How I Became Gay Part 1

This is real incident which happened with me.

Hi… firstly let me tell you about myself. I am Salman age, 23 years, and have average body with 5’6” ht, 32 waist, 6” dick and 55kg weight. I live in Hyderabad and presently working in gulf. Have read so many stories on is and I thought of writing my story and tell you all how I became gay, then cross dresser.

I was attracted to guys when I was 17 years old and have my first experience which I was going to tell, its my first story so plz avoid the little mistakes and enjoy the story. And please give your feed backs .

Coming to story…..

When I was 18 years old I was studying in junior college (intermediate). I used to bunk the classes every day and go to movies and roam in the parks with friends and tease girls. One day I bunk my classes and that day none of my friend came to college everyone is busy, so I decided to go to cyber café and see some porn…

At that time rediff boll was popular more, so I decided to make redifboll email and started chatting there, in there chat room some guys where messaging m2m(men to men) I dint no the meaning of m2m and I don’t about gay till that time, so I started chatting with those guys on internet and they told me the meaning of m2m that man love man and have same gender sex, firstly I thought it was rubbish and chatted with normal guys,

After sometime I was getting bore and that chat came in m mind so I started searching about m2m in google and I found gay porn sites and after watching that I was shocked. After watching few video clips and pictures I got interest in gay people. From that day onwards I used to chat with gay peoples. From that day I used to go to cybercafé daily and see the gay porn and chat with the boys and every one want to meet me and I want to meet them but every one stays far from my place so I was ignoring them.

One day a boy messaged me hi and reply to him and after little chat I came to know that he stays near my home and he wants to meet me, at first I was scared to meet him, if he knows me or something goes wrong, so I told the same to him, that I cant because you stay near my home and scared if someone saw us.

Then forced to me to meet and make me comfortable by his words saying nothing will happen and lets meet. So I decided to meet and went to his place, after meeting him we greeted each other and went to his room, he was alone in home and he came and sat beside me and ask about water or tea and snacks I said no to him then he came near me , I was heisting to go near him so I just bent back, he understood and said nothing will happen dear, sorry I forget to tell about him his name was sohail and his age is 24, 34wst, 65kgs, 6’ht. And good looking with muscular body.

First he makes me comfortable and offered me cold drink and snacks, this time I took it then he came near me and kept his hand around me and turn my face and gave a kiss on lips. I dint respond to him and he continues kissing my lips after 10-15 seconds I opened my lips and started responding him, he suck my lips and we suck each other tongues.

While kissing he remove my shirt and kissed on my neck and lick my neck, he licked me from neck to chest and kept his lips on my nipple, I got shivered and feel so good that I just caught his head and pushed in my chest he understood and sucked very hardly and I was moaning with this pleasure and meanwhile with other hand he pressing my other nipple and pinching , as I lose my hand he left my nipple and sucked other wan till then I unbutton his shirt and removed his shirt he was still sucking my nipples, I grab his head and started kissing his lips and sucking his tongue and after that I did the same and started licking his neck and went to his chest and sucked his nipple it goes on some 15-20 mins ,

I was sucking his nipples one by one meanwhile he touched my cock and unbutton my jeans I was wearing blue underwear from above the under ware he catch my dick very hardly, I left my moan in pain, and with other hand he grab my head and started kissing me , with other hand he still hold my dick and giving me a hand job from top of my underwear, I to hold his dick in my hand I was shocked after catching his dick suddenly I stopped kissing him, so that I can see his dick he understood and ask me if I want his dick,

First I was heisting to tell that I want, then he ask me again I nodded my head and he removed his jeans and now he is in underwear , my eyes was on his underwear I can see his cock half standing in underwear and waiting to come out, he stopped there and said not to early u have to wait some more time,

So I again looked at his face and then he grabbed me and put it on wall side and started kissing me widely and I was enjoying that wildness of him and we lip lock and I was still standing on the wall side and he licked my whole body and went till my underwear he removed my underwear and kissed my dick head I got shivered , in next second he taken my dick and started sucking it I was moaning with pleasure, but this sucked my cock just for 2 mins and again he stand and started kissing and turned himself in wall side,

I understand what that means I just lick his neck and directly went down to his cock its still in his underwear as I was on my knees he just grab my hand and pushed in his dick. From above of underwear I was licking his cock then after few seconds I removed his underwear and his dick like snake hit on my nose it was to thick and 8” long, by seeing that I couldn’t able to open my mouth I was really scared to take that in mouth,

I looked at his face he understood and make me stand and started kissing me and said in my ear don’t worry nothing will happen just go and take it then I came gain on my knees first I took his head in my mouth I was not feeling good after taking in my moth, as I was about to leave hi garb my head and pushed his dick in my moth and stroke me for 2-3mins after that I was enjoying his cock and started responding him I to started movie to and from and with one hand rubbing his balls, for taking breathe I leaved his cock then came near sofa and sat on that, now I was waiting to take his dick again in my mouth but he started biting my nipples and licking my navel hole as he leave me there for a second I just bend down a took his dick in my mouth and started sucking it he understood and after sucking some time when I was about to leave ,

He just hold my head with one hand started mouth fucking me till now it was half of dick was in my mouth, as he started mouth-fucking his dick completely inside my mouth and I was going till neck and my moth came with full saliva and my saliva was leaking from mouth and from his dick he left me for sometime then I was just taking long breathes then again he inserted his dick in my mouth and fucked my mouth for 5-8 mins

Then he asked me weather I want this same in my ass, as I was really scared of his cock and told him not this time , some other day he said ok and then again started fucking my mouth and after few strokes he was about to cum then asked me whether it will taste his cum or not I said no because it was first time so I said no to him then took his cock out and left it on my body and the we started kissing each other then he gave me a hand job very well after some time

I said its cumming then he asked me to come on his chest , I did the same, after that I lied on bed and resting he came on above me and hugged me tightly and over sperms mixed and after he lied beside me and and kissing my lips for few mins, he went to kitchen and drink some water and gave me to drink water and we clean ourselves with cloth and I left from there as I said bye again he kissed my and said goodbye.. It was my first time and I was very happy and proud of my decision. I will tell u what happen next please give me feed back.

How I Became Gay Part 1