packed his bag and slept early and i dropped him to airport in our car and came home, my MIL lets start the training i said ok mum,

She said remove the clothes and be nude , she said don\t worry i have seen you yesterday, i removed my saree blouse and bra and panty but left the petticoat on i said m really shy , she opened my petticoat and started playing with my dick , i thought what was this going on, she told me she loves me too and went down to suck my nipples and cock later and made me cum in her mouth, she said dont worry it will be our little secretion she took one corset and put it around me and started fighting the corset till it was very difficult for me to breath, then she took me to spare room and told me whatever that she is going to do is for my own good and please cooperate i said i trust you mom. she made me lie on bed and took cuff and locked my arms and legs and then bought the milking machine and attached it to my penis and slowly started the machine.

I started getting erection and slowly the machine started to pick up speed and in that moment i cummed i thought it was over but the machine kept running and i started shouting and mum said you have to go through this and i was crying and shouting but the machine did not stop, by the 5 time cumming i was unconscious . when i came to my senses it was past four hours and my penis was swollen and she showed me lot of my own cum, she put that in a bowl and applied on my face like it was a face pack and the rest she made me drink it. she told from tomorrow i dont have to lie down but i would be like a standing cow as breast pump cannot be attached while sleeping, she also said that today it will only be once and regular regime from tomorrow. she gave me my tablets hormone injections and some food and asked me to sleep.

It was very hard to sleep with penis paining, but i was ready to undergo anything for rajesh and my MIL , it was some 6 am in morning MIL came and told me to get up she put a gown on me as i was sleeping only in corset my penis had also returned to normal size, with breakfast she gave me 2 more tablets saying that this are bovine tablets and help you generate boobs faster , after breakfast she took me to bathroom and gave me a nice bath paying special attention to my boobs. after bath she put on a new corset tied very tightly she said its good i have already squeezed in 1/2 inch i was happy too, and told her to go more tighter . then she gave me bra blouse petticoat and saree to wear i told her the corset will be seen she said dont worry no one will come home. and i dont want you to wear anything other than saree , i said i am fine with that mom. by that time it was 8 am. she said the milking and pumping will start at 10 sending shivers to me she said its for your own good isnt it. i said yes mom.

It was 10am. my MIL came with two injections and tablets gave me one near my boobs and other on the bum and told me to take the tablets, i took them and then we proceeded to the room i saw a new arrangement in the milking room there were stirrups for hands to hold them and tie them then there was a ball gag too with a pipe , my MIL said you shout too much and with both being done today it will be very difficult for you. so the ball gag and the pipe will feed you your cum directly to you.

she told me to kneel like a cow, she told me dont remove the clothes you will feel womanly with them. she slid the milking machine from waist side put it in position on the penis and taking the belts out tied on my back. then she opened my blouse but the suction cup near it and put it inside my bra, then she opened a flap on the bra i looked at her she said its called nursing bra , and i was feeling shy , she said if all goes well u will be really pumping some real milk in those cups, i was astonished she said it was a surprise for me if i don\t want we can stop it .but i said anything you want i am ok . then she put the other pump on and tied my blouse buttons back.

Then she took the ball gag and asked me to open my mouth i opened and she tied it behind my face. then she went to start the system she started the system and my breath were sucked in and out very fast and pain started to build up in the breast and penis was pumping up and starting up to go fast and i could feel the buildup of my first cum and i lost in my own world of pain and joy and cummed for the first time and as usual it did not stop sending me into frenzy. and then unconscious after some time.

I dont know when the ordeal was over but i was in that same position but nothing attached to my body , but little cum dripping out of my mouth. my MIL came and opened the locks and held me , the penis touching my petticoat was sending shivers and it made me cum once more my MIL lifted my saree and saw there was no cum at all, she said may be we should put that penis milking machine only once. she said she will speak to the doctor. the boobs were also paining a lot and she told me it was almost six hours i was on the machine and took me to our bedroom . i told her i want to adjust my saree properly, she said she will help , she told me have a look at your boobs , she opened the blouse and opened the nursing pad and show that boobs had turned red and little enlarged ,

Then she closed pad put the blouse properly and adjusted my saree as i could not bend with my corset on. she made me relax in my room bought some hot soup and some chicken for me to eat with some eggs telling me that i need to eat all as i need lot of energy. and i need to produce little fat for the breasts to grow properly she then called up the doc from her mobile and told him about my blank shots and not producing too much cum, so he said as my mother was giving me pills for last three years. so may be we can use the penis milking once only but instead he would replace it with anal electro simulation for me to cum, he told he will send it across immediately and i was like atlas happy that penis will not be pumped anymore as said by my MIL by the this i took some rest.

My mil came to wake me up it was 6pm and told me the new parcel is here and we need to start the breast pumping, so again i was taken to that room i was locked like morning and put ball gag again in my mouth then my blouse opened and pump put in place inside the cup and and pipes attached through the nursing pads , and blouse closed and she started the machine it was sucking and leaving my boobs like expansion and contraction. i was getting turned on when that was happening my MIL lifted my petticoat and started fingering with asshole with lubricated fingers and then slowly inserted some tube like object inside .

That had some wires connected to it i saw in the mirrors and then she started the device at first it started giving me tingling feelings but later it started to give me hard simulating feelings and i started to cum but it was strange that i did not want it to stop even after i had cummed and that stinging feeling was feeling very good and back to back i every 4 or 5 minutes i started to cum and the feeling of cumin was coming from inside like it does to every woman and i was really happy to be cumming like that. and as usual she stopped it then put hand under my petticoat and removed my condom and bought it near my mouth poured my cum in my mouth and i opened as i was still tied up. then she opened me and helped me to get up she had removed all the devices.

Weeks passed like this with the same routine and one day my mil was tying my bra and it did not fit then without telling me she went and bought the 34B bra she told me that i do not fit anymore in 32B bra and hormones and pumping are showing good effects , also doctor will be here next week for the operation i was very happy hearing all the news i told my mother in law that i wanted to see my breast with the new bra, she took me to a mirror and told me that i not my boobs have developed properly but my but is already increased to 37inches and waist is almost 28inches she told me that she will not be using corsets on me anymore i said ok.

The next morning i got up she removed my corset gave me a bath and dressed me up in bra panty blouse petticoat and saree once again and was taking me for my regular routine, but without corset i was feeling little uneasy, so i told my MIL that can i wear the corset as i am not feeling comfortable and it will help me maintain the posture too as i have started loving it, My MIL said then it will be tighter from now on, i said i am in for it. she removed my blouse and bought a corset and said get ready for heavy bracing. I took a deep breath and she started bracing the laces , it was so tight that i became light headed due to breathlessness and then taken to my room for my daily routine.

Being From Man To Woman

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