Me, My Uncle And Cross Dressing

This is my story. The story about my introduction to the sex world. Hello guys i m Ankit from Hisar, Haryana. This story is from my past or i should say this a biography.

It was all happened when i was in 12th class. But i m telling it in present tense. I am slim and cute. We are 4 members in our family. My parents, my older sister and me. We are living at the end of the city in. My uncle lives next to our house. He live alone. He is retired from his job and living a luxurious life. He is very smart and professional in his daily life and very childish before me. He is my best friend or more than a friend as we both havent much friends, we spend most of our time together in watching television or playing. I share everything with him. He too love me more than anything else. I often use to sleep in his house as my parents are always busy in there jobs. My sister study in college and she is a very modern and fashionable girl. Lets come to the main story.

At that time i wasnt aware of sex. The only thing i knew about sex is that it is a part of reproduction nothing much. At that age i was experiencing nightfall in every one or two weeks. There was no one with whom i can share this. Then i told this to my uncle as he was my only friend. He told me that its common and do not to worry.

One day, i was alone at home. I had nothing to do so i decided to read something and start searching in my sisters room for some book or magazine. I found a girls fashion magazine. I start reading it. In the magazine there are a lot of pics of girls in various fashionable dresses. I was so much impressed by them. This was first time when i decide to try some girls clothes. I searched for some in my sisters closest and found nothing which can fit on me.

At last i selected a pair of very old inner wears. It was a set of black bra and panty and i decided to try them. I took off clothes and first of all wear the panty first. There was some hardness in my dick so it was not comfortable and than i wear the bra but it wasnt fit on my chest. Somehow i settled it and after that i took high heels and try to walk like a model in room. Actually it was a very stupid idea but i was enjoying it so much.

Suddenly, someone knocked the door. In hurry i wear my clothes upon my sisters inner wears and rushed to door. I open the door and it was my uncle standing in front of me. He was holding a box of ice cream and a DVD of my favorite cartoon. He told me that he is alone and want to spend some time with me and i said okay. We came inside and he was walking after me. We came in the TV room and play the DVD and and start enjoying the cartoon. I forgot about the inner wears and the bra in t-shirt losses and start appearing on my shoulder through the neck. I didnt notice it but my uncle did. He asked me about it and i was so embarrassed at that time.

Then he told me not to worry and asked me the reason after all this. I told him the whole story. Then he requested me to take off my t-shirt and let him see how the bra looks on me. As we were very close and friendly i got ready after a little hesitation. I took off the T-shirt and he became very happy at this. He asked me to wear the panty also and than i took off the pant and he was wondered to seeing me already wearing it. I was feeling very embarrassed at all these so i go to my sisters room and took of her inner wears and put my own and came outside.

After this accident my uncle became very frank with me. Sometime he kiss me on my chick and i also like it and reply with a kiss on his chick. One day, i was getting bored and go to his house for some time pass. He was very happy to see me. We start watching the TV and he was also tickling me again and again. Suddenly, he asked me whether i had tried those inner wears again and i replied negative and then he request me to wear them again but i was very shy and i told him about it and ask him to live it on some other day.After two days he asked me to come to him and wit ask him to live it on some other day.

After two days he asked me to come to him and when i reached there he gave me chocolate and we start talking about various things. Then he gave me packet. I opened it and it was a very beautiful pair of pink bra and panty of small size. He requested me wear these. I couldnt deny His request and i was also willing to try them. So i go to the bathroom any took my all clothes and wear these inner wears and came out before him. He told me that i am looking like a very pretty teenage girl. He asked me whether i like it or not. I said yes and and then he asked me to makeup like a girl and i told him that i dont know how to do it.

He said that he will help. He gave me cream and asked me to apply it on my body hair and then to take bath. As i was very excited i at once agreed and do the same as he told and after bath my body was cleaned like a girl than i wear the bra and panty again. He gave me a sexy nighty to wear on the bra. It was a transparent and very soft nighty. I wore it and then he made me sit before the mirror and and took out a box from the drawer. It was a new makeup kit. He apply it on my face. I was looking like a girl. I was very happy at all this and thanks him for all that. He request me to spend the remaining time in this look and i at once agreed as i didnt want to took it off. We sat on the sofa and start watching TV.

It was a romantic movie. Suddenly he kissed me on my chick and like all days i replied with the same.

Than he took me into his lap. There was something hard under my ass but i ignored it. Then he asked me if i had seen porn. I was very shocked at this question and replied negative. Then he asked me whether i would like to see. I didnt reply anything. At this he stand up and go to the kitchen and fetch two glass of cold drink. He gave it me and asked me to drink. He took a DVD from his private collection and play it. It was a gay movie and i was so embarrassed at this and start looking on the floor. He told me not to worry and to be frank. He sat besides me and we both finish our glasses. There was something odd about this cold drink. It was very relaxing and i was enjoying every bit of it.

We both start watching the movie. There was a old man fucking a kid of my age. My dick became hard and he too noticed it. He lost my controls on my mind. He took me into his lap and slowly start pressing my ass and my nipples and i was enjoying it very much. After that he put his lips on mine and start kissing. I couldnt resist. I was helpless and very horny.

After some time i too start enjoining it and start kissing him passionately and we kissed for sometime. Then he start licking and biting nipples without removing the bra. I was in heaven. He was licking all over my body. Than he took my hand and placed it over his dick. I start rubbing it. Then i open his zip and took it out. It was a 8″ long huge black dick. I was sacred after seeing it. On TV the boy was giving the old man a blow job. Uncle too requested for it so i start giving him a blow job. I was sucking it like a lollipop. It was salty taste and i started liking it.

After some time he took off his all clothes and took out my panty and start fingering my ass hole . He take a jelly like material and put it in my ass hole. It was cold and my hole start loosing then he put an finger into it. And start fingering my ass than he took out his dick from my mouth and asked me if i am ready for got fucked. I was so scared and helpless. But as i told he was a true gentleman he at once understand my feeling and told me that he wouldnt fuck me without my will .

Then he went to his room and after one minute came out holding something in his hand. He showed me this and it was a thin small vibrator he put it in my ass. It a bit painful but it adjusted and he started it . it was like the best experience of my life. Then he start licking my nipples and i start shacking his dick. We both are doing all these very passionately.

Then a idea crossed his mind he took me in his lap and took me to the bathroom and put me in the bath tub. In the next moment we both were in the bath tub ,there was a small vibrator in my ass and we both are kissing, smooching each other very passionately. Than i took his dick in my mouth give him a nice blow job and after that he too shake my dick and made me come.

We both took bath together and after that we came out. I put out my clothes and give him a good bye kiss with a promise of giving him A surprise on some special occasion.
I will tell you how we made sex in next part.

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Me, My Uncle And Cross Dressing