Auto-Ride Made Me A Cross Dresser Whore Part 1

Im a male, and cross-dresses occasionally in private. After cross dressing I get hard and then get off rubbing my dick against bed. Sometimes I post my cross-dressing photos online and get excited by comments and chats. I fantasizes about being seduced/forced to cross-dress and made to serve like a whore by dominant stranger(s). Im darkish brown, lean. Has little hair on my upper body. Thin. Have slender arms. Soft face. And thick lips. And finger thick but long. My butt is rather fine and have drawn good comments on online forums. My tummy is more or less and flat and my navel too had been praised.

Some humiliating and double-meaning dialogs are in Hindi and rest in English.

“300” I said. I was bargaining with a rickshaw driver over price.

“Gaand mein loge hai kya, 300 mein wahan tak chodne keliye teri gaand bhi dena padega”

“Ha kyun nahi tu pehle 300 mein chod de phir gaand le le” I was quite loud and people gathered around, the driver was taken aback. Everybody took my side and shouted at the driver. He agreed to take me. Somebody said I should give only 200 or so. But I said Ill give him what I promised ie 300. People dispersed and we took off. I could see that the driver was still furious over what happened.

Being close to midnight, road was deserted. In between he stopped by roadside and went out towards nearby bush which was well lit by streetlight. “Hey” “hey” I called out. Thujhe mera moot bhi chahiye kya? He glared at me. I sat back in silence. I was looking in his direction, he shamelessly flashed his cock at me and started peeing looking at me. What kind a person choose to pee in public that too under light, when a few meters away is pitch dark, I turned around. Then he made some phone calls and got back into the auto. We took a turn, I then thought it may be a shortcut. Few minutes passed, we came across a couple asking for lift. The driver stopped by. If he could get some extra money it may cool him down I thought. So didnt object sharing auto with a strange couple.

The lady was wearing a saree. I couldnt see her face for it was night. Surprisingly she sat by my side and her partner next to her. Our legs were touching. I tried shying away but then she spread her legs and made herself more comfortable. Now I had noway but to be in constant contact with her legs. Suddenly the auto jerked and she put her strong hands on my thighs and held on strongly.

But she didnt lift them afterwards and kept them there and her fingers were making small movements around my thigh. Her actions together with her perfume was getting me hard. I didnt want her to find that out. So tried to lift her hand and place it away. But she took hold of my hand and placed it over her belly button under the pallu. Now I was so horny and didnt care her partner was sitting nearby, may be she is a whore and he is her pimp I thought.

I started caressing her tummy, finger her navel…. In the mean time auto had gone into some direction I had no idea of, but hadnt realize. My hand was going down her navel and when it was about to enter her petticoat she jerked and let out a painful moan expressing some distress. At once two manly hands gripped mine. Holy shit!What if he is really her husband or so.

He shouted at me with a foul mouth, Auto came to halt. I was pulled out of the auto by her partner, he was so strong that I fell on to my knees at once, thats when I realize we were in a small, probably very unused road away from main road. He held me like that holding my hair. It was paining, I couldnt move. Auto driver and the lady came and stood by. He started abusing me for molesting his wife. I tried telling him she is the one who started everything but he was not willing to believe. She whispered something to him and he got more angry and started pulling me by my legs.

Now the auto-driver intervened and said he cant let anything violent happen and is going to call police. I begged not to do that as I knew I would be the one who will be defamed. “If not then he will beat you to death, and I may get into trouble” Auto-driver said. “Please, Ill apologize, madam please forgive me it was my mistake Ill treat all woman with respect from now on, please leave me alone”. “Ok we will leave you alone but you must be punished for what you have done and you must also apologize properly”. Said the man. “But this is not the right place, people may notice and you will get into more trouble, we will go to our place, punish you properly and leave you in two hour, get back”. I started to get up. “No, you have no right to stand tall in front of us, crawl inside”. I had no option but to comply as I was at their mercy.

In some time we reached an isolated house in some shady area of the city. My knees were paining from standing inside auto on knees all the while, they hadnt let me sit. The lady opened doors and went inside and switched on lights. I got a clear view of her back, nice ass I thought to myself, but couldnt manage a look at her face. “Crawl inside”. “You may join as a witness if you want”, He told the driver “and we need to drop him back later” he added. I crawled into their house.

“Tum jaise logon se kutte behethar hai. Tujhe kuta ki taraj jeena chahiye, aaj tu humara kutta ban ja”. I nodded, tears started forming in my eyes. “Ro raha hai sala, tu kuta hai ya kutiya, check karte hain. Chal apne kapde utaar. Kuta ko nanga rahna chahiye. chal Utaar”. Slap! Slap! my cheeks burned, the more time I take the more the pain will be. I removed my jeans and t-shirt, he asked me to hand them over along with my purse and phone. I was now sitting on my knees with just a brief on.

But they were not satisfied they wanted me to remove that as well. After another moment of hesitation and hard slap he told me not to remove it myself and stay on all fours. I did. I felt a foot at my back fingers of which pulling the brief down. I was asked to lift my knees and it was off on the floor. “Pick it up”, the order came but this time using teeth like a good dog. I did fearing more beating and stood there with an underwear hanging from mouth.

“Tu to kutiya hai re”. The auto driver said glaring at my more or less hairless body and face. “Jab tune gaand offer ki tab meine itna socha nahi, agar pata hota to turanth accept karta. ” He said feeling my ass with back of foot. I shied away. “Sheena idar aao”, the man called out. I kept looking in the direction. Slap! Slap!. Im not supposed to lift my eyes from ground and it must remain fixed.

The lady walked into the room in a red saree and was asked to be seated on a chair at other end of room. All I could see was her brightly painted toe nails, and started thinking how she may look. I was there on my knees, naked, accused of molesting a lady, being humiliated by two powerful men but still thinking how hot she is, Shame on me!. The man asked driver to bring a plate and some water, he did. The plate was placed near the lady and water was poured into. Did he mix something into water may be not.

She was asked to place her feet in water. I was told I can leave once I properly apologize and first step into it is to drink that water in which she washed her feet. I had no choice I crawled towards the plate and started sipping water. “Kutiya ki tarah pee”. I started lapping and my eyes went blind because of tears. “Ab jaake teri malkin ka pire chatke saaf kar.”. Those smooth and now clean feet were inviting but then in front of two men,.. crawling towards it and licking. How humiliating it is? But I had no choice.

I started licking her toes strangely it felt nice and my dick started rising. Driver noticed it. “pire chaatne se hi iski khada ho gayi tune sahi bola yaar yeh kutiya hi hai”, with that he fondled my balls from behind using his toes and then moved upwards my ass-crack. His toes rubbing against my hairy asshole made my cock twitch further. In the mean time the man was video-graphing everything in his phone. Ive o option now, but to obey everything they say.

I have plans as to how the story would proceed, if u have special suggestions let me know.

Auto-Ride Made Me A Cross Dresser Whore Part 1