A Brothers Sacrifice Part 1

I am going to story which is happen to one of my friends. Now the story in his words.

I am Amit . I leave in Gajiyabad. I am 6 feet tall and have athletic body. I have not much hair on my body.

Four years before when I am of 18 I came to leave with my sister and jiju in Gajiyabad because my mother had died .most of time I help my sister. Today it is 2 year past when my sister had died she died in a car accident which was driven by me some I escaped. She left a beautiful girl of 3 and half year handing me to take care and keep her always happy and also take care of her family. I started doing all works of home and taking care of family.Then went to collage. I love sona very much.

Oh I forgot to tell my jiju ramesh and my sisters daughter sona.

One day sona my sister daughter got serious illness I called ramesh my jiju to his office he came as early as he can and we went to doctor . Then doctor said she has a hole on her heart. And said to keep her always happy and give her all happiness and it will take long time to cure.

Today sons has become of 4 .Before the birthday sona is very sad she said to ramesh she want her mother on her 4 birthday as she dont know where her mother is and what is death ? Ramesh and i promised her take her mom back to keep her happy.

Now ramesh come to me and said he dont want to marry again for her daughter good. He said me to resolve this problem. I thought For long time but got no solution . then we thik of a drama.

On day of birthday morning sona was very upset not to see her mother. I went to ramesh I said he have any idea or not. He said thinking after ten min am i know someone who can do the drama today.I said “No body is ready “. Then after a big pose he said me to become her mother because I look quit similar.

Firstly I do not agree but at the end I said OK. He went to market to take a wig. I went to bathroom I started watching my self. I have quit similar face and body like my sis and a good pair of chest similar like teen girl breast but i am little tall. Firstly I removed my hair and taken bath and come to remash room to take didi clothes. There are many clothes i saw many type of panty bra chudidar dress and saree. I think lets wore it I wore red matching panty and bra . My breast look like quit be shape. I putted some sponge on bra because it is of d cup .Then I wore a patiyala salwar suit , bangles, nose ring , ear ring, anklet , applied red color nail paint and then started makeup.

I finished all this in four hours. I wore the wig too and looked the mirror oh my god I look like a actress I went to sona she looks me said mamma . I said-‘ yes beta why r u weeping. Good girls does not weep and come to me. I took her and kissed her . she is very happy. i played with her for whole day.

Then ramesh came from his office he saw me and became stunned.. Ramesh-‘you are more beautiful than your sister he came to me hug me and said you are my angle amit and he kissed on my neck. He slowly moved his hand on my back. I got shy. I pushed him away.

After the birthday party sona went to sleep she said to me not to leave her away. I promised her and got sleep at jiju room . At the night I suddenly woke up I saw ramesh legs are over me from behind and his hands are on my west and his dick over my ass . i sided him.

Next day I take sona to other room as I think to continue this drama for some days.After that I use to be her mother for whole day and night I only go to school in male dress. A day I wore a designer saree a red blouse and make the food and done the work as like house wife. I started to feel as i am the housewife of this home.Many time ramesh saw me and keeps his eyes on me.At evening I went to change in ramesh room he is drunk today I went and wore blank panty and bra and white transparent night dress. ramesh saw me. Then ramesh call me and told me to seat near him and massage his head.

After some time he said-‘ he is missing his wife . I hugged him and tried to keep him calm.Suddenly he kissed me by holding tight. Ramesh is 7 feet of height and quite muscular he have a quite handsome and good body . He left me after 2 min .I started crying I abuses him turned back and started to go he ran behind me and hold me from back and started kissing on my neck I tried to escape but all West. He hold me very tight.

He carried me to chair and make me to sit on his lap he held my both hand in his one hand and by other hand he hold me on belly . he started kissing on my neck i am feeling very strange. He take my ear in his mouth and cut slightly. I got a current in my body . I cried leave me please. He said calm down. Then he varied me to bed and he opened my dress . now I am only in panty and bra . I am feeling embarrassed.

Then he started kissing on my back first on my lower neck then down then on my bra line then he opened my bra and kissed on that place very sexily . then by one hand h started rubbing my bare back. I am getting a strange feeling. He started rubbing my nipple. it got tight . I started mooning and crying due to pain. He twisted my both nipples for ten min. Both got erect and red. Then h came down and started kissing on my legs started from toe to ass he have taken hundreds of kiss .he takes kisses like a wild animal h bites on my ass.

Then he slowly opened my panty and started kissing me like his wore. I started abusing and praying ramesh to leave me. But he do not listen. He applied some oil and filled my Ass. He inserted his dick 1 inches I started crying . Then he said come down you are crying as like your sister.he applied some more oil. slowly he inserted her hole dick .. I felt as I got separated in two parts.I am in tremendous pain. I am becoming unconscious. He started kissing me and make me conscious.

After five min pain got down tears are dropping from my eyes and after ten min of his continuous stroke it started feeling good he fucked me half hour and come inside me my ass was filled with his cum. He said be my wife. He came inside me and said from today u r my wife I will fuck you when I want.

Then he left me. I said you bastard. I started hitting him on his chest and woke up and left the room. In the way cum is dropping from my ass and it made a line up to my ankle. I went to bathroom and taken bath. I wept for whole night. In the morning I am not being able to walk and somehow I packed my baggage and left that house. He friends this story will go more wild as progress so please give feedback on / /

A Brothers Sacrifice Part 1