Scintillating Sunday With Sunil Part 2

I was overjoyed when sunil told me in the evening that he had exchanged the duty hours with his friends on his request and that he could stay even overnight with me, if its ok for me. I kissed and told him that I wont mind him staying with me for the whole week!

After informing his superiors officially, a stroll in the nearby park and a light dinner at home(prepared by me), we entered my library, and finding a book on Sculptures of India, he told me very casually,that he liked the sculptures of Khajuraho, a temple of love and a honeymooners paradise, the best. I was stunned to know when he opened my laptop to show me the images with erotic poses, asking me to choose my best choice among them. I confessed to him that our ideas had synchronized and in the same wavelength, as I had intended to entice and lure him with such pictures. He was staring at me in utter surprise & disbelief and was totally delighted, thrilled to hear that from me too.

He was very impatient and pulled me towards the bedroom to enter into the desirous world of enjoyment There was strong vibration in my kit, resulting in a bulge and lust at its peak. I yielded to his greedy eyes pleading and his action began in a jiffy. Like the morning show, he fell on my chest and in no time, his mouth was sucking my nipples fast and uninterruptedly, thereby making me forget everything else.

With this as the starter, both of us became very horny, and lust overwhelmed us. I loved every bit of it and returned the favor to him, jacking his mood high up. We lay on the bed naked and hugged each other tightly, with the heat building up all over again. I looked at him apologetically to know if I was exploiting him. His only aim and goal was enjoy with me as much as possible and there was no need for me to feel guilty, he added. We were playing like this for nearly an hour and finally decided it was time to satisfy and get satisfied.

After switching the lights off and door bolted, I got one cup ice cream ( fig & honey) and a chocobar in a plate for us, telling him that we can share them now as I had deprived of his choice after lunch. With the A/c making a mild drone and us tucked under a single sheet, stark naked, we played with each other, kissing, pinching, pulling, licking, smooching and occasionally boob-sucking. All of a sudden, he got out of the bed fully naked (I didnt feel vulgarity in this) only to get the chocobar for sharing. We had one bite each and enjoyed the taste of it.

During this, a few drops fell on my chest which he licked and cleaned. “I have an idea. I want to drink chocomilk from your bosom, Anna. Shall I demonstrate it?”, he asked me. It reminded me of my encounters with Raj sir and Dr. Sanjay Anna in my school days( details in my earlier stories in this site). Unwilling to curtail his enthusiasm, I gave green signal to go ahead at his will. Elated, he took a bite of the bar, making it a syrup with saliva in his mouth and pulling my chest closer, sucked my hard waiting nipple, fully drenched in the syrup. It gave me a kick and asked him not to stop.

He consumed half of the chocobar like this and each time, when he sucked the nipples changing sides, it was like flying high in the clouds, in ecstasy for me. He cleaned the entire syrup sticking to my chest, boobs, and the nipples by his expert licking. I bit my lips, moaned loudly and developed goose pimples all over, telling him, at the same time, to give me more of the pleasure and thrill. He crawled down to my love triangle and moistened the ‘bat & the balls with his saliva. I was aware of his intention and I just spread my legs for his easy maneuvering.

He smeared the toolkit with choco-bar once and sucked my fellow from the tip to the base and licking it dry. It was an awesome experience to get the cold choco syrup, licked by his hot tongue. Closing my eyes, I was telling him biting my lips, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ssssssssssssssss, ssssssssooooooo nice, satisfying, mmmmmmmmmmmm, dont ssssssssttttttttttoooooppp, Sunil sweeeeeeetie, You are just great, my lovely bastard!! He was also liking it and continued sucking my cock-head for sometime, underneath the bright red glans and scaling down to the base the shaft, extending to the nuts and beyond to the perineum, just short of the ass-crack. I was writhing in delight and wonderful sensation. A pleasure wave was drifting me away to intense wonderland of sexecitement, for the first time.

I caught hold of his hair and pressed his face to my sticky and slimy crotch.He was not in a hurry to finish either the chocobar or leave my lively throbbing bar free! He continued this for nearly half an hour, thus taking me to scale the pleasure land high above. We halted for some time and continued the sucking pleasure, this time, with the Fig & Honey cup ice in 69 position at my suggestion. As we reached climax, I got up to avoid cumming and asked him if he would like me penetrate to give him the fucking pleasure. He jumped at my idea and told that he wont wait any longer.

I got the oil bottle from my dressing table, only to find him already lying on his back & his legs well-spread. I pulled him to the edge of the bed and smearing oil on the shaft of my tool glistening with precum, his tight ass and my inserting fingers liberally, I finger-fucked him, entering through the crack to land in his hole and he was wincing with slight pain. I continued it for some more time until his ass-muscles relaxed a bit. I let my manhood slide into his waiting man-pussy steadily.

He took a deep breath and asked me to thrust the hard tool into the cave. After an initial resistance, one hard push made the glans slipping in. He let a loud cry due to pain, making me stop the action. I asked him if he would like me to continue. He dug his fingers onto my back and ordered me to go ahead. Encouraged by this, I withdrew my dick only to resume my action. This time, his sphincter muscles opened up to exhibit the pinky interior allowing half the length of my tool slide in and I could feel the warmth of the tunnel. Placing his legs over my shoulders, I pulled out half of the shaft again only to thrust it into his mancunt with double the force. He was shaking his head sideways and asked me to fuck him hard.

He also told me that now he was experiencing more of pleasure with no pain at all. Increasing the speed resulted in gasping with excitement in both of us. My loose, hanging honey sacs were hitting him below at every push and his hard dick swaying up & down hitting my belly. I lowered myself on him to suck and nibble his juicy nipples, thus rousing him more. His hot, hard tool, sandwiched between us due to his legs pressing my bums, was getting pressed and rubbed each time I moved on him. He was reacting to my fucking, biting his lips, throwing his head up, jumping now and then and mumbling all through, Sssssssssssssssssssss, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, dooooooonnnnnnnnt sssssssttttttoooooop, harder, harder, tear me off, jusssssssssssst suuuuuuper shot, Anna, Im in heaven now.

After 15 minutes of fast and hard fucking, I stopped to avoid spilling my juice into him, but turned him slowly on me, without disengaging my fellow from his pit, in order to make him do a horse riding. Still, mine slipped out and he spread his ass-cheeks to take my little Johnny in him gradually and completely. Now, his up & down exercise gave me more pleasure and I was shagging his dick already covered with dripping precum simultaneously.

At one stage, I was reaching the climax and told him that I was ready to spray the honey into him. He increased his force and the speed such that I enveloped his hip into my legs pressing tightly and I spewed the love juice into him at regular intervals. He clung to my boobs and was sucking them fast & furiously, thus matching the tempo of the spurt of my sperms. We lay in that position for longer time until we were satisfied. Once my limp cock slipped out, I pulled him up and asked him to mouth fuck me till I was satiated. He readily obliged and I was feeling on top of the world to feel the smooth and sweet taste of his rock-hard cock inside my mouth.

He became voracious to push his tool gagging me at times. He bit his lip, eyes closed, and tool getting harder in me only to flood my mouth with his thick, sweet-smelling, juice, some of which even dripping through sides of mouth. Half-way, I pulled his rod out of my mouth and made him bathe me with his sperm juice. I enjoyed gulping it down and licked the shrinking tool slipping out of my oral cavity clean and dry. His body was shaking uncontrollably even after emptying his sac of love juice. He hugged me tightly and french-kissed me, in order to taste his own honey, mixed with saliva from my mouth, as in the morning.

Both of us were panting heavily and sweating even in the A/c room temperature. His eyes and body revealed that he was more than satisfied. He disengaged himself from me, brought the laptop with the pictures and wanted to enjoy with me in a couple of few other erotic postures. The whole night filled us with more sexecitement by fucking him in doggy style & constant boob-sucking and leaving us thoroughly excited, satiated and absolutely satisfied.

It was around 3 am when we decided to call it a day and after cleaning ourselves up, but still naked, we got under one sheet. As I was cradling him in my hands, his face was on my chest, his hand over my waist and lips on my red, swollen nipple, sucking it slowly like a baby already half-sleep. My finger ran over the other free nipple that had also turned red & swollen(due to his continuous boob-sucking) to get that unexplainable and strange, but a very sweet and soothing heavenly feeling of ultimate erotic feelings. It was, undoubtedly a long session of HAPPINESS UNLIMITED, UNABATED and UNSTOPPABLE.

After that delectable and highly enjoyable experience, he was very reluctant to leave me, but we met twice or thrice during that fortnight and had unforgettable sessions of love & pleasure. Needless to say we enjoyed it to the core and are yearning for more of it.

Thanks to all for reading.

Scintillating Sunday With Sunil Part 2