Watchman And Me Part 1

I am Rahul, a young boy and when this happened I was around 18 years old, I lived in an apartment building with my parents at the time and I was very very horny. Since both my parents were working and traveling I often used to be home alone. During these times I had a lot of friends and buddies that used to fuck me and play with me, but nothing was as exciting as what Im about to narrate. (Yes, its a true story with minimal fantasizing)

To describe me, Im a small boy of a tiny frame (50 kgs and around 57″) with mostly bones all over except for my chest (could be called breasts) and my buttocks. Most people Ive met so far have all loved my butt and have played with it for hours. My nipples on the other hand are soft and erect at the same time and they are the most sensitive region of my body and Im absolutely smooth and hairless (I shave my butt and pubes).

The story begins on the last day of my being alone at home and both my parents traveling. I hadnt had sex the entire time I was alone because I was bored of random hook ups and also because I couldnt stop thinking about my watchman. He was a tall muscular guy with a mustache and in his uniform kept looking like my hero. I wanted him, really wanted him and I was going to get him, very soon.

The last day of me being alone was a Thursday and my parents were going to come back on Friday and I started my plan Thursday afternoon giving me enough time to enjoy one of my favourite nights. I stayed naked most of the day and only wore clothes or locked my bedroom when the maid or the cook came home to do their work. Around 2 O Clock I was all alone and naked, I went to my bedroom window and saw my hunky watchman standing near the tree doing nothing. I kept staring at him for ten minutes deciding what to do and caught him staring back at me.

We smiled at each other and I realised he had seen most of my upper body naked, and I didnt move or stop staring after noticing that he was staring too, I decided to call him upstairs with a lame excuse. I got dressed in some really tiny shorts and lose T-Shirt and went downstairs to where the watchman was standing. I made sure none of the neighbours saw me and started talking to the watchman about his life and his family and stuff.

I found he wasnt married and obviously had no children. I found out he was from UP and that he liked playing cricket, I asked him if he wanted to come home and drink tea, so I could ask him some more questions for this “project” I lied to him about. He bought the entire idea and came upstairs with me.

Instead of making him sit in the living room or in the kitchen, I took him straight to my bedroom and asked him to sit on my bed and get comfortable. I locked my bedroom from inside and put the keys in my pocket. I wasnt going to let him escape. I asked him some more random questions about his life and then asked him if I could click some photos, he refused I still wasnt sure if he was interested.

I wanted to test the waters and started ‘noticing his muscles and feeling them and asking him about it. He blushed and felt shy but I wouldnt stop. I asked him if I could see all of his muscles and if he would take off his shirt for me. At this he got a little uncomfortable and said he had to leave. I gently pushed him back and said, sorry, I was just fascinated. His reaction totally surprised me! He smiled at me knowing my intentions and grabbed my butt and said, “Chamiya achhe ho!” (Nice Slut).

I sheepishly smiled not expecting things to go so fast, but I also got excited immediately and now wanted the entire experience. He took off my shirt and went straight for my nipples, I was moaning and moaning and holding his head close to my nipples as he licked, sucked, pulled and bit away. I couldnt wait and tried taking off his shirt, which he was still a little resistant to take off. He took it off eventually along with his ganji and pants (after a lot of persuasion), by this time I was absolutely naked again and his hands were freely roaming around my body, pressing and squeezing every bit that he liked.

Neither of us wanted to kiss, but both of us wanted to feel each other and I really liked the way he licked and teased me. I was in his lap, his mouth was on my tit and his hands were on my ass, sometimes fingering me. My hand was trying to get his dick out of his underwear and feel it and rub it and I really wanted to get my mouth around it. His penis felt really big through his underwear, and it felt very thick and even though I was sitting on his lap I could feel its length and girth and i was loving the feeling. His prick under me, his mouth tormenting me and his hands playing with me was the best feeling.

I decided enough was enough, I had to get that cock in my mouth and run my tongue all over it. I kissed his forehead, pulled my nipple away from his mouth and kissed his neck, his broad shoulders, his hairy chest, and kept going down till I was on my knees and he was on my bed. I pulled down his brown underwear and smelt that sweaty smell that intoxicates even though he seemed sweaty, he didnt smell bad, at all.

I saw the giant penis that I was going to love, it was thick and it was long, longer than my palm and fingers and it was way too thick to get my mouth around it. The thickness frightened me but the slut I was, I still tickled my tongue on his dick and kissed it and put the long piece of meat inside my mouth. He kept holding my head away as if he was afraid, and I kept trying to get the entire thing inside my mouth. It was a struggle and I settled onto blowing him, up and down and tongue rub and everything.

But 5 minutes into the blowjob he pulled my head away, lifted me up in his arms and put me on the bed. He started biting and kissing my neck and shoulders, I thought I had aroused him enough, but he told me, “Abhi mera nahi, tumhara girayenge” (I wont cum now, you cum…). He kept licking me, kissing my body and again settled onto my nipples, alternating between them, licking them at first and biting them as he went on, and then sucking on them, and squeezing them all the time.

Simultaneously with his spare hands he also started jerking me off and kept all of his processes going for 10-15 minutes (sucking my nipples, biting my neck, fingering my ass, sometime pulling my hair and jerking me off all the time) when i finally came in his hands. I hugged him real close and wouldnt let him go because of the amazing orgasm he had just given me. He gave me a lot of love bites and hickeys and told me, “he had to go then and that he would come later if I called him.

I couldnt believe what just happened and still felt the high of the orgasm he had given me. He had started wearing his clothes and I went to the washroom to clean up. I looked up at him and asked him if he would come again and he kissed my lips and said he would and left me for that time.

Stay tuned for part 2 to find out what happened later that night with me and the watchman. Let me know what you guys think about this story on / /

Comments will really be appreciated. And I hope you enjoyed this story. The story is 98% true and only includes small extra details about the sexual process.

Watchman And Me Part 1