My Favorite Sex Till Now With My Hotty Part 2

This story is continuation of my previous one(my favourite sex still now with my hoty…../ /) after having wild sex with deep smooch we decided to watch some gay porn videos, i opened porn site and looking for hot muscular porn guys and we got an nice latino gay porn they r literally damn hot like hell,we played that video

While watching that video we cont able to control ourselves then i turned his face towards my side and i bit his lower lips little hard and placed my tongue in his mouth and he was sucking my tongue like how he sucked my cock …..Oh wow thats an awesome feeling the way he was doing and his saliva tastes soo good , our tongues are fighting each other in a romantic way while our eyes are talking in there language, four lips are just attached like gum then after 10mints of long smooch he placed his tongue in my mouth, oh man damn his tongue was so smooth and very juicy(mostly girls have like this tongue) i just sucked his tongue like an lollipop that too his tongue tastes like lollipop(ha ha ha a) then we fighting with our lips just eating each-other like hell , it just moved for 10mints long while i was pressing his smooth chest with one hand and one hand holding his head.

Again we started watching some porn clips while he was resting his head on my chest, the way he was resting is making me that he was just belongs to me only , our legs are folded and am caressing his hairs and in between am kissing his forehead , he likes the way am doing .

We browsed for desi sites but didnt found any good videos so we moved to foreign videos and watched many , i got one of fantasy in mind then i moved to kitchen , guess for what? For honey guys!

I applied honey on his lips, two nipples now i just sucked them well woooooooooooow yes of my fantasy came true , mmmmm he was moaning and am just sucking and biting his lips like honey bee…..His saliva and my saliva mixed with honey and the taste was omg woooooooooooow guys u should do this ,its an amazing experience yaarrrrrr….We r smooching like in an hour world will ends up so this is the last sex …..Hahaha ya we really soo wild and hard smooching ,this type of smooching i didnt saw in porn videos(either in gay or straight videos).

Then i just moved down to lick his neck , while i was licking he was enjoying every bit of my action, he was shaking like snake under me, then i moved towards his nipples wwwwwooooooooooowwww his nipples was calling me to eat them ,honey is shining on his nipples ,,,,,,

Without wasting time i just gulped his nipples in my mouth and sucking like hungry cub drinking milk from his mother, cool man it tastes awesome and i moved towards another nipples and sucked them well , while i was sucking he was just moaning like hell(i think beside apartment guys can clearly hear our moaning) he was pressing my head harder towards his chest, his chest becomes damn reddish with bites and sucks.Our cocks are rubbing each-other and our bellys are also smooching while am smooching his lips.

Then we moved to 69 position and dipped our cocks in honey they we sucked each-other cocks like honey lollipop. Uuuffffff uuuummmmmm yaaaaaaaaaa that was an excellent feeling yaaaaaaaaaaa we are sucking and eating and licking our nuts,this continued for 20mints then we moved to normal position

Then he told me that can we have bath ……Wwwwwwwwwwwwwwooowww its my big fantasy to have sex in bath room under shower(we dont have shower in room so we adjusted with jug)we moved to bath room and i locked the door and pushed him toward wall and turned him back then i just banged his ass in a fucking motion and turned his face towards me and kissing him while i was banging his ass(not in ass hole just the motion).

I turned on the hot water and pored water on each other then i pored some water in his mouth and we exchanged that water in mouth and kissed hard while he was shaking my cock and am shaking his cock,the n i made him sit on western toilet and placed my cock in his mouth omg ,,,,this feeling is the best feeling in world for me ,,

While i was poring hot water on me and he was sucking my cock in full swing ….Uuuuuuffffffff oooommmmyyyy gggoooooodddd i want him more i need him daily plzzzzzzzzzz hey baby suck me more hhaaaaaaaaaaaaa eat my cock bit me ….Hhhhhaaaaaaa lick my nuts baby haaaaa yyyyyuuuuppppp …..

Then i made him stand and i moved down to sucking cock,do to water his cock head was shining ……I just took his whole cock in mouth and i sucked him well.

Now the time for climax,we r in full swing and our cocks r waiting to blast cum out, again he moved down to suck my cock ,he was sucking like hell in full speed after 2mints of deep and speed suck am ready to blast my cock and i told him that , so he told me to release in his mouth uuuuuuffffffff my cock blasts an big while load in his mouth and on his face omg its very big load, its first time am cumming in mouth or face(i felt bad faster cuming in his mouth because he became my sweet hart,i thought i shouldnt did this but in our second meet i didnt cummed on his face or mouth) then he too cummed on floor …

We are just relaxed and kissed for a while then we took bath and came back to room and dressed up. U know guys we did this from morning 11am to 2pm.We didnt do anal because we both dont like(but i like anals some time with some rare and clean guy but my bad luck is he was awesome he should be bottom but he was not) u know guys he has amazing ass am just dying for his ass.In feature he has to become bottom for me (actually he like anal but he was fear of pain)

Sorry guys am boaring na …..Am very sorry….This is my awesome sex experience till now. By the way am not good looking guy, am just avg black skin guy with hairy body with good cock u guys can mail me at / /

My Favorite Sex Till Now With My Hotty Part 2