Unexpected Experience With Sanjay Uncle Part 2

Hi! All friends, I am back with another interesting episode of my unexpected. but exciting and real encounter. Your valuable comments are welcome.

After that exciting evening in his house, we became very intimate and one  day, he planned for a long night-session of sexecitement, as his mother would return only after one more week, but I discarded it as impracticable and left it at that.  The following Sunday, Sanjay anna(uncle) lunched with us and with my parents permission, both of us went to the movie in the evening and returned by 9.30 pm.

After dinner, my mom suggested that he stayed back, since he would, in anyway, be alone in his house and he agreed after initial hesitation. Mom gave him a pillow & sheet and asked him to be comfortable, “Amma,no problem, I dont mind sharing with Bala”, he assured.  We went into my room (study cum bed room) after wishing my parents, Goodnight, and him changing to dhoti, myself to nightdress. He locked the door and switched off the light, leaving the dim night lamp on.  He lay near me on the bed and complaining of the hot weather, he took off his banian, at the same time wiping the beads of sweat on his forehead.  I got up, increased the speed of the fan and asked him if it was ok now. He said, “fine” and asked me to go to sleep. The cool breeze made me drowsy and eyelids heavy. Anna uttered his bed time prayer and closed his eyes, lying on his side facing me, with one hand over the waist caressing me now and then.

Around midnight, I suddenly woke up and went to the bathroom for urinating. On return, I found him lying on his back with hands raised and palms supporting his head. His dhoti was slightly parted exposing his thigh and a big bulge in his triangular “treasure island”. The dim light on his face and body elevated his sex appeal, and I felt my hormonal level soaring up, exciting me in all erogenous spots, around nipples and toolkit, in particular.  Unable to control my urge, I tried to rouse him by licking his perky nipple, the open armpit(tickling, sniffing and inhaling the mild, manstatic & intoxicating scent) and even stroking his manhood over the bulge, but he was unmoved. I was disappointed and turned away from him. Suddenly, I felt his left arm scooping me and hugging me tightly, he asked, “Sorry, sweetie, I was just pretending. Did my bulge not tell you that I was ready?”. In mock anger, I removed his dhoti in one go, to witness his rock hard, beautiful rod spring out and sway in air.  So cunning, I thought and wondered when actually he got rid of his undie.

He made me sit on his lap,fully naked and french kissed me for 10 mins. or so. I was totally busy(!) with my right palm clasping his  hot throbbing tool tightly, left palm kneading his right breast, occasionally twisting and tweaking his nipple. Holding me close to his bosom, he lifted his left breast and thrust the taut nipple into my waiting mouth like a mother to her hungry baby. I gripped it greedily and sucked voraciously,as if there was no tomorrow! The heat between us was  mounting up as I remained in his tight hug and constant rubbing. After some time, he released me from his hold ,smooched me steadily from head to toe, thus exciting me. He cupped my fleshy tits and swallowed my nipples one after the other to lick and suck until he was satisfied. I loved it to the core with my eyes close, biting the lips and moaning softly since it always gave me that unexplainable heavenly bliss and delight.

He got up suddenly and returned with a small paper bag and a chocolate bar (from his pant pocket, got in the evening at cinema house), ordering me to lie still on the bed for him to lead the love play. I obeyed him and there he was, opening the bar of melted chocolate  and smearing the paste on my lips, nipples, navel and groin. I was not allowed to get up, while his excellent gradual licking process continued till the last speck of the chocolate made my body shiver in erotic pleasure.

I developed goose pimples all over and felt totally mesmerised at his deft touches of fingers and tongue. He cleaned me up with a wet towel, took to 69 position and we were sucking each others dicks in different postures such as lateral, him over me for some time. On his suggestion, we had a liberal coating of our pricks and the nut bags with chocolate paste and continued sucking, but this time, I was on him.  I felt totally thrilled and on top of the world, by his expert sucking and excellent, erotic lovemaking. He was sucking my rod like ice candy and the sac with forceful and wild strokes that made me literally jump and writhe in excitement. I was caressing his thighs, groin and digging his navel and he was in high erotic feelings,  I felt his tongue beyond the scrotum, licking the perineum, exciting me more and more.  He kneaded my bums and  brought my manhole closer to his face by separating the ass-cheeks, surprising me. I saw him take a bit of the melted chocolate in his fingers and apply in my crack and to man-pussy.

Licking his fingers clean, he extended his tongue service into the crevices licking the entire chocolate, smacking his lips occasionally and commenting, “so sweet, sooooo lovely, sooooooo tasty”. It not only tickled me, but lifted my mood higher up into heaven. I was, in the meanwhile, licking and sucking his super hot throbbing cock like a lollipop from base to the tip of red conical head. He substituted his point finger in place of his swirling tongue to finger-fuck me, which was painful. He told me that it was one of the methods for examining a patient by surgeons. He wanted me to repeat on him not by finger, but using my prick. I was shocked to learn that he too liked ass-fucking (like master) and wanted me to be his mate.

He pulled out a smooth rubber item from a small box labelled “Nirodh” (had heard about it, but seeing for the first time) from the bag and put it on my dick. He applied coconut oil liberally on my tool and his asshole, as lubricant. He lay on his back, spreading the legs wide, and asked me to climb on him. Once I followed his instructions, he held my cock and guided it to the orifice. As I had already done it once (with master), I rubbed the head of my dick slowly into the waiting mancunt. His anal sphincter was constricted and rigid. He bit his lips and moaned, “ssssssssssssssss, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,mmmmmmmmmmm, its aching. Dont stop, push, push, yesssssssssssss”,last the cock head was forcing in with a little more difficulty and pressure although my Johnny slid in as it was shorter and thinner than his hose. The gradual push and slow pace changed into high speed, mainly with his help by lifting his hip to enable the entry with ease, matching my pace.

At one stage, he started swaying his head in absolute delight and the heat, due to live flesh kissing and rubbing each other deep inside. I was also deriving insurmountable pleasure of tasting the forbidden fruit again,  considered as unnatural act. After 15 mins. of exploring his cave by up & down hip movement I announced that I had reached the peak and would be coughing my sperm-juice very soon. He pressed my bums tight by enveloping in his legs and awaited that moment of ultimate pleasure and ecstasy.

Suddenly, I felt the high voltage electricity passing though me and resulting in rigidity of my body followed by filling the condom with my hot hot honey in jets. I fucked him faster till the last spurt of the juice. He also arched his body, jumped like spring and held me tighter in ecstasy.  I felt choked for a minute, but slowly, I relaxed a bit and felt as if We were on cloud 9. I gave him a long and deep lip kiss. My limp little mater slipped out of him, fully satisfied. I gave him a nice blowjob and made him cum into my mouth until the last drop.  He arched his body, breathing heavily and shivering uncontrollably due to the excitement. Both of us were extremely happy at the development and got up once our sex-thirst was fully quenched. Having spent more than an hour in lovemaking, we cleaned up ourselves and settled on the bed cuddling. I was now clinging to his nipple again, sucking on it delightfully and slowly drifting into sleep, quite contented.

Thank you all for reading.

Unexpected Experience With Sanjay Uncle Part 2