Date Trap Part 3 Final Part (My Fantasies)

I am discreet gay bottom from Hyderabad and through this story I am sharing one of my fantasies. My name is Ankit.

Kapil and Romit are fucking me slowly as if they like torturing. I am crying and Akhil is licking my tears.

Kapil- randi raat ko tooh bheek maang rahi thi aur ab natak kar rahi he. He spanks hard and I cry out in pain.

Romit – bardash kar le bas aa hi gya.

In about 6 minutes both came and watching them come Akhil came too. We all bathed together and had our breakfast.

Kapil – Randi sleep for 2 hours and we will head out on our jolly ride. They all start boozing and ask me to sleep. I felt happy and went in and slept for two hours. When woke up they had the most scary yet funsome plan ready.

When I woke up and went out of the room the guys were ready with a wicked plan.

Kapil: Aunr ankita how was your sleep?

Me: I slept well.

Romit: Remember you should trust us and do as we say. I am I clear?

Me: Yes

Kapil: Good now come here I will blindfold you.

I went near and he blindfolded me and lifted me up and made me lie on the floor. It was a marble floor and I was feeling cold.

Kapil: Ghabra math yeh toh trailer he.

Romit: Apply this on his body. Boobs kae paas zyada lagana.

Me: Kya laga rahe ho.

Kapil: Jo hume kha sakthe he.

Akhil: Choclate syrup.

They had applied chocolate syrup on my body and all the three started licking my body. After licking my body they asked me turn around . I did. It was my ass they wanted to eat. They poured in lot of syrup between my ass cheeks and started licking it. I was enjoying it very much and I came. This time instead of feeding it to me. They cleaned it.

Kapil: Chal chuswathe he.

Romit: Haan yaar.

They turn me around again. Kapil comes near my face and asks me to open my mouth. I did.

Kapil puts in a piece of ice in my mouth and stuffs his dick with chocolate on it.

Me: Its hurting.

Kapil: Natak nahi dhere dhere kar mujhe maza aaraha he. Warna your body will turn red.

Me: ok.

After sucking him for 4 minutes he came. Romit and Akhil too got their dicks sucked and they too came in mouth and this time they made me spit the cum. They cleaned it. I am still blind folded and lying on the floor.

Kapil: Idhar aa crawling like a bitch moaning too.

Me: Wohw Whoo whoo and I craw and go near him.

Kapil: Chikni gaand he. Ab tujhe bottom banatha hu and he stuffs in a piece of ice and banana.

Kapil: Chal ja akhil ke paas.

Akhil: Come here you slut and he starts eating the banana and once finished one more piece of ice is stuffed in my hole with another banana.

Romit: Chal mujhe khilla.

Me: Its too cold inside let me please remove the ice.

Kapil: Use nikalna nahi otherwise how will we drink.

Romit: Spanks me hard.

Me: Aaaahhh please don’t hit me its paining.

Romit: Starts eating the banana and later pours in some liquid in my hole and asks me to lie in missionary.

Romit: Kapil, now ankita is all yours.

Kapil: Mae pee jaunga and he starts slurping near my hole and keeps pouring the moment it finishes.

Me: daal kya rahe ho itchy feeling aa rahi he.

Kapil: vodka and coke. Itchy hoga but maza bhi aa raha he so continue enjoying.

One after the other they all had good amount of drinks from my glory hole. After 20 minutes like wild horse Kapil inserts his dick with a twist. He stuffed a banana in my hole and inserted his dick and started fucking me. I am moaning and crying requesting him to slow down. He was in no mood. While fucking me he started giving me his fingers to lick and now I realised the cum was not cleaned instead preserved for now. His fingers were full of cum and I was liking it. He fucked me for 7 minutes and came on my face. I am still in missionary.

Romit: Chal kutiya apne avtar mae aaja. Acchi kutiya ki tarah.

Me: ok ..and im into the doggy position. The banana is still inside.

Romit: Inserts a piece of butter and starts fucking me. The sticky feeling is driving me horny and I came.

Romit came too after 8 minutes. This was the best fuck I liked it very much.

Akhil: come here crawling you bitch. I go near him. He is sitting on sofa lifts my leg and starts fucking me and comes in 4 minutes. I did not feel anything.

Kapil: Chal aap washroom ja hum waha aa rahe he.

Me: Can in unblindfold myself.

Romit: Nahi

Me: How do I go.

Romit: Like a good bitch you will sniff things and hear our voice and follow us.

Me ok sir.

Kapil: spanks me hard and gives his feet, chal shuru ho ja.

I start licking his feet in between he keeps spatting on it and I keep licking it and this way he takes me to the washroom.

Kapil: chal missionary mae aa ja.

On the washroom floor I am lying in missionary. They all pee inside my hole. My hole had become a fountain. Once peeing was done the pee was on the flooe.

Kapil: Chal ultae ho ja and start licking the floor and he un-blindfolds me.

I start licking he starts fingering and he had kept some pee for my body and face so did the others. I came when they were giving me golden shower.

Later we all cleaned ourselves and decided to catch some other time. Kapil agreed to drop me as he stays close by. On the way we both decided to become fuck buddies and ditching the others.

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I am discreet gay bottom from Hyderabad and through this story I am sharing one of my fantasies. My name is Ankit. This story is not real it was purely a fantasy of mine. Let me know if you liked it or do share you feedback by writing an email to me on / / I will soon share my real sex stories.

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