Fruit Cream Dessert Part 2


So Sunder went to get the door and I made my way towards the bathroom . His hot sticky cum was dripping down my back and thighs. It felt odd to have his hot cum all over my body . I needed a shower

Standing in the shower , I looked down at my rock solid erection. My hand gently stroking my cock. “ Well seems Sunder had a good time… about time he returned the favour” I said to myself. I was now determined that Sunders ass will be fucked by me that night no matter what . Maybe he will beg for mercy… And the thought made me smile..

Sunder in the meanwhile was busy in household chores , but his mind was else where . He was elated. His mind kept on drifting back to my cock . He was taken in by the length and the thickness and secretly wondered what it will feel to have my cock inch its way into his Virgin ass hole . I learned later that he had secretly hoped that perhaps one day he shall get to hold my cock in his hand !

After about an hour , Sunder was done for the night . He finally made it to my room with a bottle of water for the night and a glass of milk as was customary . I noticed tonight he also had a bowl of my fav dessert. Fruit cream.

It was close to 11 pm .

I was lying on the bed, with nothing but a sheet on top. Naked beneath it.

As he entered the room I instructed him to close the door behind him and lock it!

He hesitated but for a moment. As he set the bottle down on the bed side table , I pulled the sheet off me and got out of the bed . Stark naked. Fully erect.

With a husky tone I called out to him ” Sunder , ab Meri baari hai . Pahlaye tunaye Meri gaand mein apna lund diya. Ab mai teri gaand chodoonga. Aaj Se Meri gaand teri Aur Teri gaand Meri. Chal ab idhar aaja. Ab Se tera naam Sunder nahi Sundari hai. Tuh meri randi hai . ”

Seeing my determination and the rock solid seven inches of cock, Sunder was a little taken aback… At that instant he realized that he is really in for a pounding of his life. I could notice a bulge in his shorts and also apprehension on his face. Somehow this pleased me.

“Good he should be scared of what’s coming. I am going to enjoy opening his ass wide”

With that thought, I walked up to Sunder . I grabbed him and threw him on my bed . Before he could react, I had pulled his shorts off and now he was as naked as I was, waist down. He was wearing a T shirt , which I ordered him to take off… He hesitated and for which he was rewarded with a mild slap.

“Sunder ab jo mai boloonga , wahi ho gaa. Agar nahi maana to teri gaand binaa tail (oil) ke maar doonga. Saalaye raat bhar chilaata rahaye gaa! Samjha?”

He nodded his head in acknowledgement.

“Come here and say hello to this cock which is going to be inside of you soon” Having said that I grabbed his hand and put in on my throbbing cock .

“Dekh saali choo kar dekh , is Lund ne tere ko chodnaa hai saari raat. Chal is Lund ko Choos kar dekh !!! “

Sunder was overwhelmed and now was shivering with anticipation.

And thats when I noticed the fruit cream bowl sitting right there on the bed side table….

I walked up to the bowl and took a generous helping and applied it all over my cock . My cock was now covered with sweet fruit cream .

I walked back to the bed . Grabbed sunder by the hair and yanked it hard . As he opened his mouth to scream , my cream dipping cock went right inside … He seemed to be reluctant at first , but two slaps and he got the message .. Besides once he got over the sudden insertion of my cock in his mouth , I could tell he was now beginning to enjoy sucking my cock .

“Good boy sunder . Bahut achaye . Meri pyari randi , choos is Lund ko ! Choos! ”

Sunder looked up to me . His eyes seemed to say . Please please fuck me please . Just ram it in . I smiled down at him and said , “on the bed , get ready to be hammered . “

“Sundari teri gaand choodnaye waali hai ab .

Dard bhi ho gaa. . Par teri chudai nahi rukaye gi .”

With that I flipped him over ! Sunder was from Nepal, his complexion fair, his body devoid of hair! His ass was round and fairer than the rest of his body.

His ass was now facing me . I reached over to the very same bottle of Vaseline he had used and proceed to lube his cheek , the entrance of the asshole . Slowly but gently, I managed to get a finger inside his asshole . It took me five or ten minutes to gently probe and prod his asshole with plenty of Vaseline . When I felt he was ready , I applied a liberal dose of the thick Vaseline on the head of my cock .

Before attempting to enter him , I decided to add a couple of pillows underneath him .

This seemed to present the entrance of the ass at a much better angle for me to assault. Yes assault is what I considered it.

“Sundar teri gaand aaj Se Meri hai . Tuh chudnaye ko ready hai “… He nodded his head , which earned him four slaps on the ass.
Sundar saalaye muh Se bol!

“Ji ji Bhaiya. Meri gand aapki hai . ”

And … I said ?

” bhaiya Meri gand maar do please . Mujhaye chudnaa hai aapse”

And the moment he said that I jumped at top and with all my ability and might , after aligning the cock with his ass hole , managed to enter him in my first attempt ..

He screamed, but I had him pinned down . Besides the extra pillows underneath made it difficult for him to wiggle free of the on slaught .

With another hefty thrust I managed to enter another inch … Sunder was begging me to stop , but we both knew that was never going to happen …

“Bhaiya Bahut baraa. Hai please Lund Nikaal do please … Oh oh oh aaahh bhaiyaaahhh . ” but I was in no mood to relent . “ Bhaiya ji ruk ruk kar karo… dard ho rahaa hai… please nikaal do . aur fir se daal denaa..”

“Meri sundari , meri randi, baar baar to thokungaye tujhaye saari raat . to chintaa kuyu kartaa hai…. Aaj raat bhar yeh lund teri gaand mai hi rahhaye gaa… good boy… buss kuch dari mai tujhaze mazaaa aanaye lagaye ga!” with that I reached underneath him and grabbed his little cock! It was erect… I smiled and yanked at his cock… “ dekh saalaye tera lund to kharaa hai….. kaya fir se gaand maarae gaa meri!”

All in all it took a few minutes before the entire length of my hard cock was inside him . And when all seven inches were in I said to him .” Sundar congratulations Teri gaand puri phaar di mainaye … Now relax .” Its time to enjoy the fuck “, and I proceed to gyrate and pump my cock in and out of him …. His painful moans had now stopped and he was getting used to the idea of a cock pleasuring his asshole …

He was still not ready to be fucked like a dog but I figured the night was young ….

About fifteen minutes of vigorous pumping my cock in his ass , I couldnt hold any longer and let out my load into his ass ! I pulled out while my cum dripped out of his ass and collapsed on the bed panting …

I looked at Sundar and asked him if he was okay …” dard hua? Haa bhaiya ji dard hua. Acha par majzaa aaya? Bhaiya ji baad mein mazaa aaya… good … ab bataa lund choos kar kaisa laga….? Bhaiyaa ji aapka intnaa baraa lund jab muh mein thaa to dar lagaa… par fir bahut acha lagnaye lagaa….”

Bhaiya ji ek baat bolu aap ko? Bol Sunder tera tan nab mera hai…

He smiled at me and said ” bhaiya aap to Bahut mazadaar thoku ho, kaya ye roz raat ko karo gaye?

I laughed out loud and said” nahi har raat nahi……. Balki har subha aur raat!!”

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