My Master Love-Locked Me Part 3

Dear all ISS readers, it was your appreciation & encouragement that made me narrate my experiences. Here is the continuation of my sweet first-time experience that night. > > It was around 10 pm that night with both of us in bed, clinging to each other. Sir asked me if we could postpone our proposal to a later date, in case I was tired and sleepy. I said, “No way, Im game for it now, does not matter, if it takes an hour more. I should not disappoint you.

So let us begin right now”. So sweet of you, he said and asked me to get honey and coconut oil. I was puzzled at his request and walking to the shelf,in birthday suit, fished out oil and honey bottle( used for mixing with medicine powder, an easy method of camouflaging the bitter taste) and handed them over to masmjter silently. He read my mind and said, “Might look like a crazy idea for you, but youll certainly love it, Im sure”, he said and smeared a few drops of honey on my lips, nipples and rising manhood. He inserted his finger into my mouth and instructed me to clean it as if I was sucking his dick. I did it, and found it a bit odd! Slowly, he licked my lips as before, but this time it gave an undoubtedly a totally different, hot and exciting sensation.

More he licked & sucked vigorously, higher was the pleasure I got and felt as if I was in seventh heaven. I moaned in utter delight, with my eyes closed. He continued this on my taut and stiff nipples and areola shifting from one side to another without a gap and in high speed. I held his head tight to my boobs, experiencing electrical waves of thrill all over me. His mouth on my throbbing cock and his super fast sucking was indeed amazing, carrying me to the summit of sexual excitement. My entire body was shaking uncontrollably. He asked me if I liked his crazy idea, I replied,”you are my master and am learning excellent and highly erotic new methods. It was absolutely awesome, dear sir”. I repeated the same on him, on his request, leaving him on the high. We decided to move on to the next phase of pleasure-seeking, without emptying our loads and realizing the constraint of time, as well. > >

He lay on the bed on his back and pulled me over him. I looked into his eyes, awaiting his instructions. Experiencing the heat of our flesh sticking together, he told me that he was ready to take my cock into his love hole as was depicted in the picture. He also reminded me of his attempt to enter me. I asked why he asked for the oil, he laughed and said its for lubrication and easy penetration like a piston in the engine, pointing to my cock I understood and smeared my cock with oil and taking some in fingers, caressed his ass-crack deep to reach his hole. My finger slipped easily into his asshole and I started inserting deep and feel the inner walls of his anus. Initially I felt it dirty and unwilling to probe his shit-hole and was a bit clumsy, unlike him, but he, on the contrary, was enjoying my work.

I spread his thighs and was teasing his deep red man-pussy with my stiff rod, which gave me an entirely different and delightful experience, for the first time. With his constant encouragement, I pushed the cocktail into him slowly & steadily, unwilling to hurt my master. He moved his hips feeling ticklish at my act. With a little more push, his ass muscles constricted and he moaned in pain. I hesitated, but he was insistent that I proceeded further. Apprehensive and hesitant initially, I was pushing the head little by little. He, now, was groaning bit loudly, “sssssssss, yyyyyyyyeeeeeeesss, dont stop, push, push, deep inside” biting his lips in pain and eyes closed. I was afraid, but he comforted me saying, “No pain, no gain, dear, go ahead with it”. He held my ass cheeks tightly, pushing it down and lifting his hip up simultaneously.

I started sweating in fright, but he continued to lift his ass for the waiting cock, with full might and force. Suddenly, I felt my dick sliding deep inside him effortlessly, like a knife into the soft butter. I was so tensed up and trembled, whereas he became relaxed and his face glowed in expectation. I felt a bit relieved to see him happy and started moving up & down rhythmically, as though I was mouth fucking him. His moans and groans increased with each push of my cock into him.

Now, his voice became louder and joyful and was uttering variety of sounds! “Aaaaaaahhhhh, mmmmmmm, dont stop, youre great and just superb, my darling, show me the heaven, pleeaaseee”, he literally ordered me. He was gyrating his hip to my thrusts, at times jumping like a spring. I was really astonished at the developments within such a short span of time, in spite of being an apprentice! I increased the pace and speed as I was already getting into mood and orgasm, augmented by his movements and constant rub against his rectal muscles. My honey bag was slapping his ass-cheeks affectionately at each of my cocks thrusts into him, while his stiff wand hitting my belly, ordering for more.

At one stage, my entire body felt the high voltage current radiating and I declared that I would cum soon. He lifted his strong legs and pressed my hip and suddenly, I spewed my hot load of sperm juice into him at regular intervals, making him kick his legs, arching his body and shiver in thrill. His breath was hot and heavy, appreciating my effort and complimenting me for making him ride on cloud nine. What a Kodak moment it was, I thought, since his face showed the superlative feelings of excitement, happiness and contentment in the end. > > Feeling exhausted and thoroughly spent, I lay on him for a few minutes and started nibbling and sucking his pretty, hard nipples.

I was so elated and felt confident after my maiden performance, that I crawled down, gave him nice blowjob, exciting him again till his love juice filled my mouth, lifting him to the greater heights of erotic pleasure and sexexcitement. It was nearing 11 pm and we decided to wind up our show, cleaned ourselves well, particularly lipstick marks on him so that well have a good nights sleep. Master told me that Im a very fast learner and capable of quenching the thirst & appetite for love and sex. He gave me the distinction grade for my performance, laughing loudly at the same time!!! It was totally an enjoyable and wonderful experience for me as a beginner.

My Master Love-Locked Me Part 3