Starting A Secret Life As Cute Priya Part 1

Hi friends this is my real story and I dont have much experience in writing stories so there may be mistakes basically I am a software engineer from Kerala kochi, this story is about my secret cross dressing and gay desire.

This all started when I was studying in +2, once during a bus journey to my school some one sitting near me massage my cock no one the the bus found that as my bag in on my lap I got really scared and start shivering as this was my first experience at last he open my zip and take my cock and give a blowjob and I cum I feel like crying as he take my cum in his hand and make it over my lips and over my face no one found this as it is a crowded bus.

Then he said his name is john then he squeeze my ass and tell me dont go to class today I try to resist but he forced me. The he take me to a hotel and take food he call me sissy actually I dont know the meaning that time then he show me many photos of boys in lady dress sucking cock and getting ass fucked. He told me that I am not a man I am like some one in the photo a sissy or a shemale who is a female with a cock he tell that my hands are so soft and body is hair less like female.

He try to convince me but I dont agree and i said I am a man and i love to be with women not interested in sex with man. He said OK but he opened his mind and said he would like to make me his wife and fuck my ass and mouth he give me certain DVDs and tell me to see all this and he take one of my book and write so many web address and ask me to see those movies in that and leave me for that day he forcefully take my mobile no i dont know y i cant resist him.

When i reached home i feel like crying thinking all those things that happened this day that night i try to sleep but i cant as the my dreams are distorted with those photos and dream that i was in ladies dress and getting fucked. i i lost my sleep i just login my pc and watch those DVDs that he give all those movies are about hypnotic videos like black cock addition, how to be come a shemale, you are a sissy bitch …

First i stop all those and try to concentrate on my studies but during night i cant resist my wish to watch those movies actually within one week i become addicted to those movies. later i start searching those websites on internet that all are about sissy shemale and how to become a girl, how to please your master etc. within 2 or 3 weeks i become restless and all my dreams and wishes were about getting fucked by that handsome man who made me this way if i had his phone no i will definitely call and beg him to fuck me and make me his wife or his slut or sissy or a slave.

At last during my lunch break i got a call from an unknown number which call me priya and tell me this is john actually my body start shivering and i cant even speak I i dont know how my voice lower like female and soft voice at last i say hello in my new female voice hearing my female voice he congratulate me that i am a good sissy who learn fast and he tell me that i have to stay with him next week i said no as i am living with my parents but he convince me that he will call my parents as my class in charge and tell them that i am week in maths and need to study a lot to get passed so he is planing to take me to his home for a week and to give special tuition so my parents haply agree and my mind and my heart start bouncing.

On Friday evening his car was waiting out side my school as our Christmas exams are over we have a leave for 10 days he was really happy to my surprise when ii entered car i sow lot of modern female cloths almost about my size and see padded bra and some medicine and some gel and some pack of condom. my breathing was high as i know what was going to happen on coming days. he said dont worry i will not hurt you in any way. i love you u r my sweet wife priya.

At last we reached a home in a remote area its was a big home and there is no one in that i saw he had some phone call and and he ask he if i am afraid of injections i said no then he tell me he is going to give me some injection to avoid infection during sex. i said ok and but i am afraid of anal sex he just smiled and take the injection that was some sedatives i feel very tired and sleepy and feel in deep sleep i dont know how long i was in sleep but when i woke up i was shocked that i am not in that house where we were before and i am wearing ladies dress and he was beside me and tell me dont be afraid its his second home and we are now at Chennai i feel some thing strange happen to my body i just checked and found that he remove every single hair on my body and got pierced my ears and nose i start crying so he tell me that he did not prince my nose its just a clip type but ear piercing is alright that now a days boys also do it for freaking out. the panty and bra i was wearing was very tight and and ask him if i can change my dress to manly for that he become angry and said you are not any more a man. and show me the mirror i can t believe i look totally like a girl he thread my eye bros and remove even my facial hairs i was now some one like those i saw in those movies and i found something is hurting my anal and found that that was a anal bud or dildos.

Then he take me to his room and ask me to give an oral sex I dont know why I cant resist him and he made me swallow his cum I dont know y he give 1000 rs and said that I bet later this will be your profession that day I cried a lot but all my night dreams from that night was about getting fucked in ladies dress by hung with their huge black cock the part 2 will be coming soon for having sex with a cute Cross-dresser mail me / /

Starting A Secret Life As Cute Priya Part 1